Redux Developers Hiring Guide

A popular JS library used for maintaining application state and improving operations.


Redux is a popular JavaScript library that can store application states in a single container called a store. It also manages and updates the application states to ensure they behave effectively, are easy to use, and can run in different environments.

Redux works on 3 main principles:

  1. All information is stored in a single state in a global store, allowing easy debugging, traversal, and inspection.
  2. All changes to that state are done through actions, which allow only sequential timed transformations to the state.
  3. Changes are only possible through pure functions, i.e., they take a state and action as input and give a state object as output.  

It also has a Redux Toolkit API that helps simplify tasks, avoids common mistakes, and makes Redux coding easier. Redux also contains Redux DevTools and Redux-Logger that help in easy debugging and RCA for Redux applications. 

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Redux has 3 main components:  Actions, Store, and Reducer. Actions are events that you can use to add a new state or modify an existing one in store. They carry data from your application and put them in the store. Actions are created and returned using a function known as action creators.

The store is where all application states are pooled in a single container for easy management and modification. And lastly, reducers determine the final state and define the changes that the state will undergo. Once an action is released from the store, they go through the reducer for logic and calculation input. In the reducer, the previous state and the user-defined action are used as input to calculate a new state in the form of an object.

Redux in Today’s Market

The growth of large-scale applications has made it challenging to manage the components associated with those applications. Redux greatly improves component management with its state functionality and pure functions. Many companies such as Instagram, Amazon, and DoorDash use Redux. 

Redux is flexible and can work with different UI layers. Furthermore, the maintenance is easy as Redux has a strict code structure, making its architecture highly stable. Redux can also optimize your performance as it re-renders only edited components instead of re-rendering the entire code base.  

Issues in finding the next Redux Developer

Not many developers fully understand Redux and its complexity. Some developers try to work on an organizational level without substantive experience, making it a frustrating experience for them and their clients. 

Redux is excellent for managing complex applications. It is, however, not suitable for apps that have simple workflows, (fetch data from a single source) or which require server-side scripting. A good Redux developer understands that not all apps require Redux. Redux also shouldn't be used for animation. 

Some software developers lack the proper skills to implement the most important Redux's principle: the 'single source of truth.' They are tempted to incorporate other sources. Going down this route will only end up with unproductive data and an overall lousy experience with Redux.  

How to select the best Redux developer

Selecting a Redux developer that suits your business requirements requires consideration and knowledge. You need to choose a Redux developer who is skilled in identifying and fixing bugs, manipulating data, and ensuring that the workflow is smooth.

A Redux developer should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also know about NodeJS. The developer should be able to push code over versioning tools (Git).  Other than these skills, the developer should also have advanced knowledge of Redux components, states, and functions. 


Engineers these days are understanding the importance of Redux as a powerful library that manages complex applications. It helps in improving user experience and overall app maintainability. In addition, Redux is flexible with different user interfaces. It’s an amazing tool that can work wonders for your application development. 

Here are some questions you can ask Redux developers before hiring them. 

How can you dispatch actions outside the react component?

First, you need to import the store, and then you can use store.dispatch(). You can pass the action that you need to call outside Redux components. This will allow you to dispatch actions directly without the react component or Redux store objects.

Explain the use of the Redux Toolkit in Redux development

Redux Toolkit is an important aspect of Redux development. It contains functions and utilities that simplify store configuration. This helps the developer write logical Redux code without worrying about boilerplate code and debugging. 

What is Redux Thunk?

Redux Thunk is a middleware that allows engineers to write action creators that return functions. You can use GetState() and dispatch() methods as the parameters for the inner function. Redux Thunk can also be used for delaying action dispatch. 

Can Redux only be used with React? 

No, Redux is majorly used with React in the IT industry, but it can be used as a data store for other frameworks too. For example, it can be used with Angular, Angular 2, and Mithril, among others.

What is Redux Form? What are some of its features?

Redux Form is an excellent way to manage forms powered by Redux. It allows formatting, parsing, and normalization of field values. It can also perform validation. It’s a higher-order component that ensures that all the data sent by the user through HTML forms is stored in Redux state.

We are looking for a highly qualified Redux developer that can design and develop large-scale applications and websites. We are looking for a qualified professional who can code and debug complex applications. The developer must have good communication skills and should be able to write documentation. They should be a team player and should be able to collaborate with different teams for diverse projects.


  • Write Reusable and reliable React/JavaScript code
  • Create Redux projects and apply middleware using Redux Thunk and Redux saga. 
  • Work on Redux components and manage applications state  
  • Develop React application modules.   
  • Use high-order components for code reusability.
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams to understand business requirements
  • Follow best industry practices and standards

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of React/JavaScript. Also should have prior experience with Redux. 
  • Experience in designing reusable code and modules using HOC.
  • Proven experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 
  • Deep understanding of React workflows such as Flux and Redux. 
  • Experience with database and SQL language (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Experience with code versioning tools (Git and Jenkins)
  • Knowledge of Webpack, data structures, and Responsive UI
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit 

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