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The world's best cloud-based CRM platform

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution accompanied by a set of enterprise apps that focus on customer service, marketing, analytics, and development. It uses integrated APIs and cloud-based tools to help firms engage with their customers.  

Salesforce is mobile-friendly and allows you to view events and schedule meetings. You can also use it to manage new assignments and territories. You can also use it for monitoring individual/partner performance or checking the hierarchy efficiency.  

 You can access customer data through its contact management services. Through its native cloud, it allows you to study advanced analytics and drive customized campaigns. The service is quick and helps businesses to make better decisions. It also has social media integration you can use to expand customer persona and create activity timelines. 

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Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best CRM platforms available in the market. It’s easy to see why. Salesforce has a robust suite of collaboration tools that allow companies to offer better customer service across the entire customer journey. It has features to centralize and analyze customer data, generate in-depth reports, monitor project progress, and prioritize tasks, among others. 

By using Salesforce, any business can streamline its customer-centered processes and offer a smoother experience. What’s best - the platform is constantly evolving and updating itself with new features to engage with clients in more sophisticated ways. 

Relevance of Salesforce in today's industry. 

Salesforce has firmly established itself as the best in the CRM domain. It holds a 20% share of the entire CRM market with 150,000 customers. One of the main reasons for that is that the platform has shown significant productivity gains, with companies using Salesforce reporting a productivity increase of 44%.

Its solid features make Salesforce the first choice between CRM platforms for enterprises such as Bentley, FedEx, and The New York Post. 

Salesforce improves your organization’s workflow by creating a portfolio of published tasks. You can also manage your company’s assignments, territories, and assets. 

Are good Salesforce developers hard to find? 

The number of companies using Salesforce is increasing at a rapid pace. That’s quickly improving job prospects for Salesforce developers out there and driving their demand up, which is very high right now. 

However, hiring a talented Salesforce developer is a major challenge. This is because there is a scarcity of skilled developers, and many companies don’t have adequate knowledge of how to test the developers they are interviewing. 

Sometimes developers don’t have sufficient clarity about job profile/responsibilities, which leads to incorrect hiring. What’s more - the Salesforce engineer needs to understand business requirements and implement the best business solution for max ROI and profitability. That’s a skill that’s often neglected but that’s key to successfully implement Salesforce into any workflow.  


How to choose the perfect Salesforce developer?

Salesforce developers have to design business applications for the company's CRM needs. A good Salesforce developer should be able to code in different languages including Apex and VisualForce. They should also have project management skills, as they may have to deliver end-to-end software modules. 

Additionally, they should handle and customize the different Salesforce features. They should also be able to perform debugging and QA analysis on software products. The solutions developed by the Salesforce engineer should be scalable and performance-optimized.

Another important aspect of a Salesforce engineer’s job is collaboration with different teams and stakeholders. Good communication and creative problem-solving are also important for this position.  


Salesforce is one of the best cloud CRM software management platforms out there. Even though Salesforce started its journey only as a Sales CRM, it now delivers diverse customer support and tracking products. 

The accessibility and customer satisfaction delivered by Salesforce is unmatched. Salesforce helps in increasing revenues and productivity for businesses all across the board. Hiring the right Salesforce engineers will greatly improve your tech stack and ensure your company’s growth. 

How many different types of object relationships are there in Salesforce?

There are 3 prominent object relationships in Salesforce: Master-detail, Lookup, and Many-to-Many. In the master-detail object relationship, parent records are strongly coupled with child records, i.e., if parent records are deleted, child records also automatically get deleted.

In lookup relationships, the child record is loosely coupled with the parent record. It will persist even if the parent record gets deleted. 

In Many-to-Many object relationships, multiple parent records can have multiple child records. Junction objects manage them, and neither parent nor child records have a coupling effect on each other. 


What is an Apex transaction in Salesforce?

Salesforce Apex transactions are a set of operations that are executed as a single unit. The transactions are usually part of database operations and can be used to query records. If one operation of the Apex transaction is incomplete/unsuccessful, the whole transaction must be rolled back and restarted from the top. 

What is the role of a custom object in Salesforce?

Salesforce engineers use custom objects to store data related to a particular organization/client. It’s a combination of custom fields along with standard fields and records. A custom object helps to formulate page layouts, records, and documents in the Salesforce application.

What can cause data loss in Salesforce?

Changes in date and time can cause data loss. If you are remodeling features such as currency, number, or percentage to any other data type, then a significant amount of data can be lost while changing. 

You can also have issues selecting options from a select picklist, which may cause you to encode your data to the wrong data type. Malicious activity, human oversights, and bad coding practices can also cause data loss.

We are looking for a skilled Salesforce Developer to join our team to create scalable software products. The developer should be able to create customized applications and integrate them with the existing tech stack. It’s an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to design dynamic products that can satisfy business needs and handle its marketing and sales requirements.


  • Design, code, and customize Salesforce features and applications 
  • Test and debug Salesforce modules to ensure performance and software quality
  • Develop UI and test its stability and functionality
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders (sales, marketing, design, product management ) to create the final product.
  • Follow best industry practices and standards while maintaining software security and integrity

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Apex, VisualForce, Javascript languages
  • Knowledge of different frameworks (Lightning Component)
  • Experience in designing high-performance systems with API integrations
  • Thorough understanding of Salesforce development principles and ecosystem
  • Proven experience in Salesforce reporting and dashboards. 
  • Knowledge of CRM tools
  • Good communication and team spirit. 

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