Performance Review Software Options for Healthcare Organizations

June 30, 2020
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Performance review software for healthcare

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As a manager in the healthcare industry, you’re likely busier than ever. And, while patient care might be your top priority, a lot of other tasks can get in the way of that focus. Those tasks include performance reviews, which, while necessary and important, can also be time-consuming. 

Performance review software can help streamline and automate this process, but not all applications have the specific features your industry, or your operation needs. That’s why, in addition to off-the-shelf software options, you should consider custom software development. While it requires an additional investment up front, it can create a seamless process that can save your organization time and money over the long run.


Performance Review Software Features

Performance reviews are an essential part of any organization. Here’s a video that explains some factors to keep in mind:

Utilizing a software program for this process can make it even more effective. Performance review software offers a wide range of features to help you better define goals and expectations, oversee and assess employee activities, align jobs with organizational goals, and promote ongoing engagement and feedback. Here are some of the most notable ones:


Job definition and development

Using software templates, you can easily create accurate job profiles and expectations, and develop specific objectives that align with the organizational mission and goals. You can link professional development training programs to identify gaps in performance. And you can store “talent profiles” of employee skills and proficiencies, to identify candidates for advancement or lateral transfers.



With the software to guide you, you can enable weekly or monthly assessment periods instead of just annual to give more consistent ongoing feedback. The software also offers a centralized location to store, analyze, and track performance changes over time. You can use multifactor functionality to receive and review a range of perspectives on performance. 



Performance review software offers the opportunity to use data in your management process. You can create reports to compare performance and engagement in activities, including between employees and across departments. You can also conduct ratings analyses by utilizing performance metrics and productivity key performance indicators to assess success. To help employees work toward larger goals, you can compare progress to benchmarks. 


Employee engagement

You can give regular recognition for jobs well done, provide suggestions for improvement on an ongoing basis, collect employee feedback, and organize by various metrics. You can also help employees understand how they directly contribute to the organization’s mission through good performance.


How Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit

While most companies can benefit from performance review software, there are specific ways it can help healthcare organizations. To fully realize those benefits, it’s important to make sure the software is industry-specific, built around the way healthcare organizations operate.

  • Compliance: Software can help managers handle compliance with stringent, changing regulations and industry standards. Actions include tracking required employee certifications, skills tests, and licenses, and identifying when someone needs to take action to bring them up to date.
  • Patient care: An automated process can save time and effort, freeing up managers to focus on delivering the best patient care. Incorporating patient input into the review process can improve patient experiences. 
  • Efficiency: Performance review software can integrate with existing healthcare-specific operations systems to promote overall efficiency.
  • 360-degree performance view: In addition to hard skills, review software can address soft skills like professionalism, empathy, communication, patient management, and relationships with colleagues. Multiple assessors, such as supervisors, peers, subordinates, and patients, can evaluate these interpersonal skills, resulting in a holistic “360-degree view” of performance.


What is Custom Software?

Standard, off-the-shelf software is designed to work for as many different kinds of companies as possible. As such, it typically offers a set number of generic features and can be difficult to adapt to specialized purposes. While the initial purchase costs may be low, necessary workarounds and add-ons can end up increasing the cost over time.

A customized package, developed by a nearshore provider such as BairesDev, may be the best option to ensure the software meets all of your performance review requirements. Custom software is built from the ground up to offer the functionality you need to accomplish your specific goals in the way that works best for your organization.

Custom software development offers many benefits:

  • The software is specific to your operation’s needs, with personalization and customization of features.
  • It is expandable as your organization grows or changes, with built-in features to modify as needed, such as staying compliant with new types of regulations or adjusting to the addition of new types of positions.
  • There’s no need to buy new performance review software in the future.
  • It can provide enhanced online security, which is especially important given HIPAA rules and the sensitivity of healthcare data.
  • You can achieve greater efficiency, since you can make the software fit the way you carry out performance reviews, rather than changing your review process to fit an off-the-shelf software program.
  • There’s less chance of persistent difficulties or problems getting started, since you have assistance and training from the developers.


Best Performance Review Software Options for Healthcare Organizations

The right performance review software can enhance your organization’s overall efficiency and ability to provide the best patient care and a productive environment for employees. An up-front investment in a custom software package can save time and money over the long run, if it accomplishes what you need and frees you up to focus on priority responsibilities.

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Custom Software Development: Next Steps

Before you seek out a vendor, think about exactly what you’re looking for from the custom software. Be clear on your list of specific goals and what functions you want to be able to use. For example, do you want multifactor capability? What types of reports do you want to generate? What existing healthcare software systems does it need to be compatible with? Should it include mobile capabilities for managers or other employees?

Once you’re clear on these and other details, such as budget and deadline, seek out a provider like BairesDev. Do your research and take the time to find the right fit. The vendor’s offerings, skills, and style should align with your healthcare organization’s particular needs. Make sure the vendor you select:

  • Has experience creating your type of software project
  • Has specific knowledge of the healthcare industry and its requirements
  • Will provide support after the project is complete, including employee training and help with any issues that come up 
  • Fits in with your organizational culture, language, and time zone to promote a productive working relationship
  • Has a clear system for communication and feedback during and after project development
  • Is clear about online security efforts
  • Clearly spells out the ownership of the resulting software



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