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There is a reason why we have all heard about Software as a Service (SaaS) before. Technology has become an integral part of every business workflow, no matter where you are or what you are trying to achieve. However, making the most of technology is not as simple as it sounds. The key lies in making that technology work for you.

With SaaS, companies are able to manage, distribute, and update software applications from an accessible cloud-based platform. It is simply a more efficient, cost-effective, and result-driven way to develop custom software products. But, most importantly, it allows businesses to offer on-demand solutions and generate new revenue models. 

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of Tech Talent to provide the highest level of SaaS Application Development. We know just how to turn your ideas into actual, working software. Just send us a message and we will help you work on a strategy that fits your vision, your budget, and your goals.

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SaaS Developers Hiring Guide

  • How to choose the best
  • Interview questions
  • Job Description

What is a SaaS Product?

In a nutshell, a SaaS product is a centralized and on-demand software solution that solves a problem and leads to business success. It begins with a concept, evolves with a plan, and uses “special ingredients” to achieve its objectives in an innovative way. There are three main components to SaaS Development:

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    Software Package
    This is the most visible element of SaaS: the actual product that performs the function it was designed to do. While its characteristics will vastly differ from project to project, high-quality software packages will always be designed to scale.
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    Front-End Platform
    This is the connection point between the software package and its end-users. The front-end platform contains all the market information of the SaaS product and is designed to sell the experience to potential customers.
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    Management Suite
    The management suite is the central hub from where the SaaS product owner can manage user accounts, requests, and payment options. It is also used to implement updates and take care of any other back-end aspect of SaaS.

SaaS Project Examples

There are several incredibly popular examples of SaaS projects out there, and chances are you have already used at least some of them and more than once.

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    Google G-Suite
    The G-Suite from Google is a widely popular cloud-based solution almost anyone has used at one point or another. It offers the most common office work applications in a SaaS model, which doesn’t require any installation and also hosts saved files on the cloud, as part of your Google account.
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    The file-hosting service has been around for years offering its easy-to-use system that lets you quickly upload and share any kind of content and file type. It’s commonly used to store backups of important files, as it’s reliable, secure, and encrypted.
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    Cisco WebEx
    The virtual collaboration tool provided by tech giant Cisco became more popular with the increase in remote work adoption, allowing users to connect, interact, and conduct meetings and remote synchronous classes. Its cloud-based interface also allows users to edit documents at the same time, share files, and screen share.
  • Adobe Spark
    The cloud-based visual solution by Adobe allows users to create scroll-down documents, social media posts, and other types of dynamic-looking content. It’s easy to use with a simple-to-master learning curve and lets users easily share and publish their creations.

5 Steps to SaaS Development


Your journey starts along with our top-performing SaaS analysts, who will guide you through all the basics of SaaS applications. Together, we will help you discover the functional core of your idea and solidify your value proposition. After we reach a coherent vision of your product, our team will assist you in drafting a detailed roadmap that lays out all aspects of development, based on feature prioritization and business goals.


Development and Architecture

All of our solutions are fully customizable and scalable. Since we are talking about cloud-based solutions, we believe it is fundamental to make sure both our services and your product are prepared to satisfy an increasing customer base. Whether it is via Dedicated Teams, IT Staff Augmentation, or pure Software Outsourcing, we will make sure your project always meets your requirements.


UI/UX Design

Today, conversions are closely linked to how consumers engage with your brand. That is why it is so critical to put a lot of effort into your user interface and overall user experience. Our UX/UI engineers will conduct thorough market research on your target audience and make sure your product meets the requirements of your potential customers. We focus on usability, functionality, and user engagement to deliver high-quality end products.


QA and Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing are the keys to any successful SaaS solution. Our approach to quality is completely holistic and we implement it across every stage of the development lifecycle. This is the best way to guarantee that your final product will be stable, bug-free and that it complies with the latest cybersecurity measures. Market competitiveness and industry standards won’t be an issue for you.


Cloud Deployment

Choosing a suitable cloud platform for hosting your SaaS solution doesn’t have to be hard. Our unbiased and experienced SaaS consultants will help evaluate different options and select the most suitable for you. Some common cloud platforms include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Rackspace.


Maintenance and Support

The road of SaaS development doesn’t stop after launch. We use Agile methodologies to provide timely support for any SaaS solution, no matter the level of complexity. Our team will work 24/7 to keep your SaaS running at full capacity, ensuring seamless updates, deployment, and integration procedures.


Our Services

Access autonomous teams led by expert engineers that work exclusively on your project while you focus on your core business and maintain your output.
Instantly add top-performing engineers to your SaaS development team and access the skillsets you need to create an innovative and impactful product.
Leave it all to us and don’t worry about a thing! We can take care of your SaaS application development from start to finish. Maximum quality guaranteed.

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SaaS is one of the fastest-growing service offerings in the Software Industry. The sooner you get into the game, the better. Contact us and we will help you outline your project idea, identify business needs, set up a development time frame, and help you determine the best way to launch your SaaS product so you achieve your desired outcome every time.

SaaS Programming Languages

Various programming languages can be used for SaaS development. It’s actually not really a question of which is the best one, but rather which is the most-suited language for your particular project. Business needs, development requirements, application complexity, talent, and time and budget constraints will all play a part in choosing the right tools for the job.

Among the most popular choices, however, you can find some well-known programming languages:

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
Ruby developers

SaaS Tools for Businesses

The domestic end user isn’t the only one who can benefit from all of the advantages of SaaS applications. There are several upsides for companies that choose to profit from the several possibilities that come from using SaaS tools for business.

The most obvious one is the agility that comes from not depending on physical infrastructure to host your applications. Also, there’s the instant availability to all of the employees and stakeholders that may wish to use them. This also means there’s no need to invest considerable sums of money on specific devices and network infrastructure, as well as on all of the actual space occupied by such assets.

SaaS Developers and Engineers

When you decide to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility SaaS applications can offer, you should look to hire SaaS developers that can deliver effective and well-developed solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your company’s processes and provide your teams with the agility and dynamic of cloud-based applications. Seasoned and experienced professionals will be able to analyze whichever requirements you come up with, confirming your desired outcomes or offering the best suitable alternatives to achieve the goals you desire.

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    Hiring Guide

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    Interview Questions

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    Job Description

How difficult is it to find a good SaaS specialist?

With an industry that’s growing fast, and with software companies promoting more workshops and seminars than ever, it should come as no surprise that the job market for SaaS specialists has grown significantly in the last few years.

Finding a good SaaS specialist shouldn’t prove too much of an issue, most software engineers are seeing the benefits of learning about different SaaS solutions, both as a means to broaden their horizons and to learn how to implement them in their field of expertise.

Good SaaS specialists tend to show:

  • Market intelligence
  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Security management

Also, good SaaS engineers tend to have hands-on experience with their software of choice. There are 2 ways you can check if someone has worked with the software you want to implement.

  • Have they worked with this software in the past and for how long?
  • Have they taken any courses or have been certified by the company that publishes the software?

SaaS solutions are diverse, and no 2 systems are exactly alike. A person who is familiar with the software will often have a better grasp of its intricacies, which translates to better decisions down the line.

How to choose a SaaS specialist for your project? 

When choosing potential recruits keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • SaaS specialists act as a bridge between your company and your service provider, so be on the lookout for specialists with good communication skills. This is also a good skill to have if your specialist is going to be training your team.
  • Part of what makes SaaS great is how trivial it is to scale as your business grows. That’s why you should look for SaaS experts who are proactive, show analytic skills, and foresight. You want a SaaS specialist who is always one step ahead, who brings suggestions to the project, and who is ready to scale at a moment’s notice.
  • Experience is a great thing to have, but software changes with time, so not all experiences are equal in value. Focus on candidates who’ve worked with SaaS software in recent years.
  • Experience in your field might not be necessary, but it’s a great asset for a SaaS expert. If they understand the needs of your business then they have more information to make better choices and to offer better solutions.
  • Some SaaS are more customizable than others. If your software solution has an API or can be modified with a scripting language, make sure that your SaaS specialist is well versed in those areas.


SaaS is a growing field, and more and more people are seeing the benefits of developing their career paths as SaaS specialists, so finding the right candidate for your project shouldn’t prove difficult. Just remember, aim for the person with the experience and knowledge to guide you and your team towards success.

How will you handle adding or removing users?

User management is one of the most basic aspects of cybersecurity, and whoever is going to be in charge of your SaaS solution needs to have a strong security policy in place.

There isn’t a clear-cut answer for this question, but a good indicator is that the SaaS specialist will try to understand your company’s policy and protocols before answering, as this shows that they understand that their position is part of a bigger framework.

How will you handle troubleshooting?

Most SaaS issues are handled by the provider, not by the specialist. Nevertheless, if you are working with a SaaS expert, then they should be the ones handling the bug reports.

A good candidate will understand that there are 2 kinds of issues. First, those that they can handle directly (like a user not understanding a tool), in which case they should have a protocol for helping the users, remote desktops, coaching sessions, or whatever tools they prefer.

And second, those they can’t solve (like bugs). In this case, they should have a system for organizing and reporting issues to the client provider. 

Tell me what are some of the best practices for budget handling with the software

Pay-as-you-go services can get out of hand if used like they are not intended to. So, specialists are in charge of handling the budget and finding the best tool for a company while spending the least amount of resources. 

Look for candidates who answer this question naturally and who delve into the specifics of the software. If they answer with generalities, ask for clarification or specific examples. This will help you get a grasp of how much they know and understand the tool.

What would you do in the case of an outage?

While most SaaS have recursive systems and failsafe protocols, you could end up in a situation where you lose access to your services. In such cases, the SaaS plays a crucial role in troubleshooting hand in hand with the service provider. The answer to this question will tell you about how the candidate would react under pressure.

We are looking for a SaaS specialist to join our team and become an active part of our community. We are looking for team players who can handle being a part of a passionate team and who are looking for challenging and fulfilling projects.

We want to provide an opportunity for our team members to grow professionally as they help us achieve our goals. 


  • Manage the client-provider relations with the service provider.
  • Support the IT department.
  • Establish and maintain a set of good practices for the software.
  • Train team members to work with the software.
  • Promote the use of the software and bring to the team’s attention underutilized tools.
  • Manage scaling projects.
  • {{Add other responsibilities here that are relevant}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience as a SaaS specialist {{add number of years}}
  • SaaS consultant certifications with the software provider. {{specify the provider}}
  • Communication skills and aptitude for coaching/teaching others.
  • Previous experience in {{field of your company, add “Recommended but not required” if you want to broaden your search}}
  • Experience creating dashboard/user interfaces/data visualization {{if the software allows customizability}}
  • Market intelligence and planning.
  • {Add other frameworks or libraries related to your development stack}} 
  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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