Kotlin Developers Hiring Guide

A popular cross-platform programming language deemed as a Java alternative.

Kotlin is a modern cross-platform, general-purpose programming language. Though it can work in several projects, it’s mostly tailored to developers building Android and server-side applications. Kotlin is the third official Android development language, in addition to Java and C++.

Kotlin is known for its ability to restrict null pointer issues. It deals with null pointer exceptions through its null pointer safety features. It also uses smart cast functions that track conditions inside of an expression. Kotlin automatically adds casts to expressions if required.

Kotlin also possesses advanced programming features such as Lambda functions and operator overloading. Kotlin code can be compiled through JVM if it targets Java code or through LLVM if it targets platform-specific binary.

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Kotlin is defined as a pragmatic language and is known worldwide as the Java alternative for Android development. It combines both object-oriented and functional programming.  

Kotlin is interoperable with Java,i.e., you can migrate your Java projects to Kotlin if required. Developers can easily integrate all major Java libraries and frameworks into Kotlin. Along with that, Kotlin Maven and Kotlin Gradle APIs allow developers to add Build Automation to their projects, just like in Java. 

Kotlin allows you to write code cleanly and expressively. In fact, its readability is phenomenal. This helps in reducing the time developers need to create, maintain and deploy code when compared to other similar languages. Apps made through Kotlin are less likely to crash, and scaling is pretty easy.   

Relevance of Kotlin today

Kotlin is a very popular language. In a short time frame, it has spread its roots to many businesses. Even Google has announced Kotlin as the preferred language for Android app development since 2017. As a result, many developers are now making the shift from Java to Kotlin. 

According to the latest Stack Overflow survey, Kotlin is the fourth most loved programming language among developers. The community is regularly adding advanced features to make it more adaptable and competent. 

Along with Android development, many engineers are now using Kotlin native for IoT development, web development, and even game development. Furthermore, it also finds uses in data analytics and in machine learning projects. 

Issues companies face while hiring Kotlin developers

A major issue companies face while recruiting engineers is the lack of experienced professionals. Anyone can learn Kotlin and create basic apps but well-trained Kotlin developers are hard to find.  

Inexperienced Kotlin developers may not have experience in REST API, edge design, or mobile development life cycle, things that are vital for Android development. They may also not have experience in bug fixing and error handling. 

Additionally, Kotlin development has a steep learning curve. A Kotlin developer should always be learning. They should also be on the lookout for new technologies, frameworks, and APIs that they can leverage for improving the company's tech stack.  

How to select a perfect Kotlin developer?

A good Kotlin developer should be knowledgeable about Android SDK and Android Studio for app development. In addition, they must possess knowledge of Java and should be able to formulate clear and precise code based on business requirements. 

They should know about third-party and REST APIs. They should also be experts in MVC/MVP architecture development. Moreover, they should know about code versioning, as it is necessary for app maintenance.  

A Kotlin engineer should also know about SOLID design principles and should be able to fix production issues at any time. 


Kotlin is one of the fastest-growing programming languages today. You can use Kotlin for both front-end and back-end development. Its interoperability with Java and highly advanced features such as null pointer safety and extension functions allow it to be used in different projects. In addition, attributes such as smart casting and clean coding greatly increase its credibility for Android development. 

What's the use of the extension functions in Kotlin?

Kotlin's extensions allow developers to extend a class without inheriting it. As a result, developers don't need to use a decorator design pattern or inherit a class to gain its attributes. 

You can also define new properties for your extended class if required through extension functions. Extension functions are dispatched statically.

What do you understand about Null Safety in Kotlin?

Kotlin’s Null Safety feature helps in reducing null pointer exceptions in production code while it's executing. This is achieved in Kotlin by making nullability part of the system i.e. the engineer while defining a variable, also needs to define if the variable is null or not. This feature helps the compiler to distinguish between nullable and non-nullable references. 

What is the difference between Val and Var in Kotlin? 

Val is used to define the final variable. It must be initialized beforehand, and its value can’t be changed once it's assigned. It is immutable. 

Var is used to define a general variable. It doesn’t need to be initialized beforehand, and its value can also be changed after assigning. It is mutable.   

What are some key Kotlin characteristics that aren’t present in Java?

Kotlin's speed of development is very fast when compared to Java. This is because Kotlin inlines the lambda code, which makes compilation faster. The overall compilation time is thus reduced.  

Kotlin also has more comprehensive APIs and extension attributes than Java. It offers a cleaner code structure and syntax support for delegation and inline functions. Furthermore, there are no concurrency or synchronization issues in Kotlin. Kotlin's immutability also gives it a superior edge over Java. 

Define the use of abstraction in Kotlin

An abstract class can’t be instantiated, and you can’t create objects of an abstract class. However, it can be defined as a superclass. Thus, it contains properties that other subclasses can implement or override based on module requirements. 

An abstract class in Kotlin is defined with an abstract keyword. An abstract member function doesn’t have a body and must be implemented in the derived class.

We are looking for a highly qualified Kotlin developer to join our Android development team to design, develop, and maintain different kinds of apps. We are looking for smart individuals who are team players, have good communication skills, and are critical thinkers.

The developer should be good at documentation and should be able to adhere to project deadlines. It's an excellent opportunity for developers who want to work on challenging problems and improve their skills.


  • Work on reusable and advanced Android code
  • Create in-house and client projects. Should also be able to work on scalability, reliability, and bug fixing.
  • Perform unit and instrumentation testing. Work on edge cases for reliability and usability.
  • Improve performance and functionality for apps/systems, and decrease latency.
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams to understand business requirements
  • Follow best industry practices and standards.
  • {{Add other relevant responsibilities}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Android and Android SDK.
  • Prior experience with Kotlin.
  • Experience in designing reusable code and modules.
  • Proven experience with REST and third-party APIs
  • Experience with Android app development and pushing to Google store.
  • Experience with code versioning tools (Git)
  • Knowledge of MVC principles and mobile software development life cycle.
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit
  • {{Add other frameworks or libraries related to your development stack}}
  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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