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With so many procedures, resources, and data going around, enterprises surely have a hard time keeping track of everything. To prevent that from happening to your company, you can always build your own custom ERP system with BairesDev. We can develop a comprehensive ERP system to integrate all your data, processes, and resources into a single platform. Plus, our engineering teams have the skills and know-how to perfectly accommodate your specific requirements and needs, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Enterprise Software Development

Plan Your Resources Properly with ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the best digital ally to manage all of your company’s processes and resources. That’s because the ERP gathers information coming from key departments such as product planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution, marketing, and others to help with everyday operations. Thus, an ERP system provides you with visibility of all your assets while giving you all the data you need to make informed decisions about your business strategy.

Industries That Need ERP Software

Virtually all industries have gone through a boom in data processing over the last few years, so you could say that most enterprises would benefit from an ERP. But in light of our experience developing custom ERP systems, we can affirm that there are a handful of industries for which such a platform has become essential.

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    The manufacturing industry can keep its costs, supply chain, and inventories under tighter control with ERP software. It can also improve the integration between distributors and manufacturers by putting data front and center.
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    Healthcare organizations can provide better services both internally and externally if they organize themselves around an ERP. With this system, they can better share information about patients, doctors, and providers in a company-wide manner.
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    An ERP leads educational institutions to rethink their administrative processes, including better student enrollment, classes, library services, and others. It also allows them to get rid of paperwork, improving storage and data management while reducing human errors.
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    Being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the retail sector is certainly booming with data waiting to be exploited. That’s easily doable through an ERP, whose implementation can improve communication with clients and suppliers, reduce processing times, and open up new business opportunities.
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    Real Estate
    With the help of an ERP, Real Estate organizations can streamline and automate their business processes, including sales, procurement, inventory, and HR, among others. It can also provide relevant information for professionals on the go through mobile apps, a common occurrence in this industry.
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    The energy sector can use an ERP system to control properties, content, and inventory. It can also use it to increase the visibility of processes in real-time, manage the supply chain, and control critical systems, all of which lead to reduced costs of operations.

Developing a Custom ERP With BairesDev: Step by Step

To be sure that we’re building the ERP your enterprise needs to succeed, BairesDev follows a strict and proven development process consisting of 5 main steps.

Requirements gathering and planning. During this stage, we meet with you to understand your needs, goals, market niche, values, current IT infrastructure, and overall strategy. With all of this information, our engineers can begin planning the ERP, from picking the right tech stack to ideating the core features for the system.


Design and prototyping. After you agree with our plan, our designers, software architects, and developers turn your requirements and specifications into the product’s blueprints. During this stage, we don’t just consider the ERP’s functionality but also its look, feel, and entire user experience. All of that comes to life in a prototype where you can check whether we’re on the right track.


ERP development. With your approval on the prototype, we move on to backend and frontend development. Backend engineers will work on the core of the ERP (basic functionality, databases, inner logic) while frontend developers will focus on everything the users will interact with.


QA and Testing. Depending on the methodology we agreed upon at the beginning of the project, this can be a separate step or a continuous effort conducted throughout the development. Either way, our QA engineers and testers work tirelessly with your ERP to identify bugs and issues that might hinder performance and functionality. The goal? To make sure that your ERP works as intended.


Production and Maintenance. Once we get to a high-quality ERP, we deploy it into production, integrate it with your infrastructure, and release it to the end-users. After that’s done, we monitor its use to deal with any potential bugs that appear post-launch. We also work with you to expand the ERP’s functionality and update it whenever needed. 


Things that we pay extra attention to

Building a high-quality ERP is a complex endeavor where the engineering team has to pay attention to multiple aspects and requirements. As an experienced ERP development company, BairesDev knows about the pitfalls and potential issues waiting ahead, which is why we are extra careful with the following aspects.

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    ERP's Interior
    An ERP is as good as its core functionality. That’s why we focus on developing the highest-performing code to meet your business’s most pressing needs and requirements. We stick to the key problems you’re trying to solve and work tirelessly to build a system that addresses them with efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, we always develop ERPs in such a way that they are easy to scale later on to ensure they can grow with your company.
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    As the main benefit of implementing an ERP lies around automation and governance, it’s easy to forget that the system’s functionality also has to be aligned with your needs and operational goals. That’s why we develop relevant functionality based on the information we gather in the requirements and planning phase. Thus, we aim to power your current processes while also paving the way for reimagined workflows to boost your productivity and improve your efficiency.
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    Must-Have Capabilities
    When creating an ERP, it’s easy to feel tempted about the many things you can do with it. Truth be told, aiming for all of them at once is impractical (and close to impossible). That’s why we always start understanding who you are and where you’re headed. Using that data, we can better design which features are critical and which are nice-to-haves. Of course, we always bridge the gap between the 2 devising a roadmap through which you can build the latter on the foundation of the former.

SAP ERP Solutions

SAP is one of the most widely known ERP vendors in the world, offering different modules and subscription-based solutions for a variety of industries, all of which leverage cloud capabilities. Being a top alternative, SAP guarantees scalability, on-and-off premises power, and countless features. That’s why integrating SAP ERP solutions in your business is such a smart choice – it can take it to the next level.

Naturally, integrating such a vast system into your digital environment isn’t an easy task. That’s when BairesDev comes in. Our ERP developers can ensure a smooth transition to a new SAP ERP without data losses and making sure that all tools are properly managed and upgraded.

Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions

Oracle is another top ERP vendor that services nearly every industry. Through its JD Edwards, ERP Cloud, and NetSuite solutions, the company provides businesses with ERP systems that streamline their operations, automate processes, and reduce costs. You can enjoy all of those, too, with the help of BairesDev.

Our ERP development team can help you implement Oracle’s cloud-based solutions in no time and without hiccups. We can also aid you with upgrades, support, custom Oracle ERP development, and even special projects that have Oracle’s solutions at their core. 

ERP for HR

Being a system capable of servicing an entire enterprise, you might think that an ERP is only worth it if you want an extensive management system. However, you can implement an ERP in your organization to boost a particular department. You can do that with virtually any company area that has to deal with large data volumes but few can benefit from an ERP as much as the HR department.

Through its implementation, you can automate administrative tasks and speed up your internal HR processes, such as basic employee, payroll, and training management as well as recruitment and reporting. Naturally, that requires a custom ERP solution that BairesDev can develop for you. Our team can collaborate with you to understand your HR needs to build a tailor-made ERP in no time and with the highest possible quality. 

ERP for Financial Management

ERP implementation can also benefit financial teams, as it helps to gather reliable data for financial planning and forecasting. Using an ERP allows you to streamline your financial processes, saving you time and money. You can use it to configure actuals into financial planning models, create forecasts automatically, and provide financial training. 

BairesDev has the necessary financial expertise to build an ERP that helps you achieve all of those things. Our engineering teams have vast experience with the financial industry, which translates into valuable insights that let them develop relevant ERP with powerful features for deep data analysis and management.

Benefits of a Custom ERP

While you can always go for an off-the-shelf ERP solution for your management needs, choosing to develop a custom ERP solution is a better choice by far. That’s because a tailor-made system can better address your needs and fit your operations. If you decide to build your custom ERP solution with BairesDev, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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    Effective Integration Services
    Since we’ll be developing an ERP specifically for your organization, you can rest assured that the resulting system will seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure. That will boost your efficiency and provide you with a smooth transition that will show its positive impact in less time.
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    ERP System Configurations
    Implementing an ERP isn’t just about integrating it with your infrastructure – it also means making it an organic part of your workflow. That’s why a custom ERP solution is so beneficial: it provides you with the ability to adjust and tweak its configurations to better fit your operations, so you don’t have to go the other way around.
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    ERP Administration Services
    A custom-made ERP solution can offer you an administrative depth that’s lacking in most off-the-shelf alternatives. With your own ERP, you’ll be the sole owner, meaning that you can administer its services as you better see fit for your business and your operations.
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    ERP System Upgrades
    When you choose a custom ERP software, you also get the ability to upgrade, update, and expand it whenever you need to. Since you won’t depend on a third-party software provider, you’ll be able to easily tweak features, add new ones, or get rid of the ones you don’t use following your own schedule.
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    Customizable Dashboards
    A big reason why you should pick a custom ERP system is that you can entirely personalize the dashboards with which you work. Thus, you can accommodate the system to your needs and preferences, which ultimately leads to better data management.
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    Expert ERP Consultants
    When you develop a custom ERP solution, you partner with a team of expert ERP engineers that can double down as consultants that can help you later on. For instance, partnering with BairesDev means you’ll get ERP consulting services after deployment, which can help you decide when to make changes or upgrades for further benefits.
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    Data Warehouse
    Since ERP software usually has a central database as its hub, you can use it to share and reuse data more efficiently. That data warehousing ability is more adaptable and flexible when you’re working with a custom ERP, as you can have the ultimate say regarding data capture, sharing practices, and reporting.
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    Powerful Reporting
    Though most off-the-shelf ERP solutions have powerful reporting capabilities built-in, they can never compare to those you can get with custom software. A tailor-made ERP can provide you with an unmatched configuration depth in reporting, which results in reports as comprehensive and on-point as you need them to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP software development is the process through which a software development team builds an ERP system for any given company. An ERP is a complex system that handles the management of many business processes in an enterprise, meaning it works as some sort of mediator between core processes.

The main objective of an ERP is to ensure the proper data collection, process governance, and automation. Thus, the development team needs to have the necessary expertise and know-how to build a complex software system that lies at the heart of an enterprise with multiple areas and teams working together in real-time.

The development process for an ERP system isn’t that much different from a regular software development process. That means that an ERP is developed following basic development stages, including the requirements gathering and planning, design, development, testing, and deployment stages.

Naturally, a system as complex as an ERP introduces some nuances in the development work. That usually means paying attention to complex core functionality and to the seamless integration of the ERP system with a larger and equally complex infrastructure where the system will insert itself.

ERPs have been increasingly growing in demand since the 90s, which means that there are many ERP solutions available in the market. Probably the most widely known include Oracle’s solutions (such as JD Edwards and ERP Cloud), SAP’s systems (such as S/4 HANA and Business One), and Microsoft’s applications (such as Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV). All of them are good choices but to properly pick one of them it’s essential to consider certain factors, such as company size, departments that will use it, and pricing, among others.

An ERP developer is a software engineer that develops and maintains Enterprise Resource Development (ERP) systems. As such, this professional builds the solution itself but also works with it to develop new reporting features, customize its components, adjust its interface, and update it. ERP developers are highly analytical and have wide experience working with business database systems.

Companies in today’s business landscape need to be able to collect and analyze data to get actionable insights from it. Thus, an increasing number of companies are resorting to ERP solutions to do just that. That’s because ERP software can provide the following benefits:

  • Streamlines workflows and automates operations
  • Provides support to financial planning
  • Improves data accessibility and security
  • Improves communication between teams on an enterprise-wide level

As beneficial as it might be, an ERP isn’t without its drawbacks. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Expensive to build and maintain
  • Challenging to implement
  • Can create further complexity in an already complex environment

If you want the benefits without most of the drawbacks, then you need to trust a reputed ERP software development company. At BairesDev, we have more than a decade of experience in developing these systems for companies across different industries and verticals. We can put our agile-driven approach to development to work for you and provide you with a comprehensive and efficient ERP solution in no time.

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