How to Find the Best .NET Development Company

The Role of .NET Development in Business Operations

Microsoft’s .NET (pronounced “dot net”) development framework offers flexibility to developers in software creation. It can be used as a foundation for a wide variety of applications, including those that support customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, web applications, and mobile apps. 

Such software can improve many aspects of your business, including productivity, customer service, sales, and revenue. In fact, the right application can positively impact a company’s overall trajectory. 

If you want to develop software, .NET is likely a good tool to use. Some companies choose to manage such projects with in-house talent, while others hire an outside software developer like BairesDev to perform this work. You might also consider a hybrid solution in which you supplement your in-house team with outside professionals. 

Don’t know where to start? Here we offer a few tips for finding the best .NET development company to work with.

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What Makes the Best .NET Development Company?

The best .NET development companies are those that hire top professionals who are up-to-date on the latest development methods. Excellent .NET development firms have completed numerous successful projects, resulting in a solid reputation. They provide regular communication during the project and post-project support afterward. And, in addition to solid technical skills, their developers are strong listeners and collaborators.  

When seeking a .NET development company, look for the following characteristics:


The vendor should have a good reputation as evidenced by an authoritative website, positive client reviews, and longevity in the marketplace.


Technical know-how

If a company hires only the best talent, you’ll know it because it will make this factor a top-selling point. The company you contract with should include team members who are well trained and experienced in your specific type of project.


People skills

A developer may be excellent at coding but not so great at communicating. You need people on your team who are both. They should be good at listening to your needs, addressing your concerns, and working with your team.


Cultural fit

No one company is going to be a good fit for every potential client. So, look for a firm that is a match with your geography, working hours, language, and company culture.



The best .NET development vendors offer their support to your people before, during, and after the project, with enough training to ensure you can use the software on your own.


Identify Your Needs

Before looking for a firm that has all those characteristics, take the time to determine the specific requirements for your project. Assign one person in your company to lead the effort to get input from various stakeholders and define those needs. In this effort, identify the problem you want the new software to solve and what you want to be able to achieve once you have it. 

Additionally, think about what characteristics you want in a developer. Start with the list above and add your own items, such as being close enough for in-person visits or a particular level of language fluency. Remember, you will work closely with this team throughout the duration of the project, so imagine what the best-case scenario would look like.

Do Your Homework

Continue your search by asking colleagues if they’ve used an outside vendor for .NET development and if they would recommend any. Ask specific questions like the following: 

  • What did you like best/least about working with this firm? 
  • What would you do differently if you had it to do over?
  • Was the vendor timely with milestone completion? Did they deliver the final product on time?
  • Would you work with this company again?
  • Was the final product what you expected? How is it helping your company?
  • How well did the vendor communicate before, during, and after the project?

    Armed with recommendations, you can conduct your own research by checking out the websites of various providers. Be sure to visit the customer review section on each vendor’s website or ask them to put you in touch with previous clients who might be willing to speak with you about their work. 

    As you search, keep in mind the characteristics you identified for what you want in a development firm. In particular, review the following information: 

    • Past work

      Examine the portfolio of any company you’re seriously considering. Look for any projects that are similar to what you want to create or that were developed for companies within your industry.

    • Methodologies

      The way a project is completed is highly important and every firm has preferred methodologies. You should be comfortable with their approach.

    • Security practices

      Make sure security is as important to the vendor as it is to you. Excellent providers will take the time to ensure your interests and intellectual property are secure and that your end product will protect your and your customers’ data.

    The next step is to interview potential vendors. Schedule calls or, if possible, in-person visits with your top choices. At this time, you can ask additional questions to get a good feel for their communication skills and possible fit with your team.

    Consider a Nearshore Provider

    U.S. companies have many options as to where they can find the best .NET development company, including the U.S. itself, India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. There are pros and cons to working with vendors from each of these regions. For example, U.S. providers share the culture, language, and time zone, but are typically expensive. Companies in Eastern Europe provide good service and are reasonably priced, but the time zone difference can be a problem.

    For U.S. companies, Latin American development companies offer the best of all worlds, including highly educated and well-trained team members with advanced English proficiency and excellent communication skills. Fees are reasonable and professionals work during the same hours as businesses in the U.S. BairesDev is just one example of these companies, with in-depth experience working on projects involving .NET. 

    Seal the Deal

    When you’ve settled on a provider, you’ll need to sign agreements. While this step may be the last before you begin work, it’s also one of the most important. You don’t want to get stuck later with surprises in terms of what work is being done or how much it costs. Make sure the contract spells out the following components:

    • Specific services the agency will provide
    • Milestones and deadlines
    • Fees
    • Expectations for communication, such as weekly updates
    • Termination terms
    • A clause that gives you the full rights to end products

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