Outsourcing Kotlin Development Services

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language used by many companies to develop Android applications. Often compared to Java because of its similarities, this framework is easy to use. However, developers created it to offer better coding performance, code safety, and developer satisfaction.

Kotlin is Google’s preferred framework for Android app development. The majority of the top applications found on the Google Play Store are actually Kotlin-based. Developers also recognize it as the preferred coding language for back-end web development due to its efficiency in code and security.

Companies often face the pressure of constantly releasing new mobile applications, and that’s why they’re always on the lookout for talented Kotlin developers. Unfortunately, the competition remains fierce, and hiring in-house developers takes a lot more time than these companies have to spare. Sometimes recruiters must choose developers who aren’t quite up for the task. 

However, many of the most successful companies look toward outsourcing Kotlin development to accomplish their goals. By doing so, they get to work with a wide variety of experts in Kotlin development at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of the end product.


Why Outsource Kotlin Development in 2023?

Many reasons lead companies to outsource Kotlin development. The most important ones include an overall cost reduction, access to state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality products. Companies that work with outsourcing providers also enjoy a natural team expansion, all-around remote assistance, and risk mitigation.

  • Cost Reduction

    One of the main reasons why companies choose to work with Kotlin outsourcing providers is the reduction of costs across many areas. From recruitment to development, companies save a lot of money by adopting an outsourcing work model.

    The first area where companies get to save money while outsourcing Kotlin development is recruitment. Companies find outsourced Kotlin developers around the world, many of them based in countries in which the national average salaries are much lower than that of the hiring company, such as Argentina.

    Outsourced Kotlin developers already have the tools and materials they need to successfully complete any project. This means that the company doesn’t have to invest any money into technology, infrastructure, or dedicated spaces.

    Kotlin outsourcing agencies always make sure that companies get to work with experts in the field. Because outsourced Kotlin developers are highly experienced and skilled, companies don’t need to invest in training.

    Companies also get to save money in many other areas while working with an outsourcing partner. They enjoy reduced taxes and aren’t responsible for paying outsourced Kotlin developers any benefits.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology

    Whatever technologies companies decide to use on their different projects, outsourced Kotlin developers have them. Comprised of seasoned professionals, these teams have significant experience and a vast skill set that involves using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Natural Team Expansion

    While some companies choose to outsource entire Kotlin projects because they don’t have an in-house development team, others might just need assistance from one or two outsourced Kotlin developers for a particular task.

    Outsourced Kotlin development teams can seamlessly integrate with the existing in-house team, working toward a natural team expansion. These professionals have no trouble fitting into the company culture and easily adapt to the implemented work models and technology.
  • High-Quality Products

    Outsourced Kotlin developers are experts in their field. They’re experienced and skilled and have rich portfolios that support their expertise. They also dedicate all of their attention to the tasks they need to perform to complete their projects while they’re actively working. The combination of talent, expertise, and commitment, allows outsourced Kotlin developers to deliver high-quality products to their clients.
  • Remote Assistance

    Even if the company and its outsourcing provider exist in different time zones, these agencies typically make themselves constantly available to their clients. Outsourcing providers remain easily reached, and companies can contact them via chat, phone, email, or social media platforms at all times.

    Kotlin outsourcing companies make themselves available 24/7 throughout the year for any sort of assistance or information the company might need.
  • Risk Mitigation

    Once a company decides to work with an outsourcing agency, they transfer the management of the risks associated with the project to them. Outsourced Kotlin developers are also skillfully trained in testing and debugging, meaning that they have no issues identifying and minimizing potential risks throughout development.

Benefits of Outsourcing Kotlin Developers

There are countless benefits of outsourcing Kotlin developers, especially if the company chooses the right outsourcing agency for its project. This working model gives companies access to a global pool of talented developers and the ability to put together scalable and flexible teams.

At the same time, companies produce high-quality products faster while managing to focus on core business goals. Companies looking to migrate from Java to Kotlin also do so while working with outsourced Kotlin developers.

  • Access to Global Talent

    Companies have the ability to choose to work with Kotlin outsourcing providers from all over the world and get a myriad of hiring opportunities. This means that they pick their developers from a pool of talented Kotlin experts located in all corners of the planet.
  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Outsourced Kotlin teams are extremely scalable and flexible. Depending on current project requirements, companies can choose to increase or decrease the number of outsourced Kotlin developers working on it. These outsourced professionals can easily meet tight deadlines and work around the company’s needs and schedules.
  • Fast Development

    Outsourced Kotlin developers are very experienced and possess refined processes that allow them to develop new products quickly. They focus solely on the tasks they need to perform and can help reduce the company’s time to market.
  • Focus on Core Business Goals

    Companies can delegate all tasks related to Kotlin development to their outsourcing partners and enjoy this freedom to focus on core business goals. By doing so, they’re able to increase their productivity and profitability which, in turn, they can apply to their growth and expansion.
  • Seamless Migration from Java to Kotlin

    As previously mentioned, even though Kotlin is Java-based, developers now prefer to use it to create new applications as it offers more benefits. Companies often decide to migrate their existing mobile apps from Java to Kotlin.

    Outsourced Kotlin developers are experts in both of these frameworks and have no trouble reengineering them without harming the current application.
  • Risk Mitigation

    Once a company decides to work with an outsourcing agency, they transfer the management of the risks associated with the project to them. Outsourced Kotlin developers are also skillfully trained in testing and debugging, meaning that they have no issues identifying and minimizing potential risks throughout development.

Cost of Kotlin Software Development Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Teams

Companies have the ability to choose from a variety of different outsourcing models depending on the requirements of their projects. The main choices in regard to outsourcing Kotlin development tasks are project outsourcing, staff augmentation, or fully dedicated teams. All of these different outsourcing models feature unique advantages, but not all of them are suitable for the same Kotlin project. 

  • Outsourcing Development

Outsourcing Kotlin development might seem like an umbrella term for everything that’s considered outsourcing. However, this means delegating a simple Kotlin project or a task to an outsourced Kotlin developer.

In these situations, the company chooses the right outsourcing provider, pays a fixed fee, and the outsourcing agency takes care of everything else. They’re responsible for finding the right Kotlin developer and making sure they have all the necessary tools to complete the project, and they’re also in charge of management and quality assurance.

The hiring company doesn’t have to worry about anything related to the development process, and in the end, they’ll receive a final, completed product. Considering that the company has to pay a single one-time fee, this is the most affordable outsourcing model.

Outsourcing a project typically works best for short projects or for situations in which the company simply needs to delegate a secondary task related to its Kotlin development project.

  • Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model in which a company relies on an outsourcing partner such as BairesDev to fill in some gaps within the company’s existing in-house team. The company hires a few outsourced Kotlin developers to work alongside the other team members.

Companies usually look to this team expansion when their development team is missing a particular set of skills or a specific role. For example, a company could hire a Kotlin developer team to integrate its already existing software development team.

If the preexisting team already had a Kotlin developer focused on creating Android apps, a company could then use an outsourcing provider to hire another Kotlin developer with more experience in back-end web development to complement the work of the other expert.

In this situation, the hiring company remains responsible for managing the outsourced Kotlin developers and providing them with the tools they might need to complete the project. Staff augmentation is typically recommended for moderate projects with relatively short durations.

  • Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams are an IT outsourcing model in which the outsourcing provider creates an entire software development team that’s completely dedicated to the company’s project. This is an especially attractive model for companies that can’t afford the time or the money to build an entire development team from scratch.

The outsourcing agency gathers a wide variety of experts, from developers to team managers and QA experts, to create a solid remote team that’s able to work on a complex project from beginning to end.

The hiring company can manage and closely work with the outsourced development team, keeping track of all developments every step of the way. It is the most expensive outsourcing model; however, it’s still much more affordable than putting together an entire in-house development team.

The company pays the salaries of all team members and needs to provide them with the required tools. However, they don’t have to pay any legal or tax obligations, nor do they have to pay the Kotlin developers any benefits.

Steps of Kotlin Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing Kotlin development is incredibly beneficial for companies of all sizes and budgets. However, to reap the most benefits of this working model, companies need to choose the right outsourcing agency.

At first, companies tend to look for the most affordable outsourcing provider, but this isn’t the best course of action. Sometimes, going for the cheaper partner might result in low-quality products, especially in situations where the company has no control over the development.

To avoid any unnecessary pitfalls, the company only needs to follow a few simple steps. They should start by doing some research and choosing the right market. Then, they need to shortlist the Kotlin outsourcing providers, interview the ones they like the most, and close the deal by signing a contract.

  • #1 Doing Overall Research

    The Kotlin development outsourcing market is huge, and there are thousands of agencies available worldwide. Different countries have different outsourcing providers with different talent pools, price ranges, expertise levels, time zones, and work cultures.

    Companies should begin by doing overall research to understand the different variations from country to country and how business differs between different outsourcing providers within the same country.
  • #2 Choosing the Market

    This is the moment when the company chooses the country from which they’ll select a potential outsourcing provider. Companies tend to choose markets in which they detect cultural similarities, good expertise levels, trust, and price guarantees.

    Low average salaries, no taxes or legal fees, and a high variety of professionals are also key aspects to consider when choosing the market. The most popular countries for outsourcing Kotlin development are currently Argentina, Ukraine, and India.
  • #3 Picking the Ideal Kotlin Outsourcing Provider

    After choosing a suitable market, the company needs to compile a list of potential Kotlin outsourcing agencies and begin to narrow them down.

    To do so, they need to research each outsourcing provider. Looking at their portfolios, reading reviews and client testimonials, and even researching Kotlin developers individually on LinkedIn is the best way to guarantee that the company’s choosing the best possible outsourcing provider.

    It’s important to consider aspects like the experience, talent pool size, and set of skills that each agency can provide, even before contacting them directly. Looking at third-party websites like Trustpilot will likely help the company find more honest testimonials from past clients.
  • #4 Interviewing the Best Outsourcing Agency

    Once the company narrows down the list of potential outsourcing providers, it should try to set up a meeting or interview with the best ones.

    This is a great chance to evaluate how communication flows between the company and the outsourcing agency. A company representative should explain the project requirements, the company’s goals, and expectations for the project, and the outsourcing provider needs to offer solutions to meet the questions of the company.

    Here, the company can determine if the outsourcing provider is a good cultural fit, if their English level is compatible with the requirements of the company, and if there are any potential communication barriers between the two parties.
  • #5 Signing the Contract

    The final step is to create and sign the contract. It should contain every detail regarding the project, including delivery milestones, payments, consequences of failure, and any other necessary clauses. If the company needs some more assurance when it comes to privacy and protecting sensitive information, it can ask the outsourcing provider to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and any other document that might be beneficial for both parties.
  • #6 Why Work With BairesDev

    BairesDev stands out as an outsourcing provider by striving to only hire the top 1% of tech talent in the industry. With stringent testing and vetting of every possible hire, BairesDev only offers clients the best in the business to ensure the mutual success of all parties involved in every project.

Kotlin Outsourcing Rates and Hidden Costs

Kotlin outsourcing rates vary depending on the outsourcing provider’s country, the scope of the project, its complexity, and its duration. It also depends on the outsourcing model the company chooses.

Ultimately, outsourcing Kotlin development is typically more affordable than putting together an entire in-house team. However, companies must pay attention to some key details in their contracts to avoid any outsourcing hidden costs.

  • Rates

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Kotlin Developer is $106,002 per year in the United States area. Senior Kotlin developers earn up to $163K annually.

Of course, these values vary with experience, skill set, overall knowledge, and other factors. Still, hiring an in-house Kotlin developer is considerably more expensive than outsourcing Kotlin development.

  • Outsourcing Hidden Costs

Not all outsourcing providers are completely forthcoming when it comes to disclosing every cost related to their services. Sometimes companies face a few hidden costs when working with outsourcing providers that can include anything from electricity fees to any other concealed maintenance fee.

To avoid these situations, companies need to make sure they go through the entirety of the contract. It’s important to read every single line and discuss any potential sources of disagreement with the outsourcing provider before signing.

Choosing the wrong outsourcing model might also lead to some unexpected and unnecessary costs. For instance, when applied incorrectly, the staff augmentation model can be more expensive than originally expected because the company ends up paying for things that it didn’t need.

Why Outsource Kotlin Programming to BairesDev?

Outsourcing Kotlin programming to an outsourcing provider comes with many benefits for companies. It gives them access to Kotlin experts, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality products at affordable prices.

Choosing the right Kotlin outsourcing provider takes some research and effort, but once the company finds the best outsourcing partner and chooses an appropriate outsourcing model, it’ll have the ability to deliver high-end products faster than ever and keep up with the competition.

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