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Corporate Social Responsibility.

Unique Talent needs a Fertile Ground.
We know how to Nurture it!

BairesDev is focused on making valuable opportunities accessible for all, on empowering possibilities and nurturing the ground for talent to develop.

Remarkable people exist all around us. But these people need favorable circumstances that allow them to foster their capacities to let their talent shine through. 

From supporting events, donating to various organizations and sponsoring underprivileged communities, BairesDev has led several initiatives focusing on advocating for projects that benefit vulnerable areas of our society and empower individuals.

BairesDev is committed to promoting accessibility to valuable opportunities for talented people, anywhere they are.

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BairesDev is certain that talent is the cornerstone of any successful society. We all have powerful abilities that can make a difference, ideas that can revolutionize the way we live and transform how things are done. And for this to happen, these ideas and these people need to be seen and to be given the necessary impulse to move forward.

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BairesDev is guided by the belief that every individual should be able to develop their full potential and succeed in their careers, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or economic background.

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BairesDev is committed to making technology a more accessible industry by promoting equal opportunities
for all.
BairesDev is dedicated to talent, helping boost the necessary resources to find it, focus it, develop it and
help it thrive.

“Immersed in the most transformative industry, we are invested in building a more inclusive space for all. We are passionate about talent and about creating the necessary bridges that provide meaningful opportunities so that everyone can maximize their true potential.”
Ignacio De Marco
Nacho De Marco
CEO BairesDev

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