What Makes A Team A Good Candidate for DevOps

Running a DevOps Project A successful DevOps project and team do not simply happen. DevOps requires strategy, and there are various factors that IT managers…

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Running a DevOps Project

A successful DevOps project and team do not simply happen. DevOps requires strategy, and there are various factors that IT managers must contemplate before beginning a project or selecting their team members. Initially, management should analyze the size and scope of the project to work at scale and meet critical deadlines.

Is your in-house team fully capable of meeting every project requirement? Will you need staff augmentation or an outsourced team? Asking these questions is the best way to accommodate internal staff. If your team isn’t comfortable with their roles and responsibilities, it may create a stressful environment due to the pressure of meeting numerous objectives within a tight time frame.

Meeting the product demands of customers in the market requires high speed and exceptional performance. To ensure the best user experience, here are four important considerations when creating a DevOps project and selecting the best teams.


Knowledge and Experience

The top candidates for your DevOps project should be well-trained and experienced. Developers and operations specialists should have the technical expertise gained not only from recognized universities and professional programs, but they should also have hands-on work experience. Having both types of experience adds to the professionalism of outsourced teams and their skills will allow them to contribute to innovative ideas and quickly find solutions to issues that cause disruptions and delays.

Effective communication doesn’t always happen in the office. Therefore, your team should also be familiar with various communication platforms ranging from emails to video calls. This keeps management and other teams updated on the project and limits misunderstandings.


An Innovative Mindset

The right DevOps team has a constant desire to learn with a willingness to invest their time into learning new techniques and understanding your company infrastructure. Likewise, team members will also be enthusiastic about attending group sessions and team meetings because of their social and communicative personalities.

An expanded knowledge base lends to the disruptive thinking of DevOps teams, and they want to put their tools and ideas to use in order to create a product that hits the market and makes a substantial impact. The top DevOps teams challenge themselves and inspire other teams and management with their forward-thinking approaches to problem-solving and product development.

Seek out DevOps professionals that will forego tradition in favor of innovative strategies that work. Not only do these teams meet deadlines, but they’re also able to achieve impressive results during every phase of development.

Finding the perfect DevOps team with the drive to maintain a competitive edge is now easier than ever with so many expert developers and operations specialists working remotely. While the confines of boundaries set by location add a level of convenience, consider the time zone differences to be sure it doesn’t cause scheduling conflicts or limit real-time communication between DevOps teams (if you choose to outsource) and internal staff.


The Size of the Team

How many DevOps specialists do you need to complete your project successfully? From implementation to deployment, the number of team members should be a major consideration as you select your team. If the team is too small, numerous responsibilities will be shared amongst the team and important details may be overlooked due to the pressure of deadlines. On the other hand, if there are too many members on a DevOps team, everyone may not have an active role.

For the best return on investment, choose a team based on the type of project in the works and the number of DevOps specialists required for a successful outcome. The right-sized team will have the ideal amount of time to complete delegated tasks with accuracy. During development, the team will also have room to discuss methods that will improve the product.


Embracing Automation

A team that knows their technology from the inside out is highly valuable because a deeper understanding of resources makes automation a much easier process. Automating the smaller or repetitive tasks speeds up development and operational processes, allowing teams to work with greater efficiency and focus on more complex components of the project. The benefits of automation are always appreciated by IT managers, with the major advantage being that its products can hit the market as quickly as possible without complications.


DevOps On the Same Page

As you determine the best DevOps project and team, assess the strengths of your team members and how everyone can help one another. Everyone should be on the same page when working on any DevOps project. Instead of separating your teams into your internal team and outsourced team, think of them as a collective unit.

Because it’s difficult to predict the challenges that you will face during your DevOps project, all hires should be working together towards a shared goal with the willingness to communicate openly and effectively. If your DevOps culture is comprised of team members who are supportive of one another, the development process will progress more smoothly and result in a more innovative product.

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