Why Custom Software Development is so Important in Competitive Markets

“Plug-and-play” software solutions do what they say on the box. But they can’t think outside of that box. That’s why custom software development is important…

November 22, 2019
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“Plug-and-play” software solutions do what they say on the box. But they can’t think outside of that box. That’s why custom software development is important to implement in your business. 

Success in the digital marketplace requires a precise translation of your unique idea and needs into a functional, flexible product that creates a positive customer experience and adapts to changes in the marketplace. Your software development process should be responsive enough to preserve what is unique about your product, and focused enough to shape your solution in a way that best serves your specific customers—all while working within your budget and resources.

Custom software development is built around your specific business goals, contained by your resources, and focused on your customers’ experience. It makes the creation of your product a reality.


Custom Software Development Helps Outperform Generalist Models

As a consumer yourself, you know that specific problems trigger the search for a digital solution. People don’t want a generic banking app, they want a solution that lets them quickly transfer money to a relative, or monitor their mortgage repayments, or balance funds across business accounts. Nor do they want another run-of-the-mill social app, they want something they haven’t seen before and that allows them to interact with their connections in new ways. 

Custom software development lets you create digital products that focus on specific gaps in the marketplace. By engaging a service that begins with your personal goals and then builds out to create a platform that is accessible and practical to your customers, you can provide a specific and appealing answer to your potential audience’s product search.

It is true that such a custom approach is more resource-intensive than the commercial “plug-and-play” alternative—although, as we’ll discuss later, there are outsource options that can greatly improve resource efficiency. This expenditure of resources is valuable, however, as the difference in end-user experience is substantial. A custom approach will result in a nuanced, targeted product that sells your company with every download, while off-the-shelf, generalist models lag behind in customer appeal and conversion.


Investing in Custom Software Helps Make You Future Proof

Netflix began life as a DVD-by-mail virtual video store and is now a billion-dollar movie studio. No pre-packaged software solution could’ve seen that coming, or could have adapted as well to the astounding future success the company would see. The point is that while some ready-made solutions can be tweaked over time, a successful digital product can lead to substantial growth and improvement of your entire enterprise—and growth is the goal, after all. 

If your product hits the mark, you’ll want to know there’s capacity within your IT infrastructure to handle heavy data loads and to roll out feature updates and new cross-platform connections. You may also want to bake in automated solutions that enable you to service a growing customer base without having to dramatically increase your internal headcount. With custom software development, whatever you have planned for the future can be anticipated and factored in. 


Custom Software Gets You Ready for the Unexpected

You are already starting with a unique idea. Your digital product should have the capacity to capture and enhance that uniqueness. Full-cycle custom software development makes sure your business goals are front and center during each stage of product creation. Whether you’re looking to sharpen the appeal of an existing platform, create a single-solution app, or are chasing an entire suite of solutions that will underpin your customer’s entire workflow, your product should promote your company’s creativity.

Within a customized process, there’s room to speak directly to your customers through your user interface, to shorten the path from query to solution, and to show you understand what makes life and business easier for your audience. An off-the-shelf software approach can result in an inexact product. A custom approach allows you to say exactly what your customer needs to hear—we know what you need, and here it is.


Custom Software Development is Accessible

Outsourcing software development services makes the responsive, personal, and scalable nature of custom development more resource-efficient. By engaging third-party experts, you empower your own team to deliver a product in a competitive, attractive, and accessible way that enhances the customer experience. An outsourced partner makes sure your product meets all the necessary industry standards, is compatible across all relevant devices and platforms, and is at the forefront of current trends within your industry’s domain.

You can further enhance your resource efficiencies by seeking a nearshore software development partner. Such experts have access to the leading tools, technologies, and facilities in the field, and offer their services at a substantive resource-saving compared to their local counterparts. Furthermore, a nearshore partner offers these resource benefits while working in your time zones and sharing a language: things that could make offshore outsourcing much more difficult. 

You stay in control of your product and make sure it reflects your vision, while your external partner makes sure it reaches your customers on time, on budget, and fully reflective of your end goals. 


Why Custom Software Development Is Important

The digital marketplace is enormous and growing every day. To stand out among that crowd you have to produce something new, something different, and something that works. Your greatest asset in that pursuit is your team and your ideas.

Customer software development ensures your product feels, acts, and delivers as you intended. It allows you to retain the uniqueness of your ideas so that your customers enjoy a targeted, effective solution to their problems. 


BairesDev engineers are drawn from the Top 1% IT Talent in Latin America. They have the expertise and talent to help you translate your custom solutions into functional, formidable digital products that accentuate the customer experience. Contact our team today and turn your unique ideas into product success.

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