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outsourcing to latin america

4 Keys to Successfully Outsource Software Development to Brazil

A vast talent pool Not so long ago, Brazil wasn’t among the countries you’d think of when considering software outsourcing. Yet, a lot of things...
Teamwork software development companies

How to Efficiently Update Your Applications and Architecture

Keeping Up With the Beat The current business landscape isn’t short on challenges for companies of all sizes. To the typical industry and market-related challenges,...
Software Development Company

Python Development Services

Python Development Services BairesDev is an award-winning Python development company delivering high-quality and custom technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Partner with us and start your...
Digital acceleration

6 Steps to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Going From Digital Transformation to Digital Acceleration Digital transformation is a pivotal priority for every business, no matter their sector or processes. In a landscape...
Software Development Company

Mitigating Risks in Software Development

Risk Management is Key There are always risks associated with any business venture. When you’re building software, the risks are only magnified. After all, the...
it outsourcing

Technology and the Gig Economy

Be Part of the Change In 2019, the Bureau of Labor estimated that the percentage of workers involved in the gig economy in the United...
Teamwork software development companies

6 Steps to Achieve a Minimum Viable Product

From an Idea to a Design Unfortunately, not all ideas, even good ones, are a hit with customers. A company may have a great product...
Data Science

What Is Data Management and Why Should You Care

Data Is the New Oil With so much data surrounding modern businesses, organizing and standardizing it has become an essential task. Failing to do so...
cybersecurity software development

What is DevSecOps?

DevOps and Beyond Up to this point, no one would argue that DevOps is a necessary set of practices that efficiently combines software development and...
Business AI

5 Ways B2B Companies Can Use AI

Be Part of the Future Even when a lot of people are already convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize the entire business landscape, there’s...
Transparency and Communication

The Evolution of Software Testing

Quality is Timeless Quality assurance has existed for centuries. Nearly every industry has embraced some type of vetting process to ensure that the products or...
Staffing Hero

Top 10 Skills to Look for in a QA Engineer

A One-to-One Relationship Quality assurance goes hand-in-hand with development itself as one of the most critical processes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). And not...

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