Maximizing the Staff Augmentation Advantages of Outsourcing

In contrast to most hardware production that follows a linear paradigm, software product development is more likely to consist of concurrent activities. And it is…

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Business Man Maximizing the Staff Augmentation Advantages of Outsourcing

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In contrast to most hardware production that follows a linear paradigm, software product development is more likely to consist of concurrent activities. And it is a norm rather than an anomaly to find yourself in need of talent or capabilities that do not exist in-house. This logically leads to the question: Do I need to outsource part or all of this project? 

In cases when full project outsourcing may not be necessary, an effective option is staff augmentation. So when additional IT staffing makes sense, what types of staff outsourcing options are available and how should you maximize staff augmentation advantages?


Why and When Enterprises Need to Outsource IT Staff

There are many reasons why you may be considering outsourcing for your software development project. Perhaps your in-house team is simply swamped and will not be able to meet deadline targets for a new project. Or perhaps new client requests have expanded the type of software engineering you need for a current project. 

Another common reason for seeking outsourcing help is when new computing languages or tools are needed and learning curves are too steep to meet internal or client demands. These kinds of situations are good indicators that you should begin weighing the pros and cons of software development in-house versus outsourcing. 


Types of Software Outsourcing Models

Before opting to outsource you need to be aware of the different types of models offered by the leading IT firms. These include:


Project-Based Model

This is probably the model that most enterprises are familiar with. Within this structure, the partnering company handles the entire project. This includes determining specifications, managing the workflow, developing schedules and deadlines, and performing the testing. This model is a complete handoff to your outsourcing company and requires minimal internal personnel resources. 


Dedicated Team Model

If you want to maintain more control, but don’t want to be involved with day-to-day project workflow, a dedicated team model is a good option. Here, you do get the IT team onsite if desired. However, you also get project management from your partnering services provider.  


IT Staff Augmentation

When you need to supplement your in-house team for a specific part or full project, but want to oversee all operations, IT staff augmentation is probably the best choice. This model provides more directed or precision talent that works with your in-house team and management as needed. 

Obviously, a major consideration is whether you need staff augmentation versus project-based consulting. There are many times when you may just want to get someone on the ground and running swiftly to help you stay or get on a schedule. If so, then let’s see how to maximize the talent, speed and flexibility advantages of IT staff augmentation.  


How To Maximize IT Staff Augmentation Advantages

It takes about 51 days to replace an IT professional in the US and Canada. Therefore, the impact of losing a key team member from a major software project can be quite significant and may even cost you the client. This reality, coupled with the advantages of speed and flexibility, makes IT staff augmentation the perfect solution in many cases. 

However, the effectiveness of this solution depends upon finding the right people, which can be accomplished by doing the following:


Finding the Right People for Staff Augmentation

  • Determine the right type of outsourcing for your project: First, you need to determine the outsourcing type or model that best fits your situation.
  • Find the right talent: After determining the best model for your project, you need to make sure that your outsourcing partner has professionals with the skills you need. After all, if you have to make a large investment in training, you are negating the benefits of staff augmentation.
  • Employ the right strategy: Finally, you need to carefully evaluate the IT staff augmentation proposal and provider to ensure they have the talent, can deliver and provide you with the flexibility to scale up or down as your needs evolve.


Following these steps will go a long way towards ensuring that you are working with the right outsourcing partner. Staff augmentation advantages are only as good as the experts that provide the service. Make sure you are reaping the full benefits of an augmented team by partnering with the right software development company. 


At BairesDev, we hire the Top 1% IT Talent in Latin America to ensure that we can step in quickly and you get the benefit of the best nearshore IT staff augmentation advantages available. To learn more, contact our team.

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