What Types of Projects Can Be Developed Using Java?

All-Terrain Java Development

As the most popular programming language in the world, Java is a great choice for almost any type of software development project. Following its “Write Once, Run Anywhere” logic, this open-source language runs on every operating system, making it an “all-terrain” tool suitable for various situations.

Java developers take advantage of the language’s object-oriented nature and use it to build robust, scalable, portable, distributed, and full-fledged applications. Since its release in 1995, Java has been used to develop everything from games and websites to client-server networks and Big Data technology.

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Java Development Projects in BairesDev

The benefits of outsourcing IT services go far and wide. With the right software development company by your side, the possibilities are endless.

our client Google
BairesDev provides Java development services to support Google. We provide them with experts in Software and Automation Engineering, who ensure the quality of iOS Apps for some of the most relevant Google products. Our engineers work on-site, fully integrated with Google’s product development team, delivering complex products and processes to meet one of the highest standards of excellence in the world.
BairesDev partnered with ViacomCBS to assist MTV, a global entertainment company owned by the group, with the evolution and maintenance of their current web applications. Using Java and other complementary technologies, our Dedicated Team of Software Engineers managed to introduce innovative development and monitoring solutions.
As one of the world’s leading sources of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, Thomson Reuters takes cybersecurity and system management very seriously. A team of BairesDev’s QA analysts and engineers works for the company developing technologies for their reporting and accounting services while maintaining a strong focus on security protocols and risk-avoidance.
What Types of Projects Can Be Developed Using Java? 12
SiriusXM is the largest radio broadcaster in the world, a leader in connected vehicle services and telematics for individuals. The company has also become a host of major automotive manufacturers. Through our partnership, we ensure the evolution and maintenance of their applications and platforms controlling complex traffic predictions, climate monitoring, and security for automobiles, ships, and airplanes.
What Types of Projects Can Be Developed Using Java? 13
R/GA is one of the world’s most awarded full-service digital agencies. BairesDev helps them achieve their IT goals through our staff augmentation services, which provide the extra talent needed to boost their workflow and projects.
Univision logo
Univision is the leading media company serving Hispanic America. BairesDev provides React, PHP, and Java software development services for all of its corporate and public applications, including more than 50 sites.

Types of Applications Developed With Java

Java is a great choice for all kinds of software development projects.


Standalone Applications

Just like C++, Java can be used to design standalone apps. These programs run and are stored on independent devices. The data can also reside on a server, giving users access to synchronized data.


Otherwise known as browser-based programs, applets are applications built for the internet. Their design allows them to reside on the servers and be executed on any machine with a Java-compatible web browser.

Web Applications

Every website ever made is based on a web application. Behind the curtains, Java is communicating with the user’s device and telling it exactly how to display all the information written in code.

Distributed Applications

Java applications can also be divided into modules or components, which can run simultaneously on many different devices. These programs communicate and work with each other via distributed processing.

What Makes Java Ideal for so Many Projects

Java development drives the innovative and reliable software solutions of today.

  • Ease of use

    Java makes coding easier by removing complexities seen on many other programming languages, such as operator overloading and pointers. It was designed to be a powerful and improved C++-based language and to offer a gentle learning curve.

  • Full Portability

    Java programs work on any machine able to install a JRE—which is basically every machine. This feature, known as platform independence, allows source code to run on practically every network, server or client.

  • Network-centered

    The Java ecosystem is optimized for easy access and management of resources across a network. In the current emerging network economy, client-server and multitier applications are bound to rise, which turns Java into an excellent option to work in such a scenario.

  • Reliability

    Developers are human, and humans make mistakes. Java was designed with this fact in mind, so it aims to reduce the chance of fatal errors through its object-oriented build. All operations are performed using objects, making Java a robust platform for data manipulation.

  • Security

    The all-terrain Java architecture means that its programs and scripts are faster, more efficient and are prepared to test any code in a secure environment. The latest releases have focused on giving Java a robust code with reliable error and threat detection protocols.

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