Why Outsource Java Development for Web Application Projects?

Jumpstarting Your Java Development Project

If your business is built around web applications — such as ecommerce platforms, networking sites, photo editing tools, or other products — they must run flawlessly to ensure customers are getting the best possible service and to make sure you’re maximizing revenue and customer loyalty. Applications created by a custom developer like BairesDev can help you get the most out of these platforms.

Java is an excellent language for developing these types of applications, and many more. Its features make it simple and easy for engineers to learn and use, contributing to projects being completed on time and on budget, and being highly secure, portable, and efficient. 

If you outsource Java development, you can keep your own IT team focused on critical internal projects that keep your business functioning smoothly day to day. It can also help you stay focused on core tasks — like research and development, and sales — that keep you moving forward and reaching targets and goals. Here we explore more about Java and outsourcing, and why the combination of the two can give you a competitive advantage. 

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What Is Java?

Started in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, Java is both a programming language similar to C and C++ and an application development platform. One of the most-used languages across the globe, Java incorporates a “write once, run anywhere” approach, meaning it can run on any operating system with Java support without having to be recompiled. 

Java is well liked by software engineers because it uses an object-oriented approach that enables them to code more easily on both frontend and backend development projects. Java has been used to develop a wide variety of software and apps, including server networks, video games, web applications, and websites. Software products built with Java are recognized for being fast, scalable, and portable, the perfect combination for robust business software. 

Benefits of Java Development

When engineers use Java to develop software projects, they get numerous benefits that translate into the best possible outcomes for their clients. Each one offers a great reason to outsource Java development:


Java is simple to understand and learn, so developers can complete projects quickly and easily. 


Object-oriented approach

Java uses “objects” which allows developers to work the code in modules, making it easier to create “chunks” of programs that are more easily manageable. 



Java doesn’t use pointers, so the possibility of unauthorized memory access is reduced. That means your data remains safe.



Because Java-based software can be used on any operating system, developers save the time they would otherwise have to take to develop multiple versions of the same application, saving time and costs.


Self-managing structure

Objects not being used by a program are automatically removed, leading to more efficient and effective operation.


Multithreaded operation

Threads are the smallest processing units and, in Java, more than one can run at the same time, optimizing application efficiency.


Network-centered operation

The Java ecosystem is optimized for easy access and management of resources across a network, making Java-based applications perfect for the emerging network economy.


API support

Java offers application programming interfaces (APIs) for development, ensuring effective communication among various activities, including database connection, networking, utilities, and more.


Benefits of Outsourcing

If you have in-house staff who can handle your web application development, great. But if you don’t have enough team members to manage all your standard work plus this development, or if you’re looking for professionals with laser-focused web development expertise, consider the following benefits of outsourcing:

  • Cost savings

    You may think using internal IT staff would be less costly since they’re already on your payroll. Yet, what if you don’t have anyone on your team with the specific skills needed to complete a particular web application project? You would then need to go through the steps of seeking, hiring, onboarding, and training new employees. Outsourcing only for the duration of the project is more cost-effective.

  • Time savings

    The above steps to hire a new employee also take time that could be better spent thinking of how to improve your products or services for customers. Additionally, outsourced developers are highly skilled and able to complete projects swiftly, ensuring faster time-to-market and the ability for your in-house staff to focus on core tasks.

  • Expertise

    While in-house staff may have the capacity to complete a web application project, it’s likely that an outsourced team will have access to the latest tools and best practices to complete it with higher quality standards. These professionals are continuously getting training on new development insights that can upgrade the quality your customers receive.

  • Flexibility

    If you have a limited number of web development projects that need to be completed during certain time periods, or if you don’t know what your web development schedule will look like, hiring an outsourced team gives you a high degree of flexibility in choosing how the work gets done, enabling you to keep your in-house staff focused on core activities.

  • Compliance

    Outsourced web developers are not only trained continuously on the latest tools and technologies. They’re also up on current compliance standards. The last thing you need is the headache of fees or penalties for lack of compliance, which can be a hindrance to efficient operations. So, hiring an outsourced team for web development is a wise business move.

Custom Development for Web Application Projects

Every website is built on a web application, so no matter what products or services your company provides, you need this software to operate at optimal efficiency, with maximum security. Here are just a few examples of well-known web applications like those for which you may want to outsource Java development

  • Google Docs. Allows users to create and collaborate on documents and save them in the cloud. 
  • Pixlr. A photo-editing application that enables users to modify photos and create original visual designs. 
  • Evernote. Enables users to organize electronic information from various sources for multiple projects. 
  • Twitter. A microblogging site that enables users to publish brief text posts, photos, or videos. 
  • Netflix. Yes, Netflix is a web application too, one that enables users to view streaming video, including hundreds of movies and TV series. 

If you have a project that resembles any of those, regardless of complexity, then outsourcing Java development may be right for you. Just contact BairesDev’s experts and let’s discuss your ideas! 

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