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La empresa BairesDev, fundada en 2009 por los argentinos Paul Azorin y “Nacho” De Marco, se ubicó como la empresa de software de mayor crecimiento de América latina por cuarto año consecutivo.
The Coursera Global Skills Index presents Coursera’s data know-how to determine the world’s most trending career skills. This first edition of the GSI studies and benchmarks 60 countries and 10 industries across Business, Technology and Data Science. Argentina takes the #1 spot in the technology category in both the region and the world’s ranking.
Finding, hiring and retaining talent is no small ordeal. Every relevant business operating in this digital-driven era needs different levels of technology to succee d. This reality leads to a massive need for skilled developers capable of fulfilling the numerous data science, front-end and back-end development and QA testing roles that require their skills.
Wealthintel Inc chooses BairesDev, a nearshore development company, to help develop the Codex Score of WIT, also known as W$T. WIT is envisioned as a next-generation primarily digital product meant to serve the public at large comprising cutting edge technologies, and breakthrough applications providing sweeping facilitations and enabling services unavailable in the market.
I wrote about the benefits of outsourcing before, and how it lowers costs and increases efficiency. For software as a service (SaaS) companies, the competition is increasing, and businesses must find a way to meet market demands. Outsourcing allows them to do this.
BairesDev appeared in Clutch’s Leaders Matrix for IT Staff Augmentation services. The software outsourcing company was recognized for its top-notch work and its distinguished reviews and client ratings. BairesDev ́s client recognition makes the company stand out in the industry, providing an incomparable competitive advantage.
IT Pro Portal
When Apple released the first iPhone back in 2007, few people understood just how significant this technological advancement would be. Before then, the only truly mobile devices were cell phones, which were primarily used for texting and making telephone calls. In 2007, however, Apple helped propel consumers into an entirely new mobile computing world. People now take their personal computing devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches wherever they go. Even more, these devices have largely replaced many of the portable laptop computers.
Software outsourcing is growing fast and leading innovation across all industries, providing top talent, expertise and efficiency to deliver cutting edge projects. In this context, BairesDev, a nearshore software development company, put together interesting facts regarding the evolution of this thriving industry.
In today’s fast-changing and competitive environment, rising companies from all industries are growing at an impressive rate, and software engineering needs have skyrocketed. Looking back, when I cofounded my software outsourcing business, talent shortage was an issue, but development life cycles weren’t as demanding.
A recent study by Forrester Forecasts affirms that the global tech market will grow by 4.7% in 2019. According to Nasdaq, Latin America is ideal territory for rising innovative tech companies and stands out amongst other locations due to the favorable circumstances it offers to generate cutting-edge and efficient tech solutions.
IoT Agenda
Blockchain has been encroaching into all areas of life for more than five years now. Financial services are at the forefront of blockchain development, but logistics, utilities, security and government services are quickly gaining ground. An ever-increasing focus on efficiency and security make this the technology to watch. However, the interaction between the all-encompassing IoT and blockchain has been the subject of much debate, and this uncertainty is the reason many companies are reluctant to invest in blockchain technology.

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