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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we work together and the workplace environment as a whole. The adoption rate of AI technology by businesses is skyrocketing as its use cases to improve processes and get ahead of competitors continue to unfold. But as we move into the age of AI and machine learning, there are significant concerns that AI technology could replace – or even eliminate – many of the jobs that exist today.
I’ve spent my life traveling in and out of my native Argentina. I have worked in Silicon Valley, in Australia and across major cities in Latin America. Throughout these years, I’ve managed multiple diverse teams from all these nationalities, providing software development for leading companies such as Google, HP, Netgear, ViacomCBS, IBM and more, and it’s been fascinating to watch the drastic technology boom in Latam. Part of it is due to the vast economic growth in the early 2010s, led by Brazil, Chile and Argentina, and part of it is a mystery.
IoT Agenda
The integration of voice into IoT devices creates a new user experience that many consumers enjoy. As of this year, 20% of U.S. adults have smart speakers, which translates to roughly 47.3 million people. The report also notes that adoption is expected to grow by 50% in 2018 alone.
IoT Agenda
The internet of things market has grown tremendously. Intel predicts that there will be 200 billion connected objects by 2020, which comes to 26 connected objects per human being on earth. While that number may be high, 96% of companies that chose to invest in IoT have already seen ROI, which shows that IoT does have its benefits.
Read Write
Latin America’s tech-savvy workforce has attracted international companies to maintain support offices in the region for years. However, the recent government commitment to develop innovation hubs, coupled with a growing middle class that leads in the adoption of mobile devices, has made Latin America prime territory for global tech companies to target local consumers.
Site Pro News
The successful completion of any IT project requires the right talent on-hand during each development phase. While your in-house team is undoubtedly skilled and well-trained, there are times when projects come along that require specialized skills and are due within a short period of time. When these projects arise, it’s difficult for IT managers to request staff to take on additional tasks if they already have a full workload or must learn complex skills quickly.
As you begin building an Agile team, knowing the functions and titles of the team members is necessary to create a successful product. Working in the Agile method continues to grow in popularity for IT projects because Agile methodologies have a high level of success when applied to diverse projects that require skill, timeliness, and creative tactics.
Quality assurance (QA) testing guarantees the best user experience under safe conditions that protect users from hackers attempting to access their private information. As developers make changes on the back end of the software, QA testers ensure that the front-end experience is unaltered and functions properly.
Innovation advances the world. All industries are pioneered by innovative leaders who apply their skills to the enrichment of their field. From Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein all the way to George Washington Carver, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, innovative minds have left their mark on everything from entertainment to technology.
IT Pro Portal
More businesses are using cross-functional teams to remain competitive. Still, these teams are ineffective if the proper strategies aren’t in place to maximize productivity. Building innovative products requires organization and strong communication skills, but that doesn’t mean these qualities are only found in traditional workspaces. By fostering a collaborative environment, IT managers will create the ideal setting for team members to be successful at every phase of development.
Tech Monitor
React Native (RN) continues to gain popularity as the innovative platform most commonly associated with Facebook and Instagram. Its first iteration was React.js, which was powered by JavaScript programming and introduced to the public in 2013. With this version of React, developers could build on code and modify the UI without reloading the pages each time.
Many businesses are facing the greatest shortage of technology talent since the early 2000s. Harvey Nash/KPMG revealed that 65 percent of CIOs said they believe a lack of talent is preventing them from keeping up with the rapid pace of technology. Usually, when businesses look for additional help to complete their projects, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring more team members; however, there are other options.

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