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Cybersecurity is critical for protecting both company and customer information from being misused. Stolen data can lead to countless hours and dollars spent retrieving critical files, regaining customer trust, and rebuilding a damaged reputation. As more devices are introduced into the virtual landscape, hackers gain even more entry points, and security becomes even more necessary. Yet many companies aren’t doing enough.

Just as individuals should use antivirus software to protect their personal data, companies must take proactive measures to ensure their valuable information stays safe. Installing cybersecurity software is one of those measures, along with using secure hardware and applications, training employees about cybersecurity best practices (including password creation), and enacting a Zero Trust policy. 

While cybersecurity software is a must, a custom application is an even better option because it’s built to work with a company’s existing architecture and processes. Here we discuss other benefits of custom applications and describe the cybersecurity software development process.

cybersecurity software development

What Is Cybersecurity Software?

Cybersecurity software protects computer systems against threats to hardware, applications, and data files. These threats are deployed in the form of malware — which is malicious software that, once installed, steals login credentials, sends spam to contacts, or crashes your computer system — or ransomware, which locks and encrypts your computer data until you pay the hacker to unlock it.

Cybersecurity software prevents these attacks by recognizing the offending software and preventing its installation. 

Benefits of Custom Software

Like all custom applications, custom cybersecurity software is developed to work with your company’s specific systems and processes. So, during the cybersecurity software development process, you can collaborate with the engineers you hire to determine which features you need, and which you don’t. The end product is built around your procedures, rather than the other way around.

Additionally, custom software can be created to work well for the number of people using it, both now and in the future. When your staff grows, your software development vendor can make adjustments to enable a heavier workload. This feature can save you the money you would potentially spend on an entirely new application when the company outgrows the current one. 

Custom software is also highly reliable, meaning you can depend on its efficacy. With cybersecurity software, this peace of mind is particularly important. 

Finally, while you may employ software engineers, they may not have the ability or experience to build a cybersecurity application. A custom software vendor will provide someone with the skills to create exactly the kind of product you need. 

How to Choose a Custom Software Vendor

Many cybersecurity software companies are available to help you develop a custom application. None of them are right for every business or every project. So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? First, ask yourself the following questions to determine your current cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses:

  • How secure are we? Think about the security assets you already have available, including security software, policies, roles, partnerships, and plans.
  • What risks are we exposed to? Consider your most valuable data — including intellectual property, custom workflows, and private data — and imagine the worst-case scenario for what could happen if it fell into the wrong hands.
  • Are we investing enough in security? Consider your responses to the previous two questions. Do the security assets you have cover the potential risks? The answer shows you where the security holes are in your company. 

Now that you understand your security needs, think about your other needs as well. They include your budget, whether you prefer an outsourced team working onsite or remotely, what staff you already have available, what languages you need the team to speak, and whether you want them to work in your time zone, during your business hours. 

By now you should have a pretty good picture of the qualities you’re looking for in a cybersecurity software development vendor. Request recommendations from colleagues and ask what they liked and didn’t like about the service they received. Also, ask if the end product met their expectations and whether they felt it was worth the cost. You can also do online searches to expand your list of potential vendors.

Next, narrow down that list. Visit each vendor’s website to determine if they meet the criteria you developed earlier. Here are a few additional considerations to research:

  • Does the vendor have experience in your industry?
  • Does the vendor understand business considerations in addition to technical ones?
  • Is their communication style compatible with yours? Are they open to questions?
  • How do they communicate? Is there a single point person you can always contact to discuss concerns? What communication tools do they use?
  • What kind of post-development support do they offer? 

When you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule in-person or video meetings to interview them and get to know them better. When you make a selection, be sure the vendor you’ve chosen offers a reasonable contract that you can feel confident signing. 

How We Build Custom Cybersecurity Software

At BairesDev, we take the time to understand your cybersecurity concerns and your software needs. From there, we use the following process:

  • Idea & conceptualization

    We use a spiral process to create a proof of concept (POC).

  • UX design

    We combine usability consulting, user experience (UX) design, and user interface (UI) design services that are applicable across industries and software types.

  • Feasibility study

    We benchmark your product idea by performing a feasibility study, POC, prototype, and user testing to minimize risks earl

  • Consulting

    We use professional consulting and enterprise methodology, and tools for governance of apps and production processes. This service is part of a wider service offering that covers the entire product lifecycle.

  • Software architecture

    We create solid architecture that results in reliable, predictable, successful end products. Our approach enables us to design solutions quickly and efficiently no matter the project scale.

  • Software testing

    Our standard processes are the cornerstone of our full range of software testing services and we have unrivaled experience among other outsourced software testing companies.

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