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At BairesDev we follow agile principles to deliver high-performing tech solutions for our clients. By using agile methodologies, our teams get the flexibility they need to ensure quick product deliveries that match today’s fast-paced business landscape without sacrificing quality and always providing business value.

Our elite software engineers are highly skilled and certified in agile methodologies, which provides our teams with the best development practices to build your project on time, on-budget, and with the best results. Thus, when you partner with BairesDev, you can rest assured that our agile-driven development process will provide you with the solutions you need, when you need them, to take advantage of new market opportunities, boost your productivity, and improve your efficiency.


What is Agile?

Agile is a set of practices for software development whose main goal is to ensure continuous improvement of any given product through different iterations. In that way, agile is a mindset that encompasses numerous methodologies and that’s governed by 12 distinctive principles defined in the agile manifesto.

Those guiding principles put customer satisfaction as the highest priority, emphasize flexibility, promote teamwork and collaboration, and focus on simplicity. The combination of all of these practices is what leads to the best possible results and the highest quality for any product. In other words, agile is a mindset that guides our development teams throughout our development process while keeping us open to adapt to changes and new needs.

Our Main Agile Methodologies

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    Agile framework for building complex products. We break down the project goals into iterations called sprints that last no longer than 2 weeks. At the end of each sprint, our team reviews the work they’ve done to keep the improvement going.
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    We use this approach when we need to focus on getting things done fast. The main goal in Lean is to avoid resource waste, which is why we work closely with our clients to truly understand the product. That allows us to deliver quality products on tight schedules.
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    The name comes from Rapid Application Development and, as it implies, it’s all about speedy delivery. As such, we focus less on planning and more on an adaptive process. We start with a prototype and rely on user feedback and testing to shape the product’s features.
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    Extreme programming
    Also called XP, extreme programming advocates for frequent releases and very short development cycles. It’s the best approach for projects that have constantly changing needs and use programming in pairs, code review, and constant communication to move along smoothly.

Benefits of using Agile Software Development

Over the years, agile has become a standard in the software development industry, mainly because it can bring a host of benefits to anyone using it. At BairesDev, we’ve been an agile-driven company since our first day, so we don’t just know about those advantages – we guarantee them in our development process. Some of them include:

  • Development teams work more efficiently. Agile methodologies boost the collaboration between our software engineers, which enjoy better communication and feedback. This allows them to focus on relevant tasks while avoiding non-essential work. Additionally, all team members are more committed to the quality of the results, as Agile sees their input as paramount throughout the process.

  • Managers have more control and flexibility to reprioritize work. Agile principles are all about flexibility and iterative phases. That provides our managers with closer control over the development work while also giving them more visibility over the entire process. This is essential for better planning and execution and to reduce the time to market for the product.

  • Clients that trust BairesDev for their tech needs enjoy high-quality results. That’s because customer feedback is key in our agile-driven process. That way, you’ll be more closely involved with the development, which will bring the product closer to your expectations and will align it better with your overall business goals.

  • Everyone involved has reduced risks. Agile was designed to better accommodate new needs and emerging changes. That allows us to correct course and make modifications to the original plan without jeopardizing the entire process. Also, agile is better to identify bugs throughout the development stages, meaning that your final product will be more robust and have fewer vulnerabilities.

Why choose BairesDev as your agile development company

At BairesDev, we have the mix of experience and expertise you need to enjoy high-quality results and value all across the board. We have more than a decade of experience in software development with agile methodologies. We can guarantee you a highly satisfactory development experience from minute one that will provide you with the following benefits

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    High-quality results
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    Reduced time to market
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    Increased project control
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    Reduced risks
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    High customer satisfaction
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    Fast ROI

We can give you all of those advantages because of our approach to agile software development which is supported by our 3 main pillars:

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    Top 1% of Tech Talent. We build our teams with the best professionals in the software engineering industry. Our AI-driven approach to team building allows us to evaluate more than 1.2 million applications per year to find the most talented among them: the true Top 1% of Tech Talent.
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    Experienced Teams. All of our software developers are senior professionals fluent in English and certified in every major technology and agile methodology. That, combined with the fact that they have an average of 10 years of practical experience booster by our in-company training program, allows us to provide you with elite teams ready to tackle any project you may have.
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    Time Zone Alignment. Since feedback is crucial for agile software development, you’ll be glad to know that BairesDev engineers are time zone-aligned with the U.S. That means that they work when you work, which allows them to attend meetings and calls and collaborate with you without any delays.

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