Patra Company Success Story

BairesDev’s team of experts assists Patra by helping develop their innovative systems.
Patra Comapny Case

Facilitating Data Accessibility Through Custom Software

Patra’s global team of experts delivers efficient, profitable growth and organizational value to retail brokers, MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers alike, through its +3,600 team members across the globe, six dedicated processing centers, and distributed contact centers.

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Our Top 1% IT Talent team assists Patra in the full-stack development of innovative systems and custom data accessibility solutions.

Their Needs

Patra was looking for expert support to continue developing their impressive products with a unique talent pool of the top talented engineers in the market.

Our Expert Solutions

BairesDev helped Patra by building a system that quickly pulls data from the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) database to assemble it into a PDF document containing only the required information and company branding. This helps them obtain accessible data into their clients’ businesses.

At the start of the project, database engineers conducted comparative performance testing, evaluating different models and storage types.

Another achievement of BairesDev’s development team was to include a new module called Products Submittal into a previous web application. This is useful for adding a big product catalog with different levels of attributes determined by MySQL Jason fields.

“BairesDev has been incredibly accommodating of the project’s broad and often unclear attributes. They have provided critical counsel that has guided the whole project. This level of commitment is remarkable and hard to come by. They produced the highest-quality work.”

Matthew Carr
Business Development at Patra Company

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

With our Staff Augmentation services, we provide you with the Top 1% of IT talent in the market who work in the same time zone as you to match your workflow. We have a 24/7, thorough recruitment process that gives you access to the most skilled IT professionals in the industry in no time.

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