Sana Sano Consulting Success Story

Strategic Consulting: Developing innovative tools for business optimization.

Developing Innovative Tools in Business Consulting

Sana Sano is a management and technology consulting firm delivering high-impact solutions for businesses worldwide. The company was founded on the core principle of alignment of strategy (sana) and people (sano). For them, an organization with the best purpose, vision, mission, and strategy can only succeed by having perfect alignment with its people.

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By partnering with BairesDev, Sana Sano was able to jumpstart its digital acceleration and deliver high-impact results in their approach to management and technology.

Their Needs

Sana Sano Consulting’s services rely on proprietary assessment tools to evaluate its clients and offer them a quantitative and qualitative view on the opportunities they have for change and growth. Naturally, doing this requires a team of highly skilled engineers who can quickly flex and scale up to increasing demands to secure long-term success.

Sana Sano decided to partner with BairesDev in early 2019 as a part of its efforts to accelerate their digital journey. The project aimed to assist different end-user groups by articulating separate processes into one efficient workflow. 

To do so, BairesDev suggested Sana Sano should develop four different applications to target each user group separately. By doing that, the company could rule out inconsistencies, ease decisions, and create a common language for team members. Additionally, development processes could become more straightforward, while a cohesive user experience would speed up the learning curve for the end-user as well. .

Our Expert Solutions

Thanks to our Top 1% of IT Talent engineers being distributed throughout Latin America, BairesDev seamlessly integrated with Sana Sano’s internal team to comfortably work in the company’s time zone. We built a product backlog for each application, which contained the requirements defined and maintained by a Product Owner and Business Analyst. 

We divided the BairesDev engineers into frontend and backend development teams. We then fostered a collaborative environment that promoted individual participation through daily meetings, planning poker estimations, weekly grooming sessions, and end-of-sprint demos. We also instituted a strict quality control process to promote best practices and ensure no tasks were marked as completed unless they passed rigorous tests. 

BairesDev developed Sana Sano’s solutions using Angular’s NGRX libraries, which follow the Redux Pattern, and used a Microservice-Oriented architecture composed of loosely coupled components. Our engineers developed the business logic in C# using the latest .NET Core framework. Finally, the team implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins to automate testing, deployment, and infrastructure.

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

BairesDev has proven through experience that hiring senior software engineers is a cost-efficient way to improve performance and significantly reduce time to market in a trusting environment where clients can feel at ease working with highly-effective workflows. 

It is thanks to this practice that Sana Sano was able to handle the challenges and obstacles of digital acceleration while promoting an enthusiastic commitment to their work. With our help, Sana Sano can now provide more robust and innovative assessment tools that serve as the foundation for their vision: to align strategy and execution to increase their clients’ performance. 

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