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Payments Source
Issuers and financial institutions can no longer rely on old systems to appease the modern customer.
Mobile applications are continually improving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is powering this evolution.
Made popular by Github, ChatOps is a collaborative powerhouse of transparency and open discussions among teams working toward a common goal.
As 2018 steams ahead, web pros are considering the new development challenges that might arise in the coming months.
IT Pro Portal
Technology experts predict the use of machine learning (ML) in business operations will double towards the end of 2018.
At some point, most businesses will direct some of their most important processes to the cloud.
Venture Beat
Industry juggernauts IBM, Mastercard, and JP Morgan Chase – among many others – are exploring blockchain initiatives.
El Diario de Juárez MX
El Diario de Juárez MX
El Diario de Juárez MX

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