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A Platform and Framework Created by Google

Created in 2010, Angular is a powerful platform for designing mobile and web-based applications. It’s a typescript-derived, open-source framework for building applications.

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As a platform, Angular provides the framework, libraries, and developer tools to create applications and Single Page Applications (SPA). It can also create frontend applications without the use of plugins or other frameworks. It allows dynamic loading and code generation through asynchronous templates.

How relevant is Angular in today's market

Angular is one of the most powerful and widespread web platforms for creating accountable web applications. Many big corporations, including Forbes and Xbox, use it for creating websites and applications.

It has many libraries to create proficient web-based applications, and developers can get help from online communities if they face any issues. It can create smooth GUI applications using declarative UI

It’s component-based, so developers can allocate different components and administer them separately. Each component has an HTML template for page render declaration, a typescript class, and a CSS selector for the template. This feature also allows easy testing and evaluation of small sections of the code. You can use Karma for testing web applications through Angular.  

It comes with many amazing features, such as template code generation, code splitting, and code reusability. Developers can also create high-performance visuals and choreographies through API. That's why it’s one of the most used frameworks, and its popularity is on the rise. Being so popular, Angular's interface undergoes timely modifications, and developers frequently come up with updates.

Issues companies face while hiring an angular developer.

There can be various challenges that can arise while hiring an Angular developer. The developer might be proficient in application development, but they may not have experience handling certain issues and errors. Because of its layered architecture, developers who don't have experience with n-tier development can find it difficult to debug Angular applications.

Sometimes, Angular's dom-manipulation may lead to a performance tradeoff. The framework itself is also heavy-weighed and can cause performance issues. It requires a very skilled developer to handle these issues while creating the final product - otherwise, you can get stuck with a bloated app.


Angular works well in designing robust websites and web-based applications. It offers a host of features and has a vast online community. Using it effectively can greatly accelerate development while providing an above-average performance. 

Hiring a smart angular developer is equally important. They can help make the most of this framework. It's important to check the development and reasoning skills of the developer. They should be proficient in structuring, writing, and debugging code.

How can you overcome the slow page response of an Angular application?

Since it uses Dirty checking, Angular might have trouble keeping track of all the changes in a big or complex app. That’s why it’s important to tell it when to check the components rather than leaving it to do it every time. The best approach is to use an OnPush strategy that tells the framework that components only depend on inputs and only need to be checked at specific times.

What is Angular CLI?

The Angular CLI is a command-line interface tool through which software engineers can build, debug, and maintain all sorts of Angular applications directly from a command shell. It has its own alias-based syntax that allows for more straightforward development.

What are the compilations available in Angular?

Angular offers 2 kinds of compilations: JIT (Just-in-time) compilation, and AOT( ahead-in-time) compilation. JIT compiles the application at runtime in the browser, and AOT compiles the application at build time at the server. 

AOT is more effective than JIT as it helps in the fast rendering of applications. It does that by using a smaller bundle size than JIT

What are the distinctions between Angular and AngularJS?

AngularJS is based on JavaScript, whereas Angular uses TypeScript, which is a subset of JavaScript. Angular works on components and directives, whereas AngularJS works on the MVC model. 

Angular applications are supported by mobile, but mobile browsers don’t support AngularJS applications. Also, Angular applications are more manageable than AngularJS applications due to their structure. Angular also offers more coding and simulation features than AngularJS. 

We are looking for a smart and adaptable Angular developer to join our team. They should be team players who are passionate about software development and maintenance. It’s an excellent opportunity for result-based developers looking to take on responsibility and solve complex problems.


  • Create, test, and execute high-performing code 
  • Create HTML and CSS scripts
  • Research and perform complex tasks and requests
  • Coordinate with business analysts, stakeholders, product managers, and external teams to understand business requirements. 
  • Follow best industry practices and standards

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Angular stack
  • Experience in designing optimized, high-performance systems
  • Proven experience with front-end languages - CSS, HTML5, and writing cross-browser compatible code.  
  • Experience with DOM manipulation
  • Experience with testing tools (Karma) 
  • Knowledge of controllers, templates, and directives
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit. 

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