How Does ERP Software Development Work?

Revolutionize your Operations with Custom ERP Software Development

Looking for a way to streamline and consolidate your business’ many operations? Plenty of organizations are turning to high-ranking software development providers like BairesDev to create Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for that very purpose. Often custom-built, ERP platforms will allow you to keep your most vital resources and information in a single, accessible repository, increasing efficiency, and productivity across your entire company

How does the ERP software development process work? Let’s take a look at what it entails.

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What Is ERP Software?

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from ERP software. The platform brings together data from multiple operations, divisions, departments, and individuals — from sales and marketing to human resources to manufacturing — to maximize access and organize your data and processes. 

Most organizations require customized software to meet their specific, individual needs. This demands the expertise of a software development company like BairesDev to handle the complex demands of creating a platform tailored to your needs, whether you want to ensure that the technology addresses operations across your entire organization or focus on specific areas.

One example of the many types of ERP software on the market is Microsoft Dynamics. As a business, you can ask a software development provider to customize one of these existing platforms or build a new one from scratch to ensure that all the right components are in place.

How is the BairesDev ERP Software Development Process?

BairesDev has worked in numerous ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes across several industries. We’ve collaborated with companies from the healthcare, finance, retail, ecommerce, and education sectors, among many others. Doing so has provided us with experience in all kinds of ERP projects, from mobile ERP applications to cloud-based ERP systems. 

  • You’ll Select a Development Team and Model

    Outsourcing your ERP software development project often makes sense, given that your team is probably focusing on consumer-facing projects and other business concerns. When searching for a provider, look for one with talent and expertise, as well as experience completely similar projects, preferably in your sector or a related one.

    BairesDev, for example, has created ERP solutions for businesses of different sizes across industries. We also employ only the top 1% of IT talent to help ensure quality in all of our projects.

    You’ll also need to consider the development model you’d like to use. The major types include:

    Dedicated teams: The team functions autonomously, completing your project without your direct management. Staff augmentation: The team works with your staff to fill in the gaps where your in-house team encounters difficulties or lacks particular specialization or skills. Software outsourcing: The team completes the entire projects from start to finish based on your initial requirements.

  • The Developers Take Your Industry and Niche Into Account

    Different industries have different needs when it comes to ERP software development. Your development team will discuss your needs as a company, whether you’re in publishing, finance, retail, education, or real estate. They will customize the solution according to your sector and other factors, such as size and type.

    Moreover, you may only want the platform to serve specific departments or divisions. Your development team will also take this into account based on who will be using the software — marketing and sales, for example, will have different needs from human resources or manufacturing.

  • The Team Will Work with You to Determine Which Specific Features You Need

    Once they have evaluated the needs of your industry and/or department, the development team will discuss your project requirements with you. Which tools do you want to be included, and what specific features would you like each of these tools to have?

    Some options are:

    Business process ERP management tools, including ones for strategic planning, reporting, staff monitoring, and CRM integration Document management software to organize a document workflow Inventory management platform to keep track of all inventory-related activities Manufacturing software development, including work orders, warehousing, fleet management, and internal logistics Human resources management, including headhunting, employee management, and performance-monitoring operations

  • Software QA Specialists Will Test the Product

    No software development lifecycle (SDLC) is complete without quality assurance (QA) testing. This ensures that your product is functional, usable, performance-optimized, secure, and so on. It also helps make certain the ERP software is as defect-free as possible.

    Depending on the services you have contracted, your software development provider will not only build the platform but will also test it early on in the process. This will ensure that they complete the project efficiently since it’s much easier and less time-consuming to resolve issues at the beginning of development than to attempt to fix them later on.

    At BairesDev, the development team works closely with the QA engineers and testers, although the divisions are separate. This ensures that both sets of professionals are focused on their particular areas and are leveraging their unique skill sets. Ultimately, this leads to a higher-quality product for their client.

  • You’ll Receive Continued Support

    Once your software development team has built and tested your ERP platform, they will continue to provide you with the support necessary for keeping your tools and operations running smoothly. Issues might arise, or you may need to integrate new services into the ERP software. Your provider will help you meet your new requirements or address defects down the line.

    Even if you simply have questions about how to best leverage your ERP software, a provider like BairesDev will be there to support you, offering technical guidance and whatever support you need, even after the development is complete.

    No matter what type of organization you run, ERP software can help you streamline your operations and keep them running smoothly. This single system will help you consolidate your data and tools, allowing you to stay organized and efficient.

    Are you looking for a custom development provider to build ERP software to meet your needs as an organization? BairesDev will work with you to tailor your software to your specific needs. Contact us to learn about our process and what we can do for you and your business.

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