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8 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Developers

Custom software is designed to specifically address the needs of the particular company, as opposed to more generic software that is prepackaged and standardized.

Diego Espada

By Diego Espada

VP of Delivery Diego Espada works with every BairesDev team to ensure the quality of the company's work and to implement necessary methodologies.

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In an ever-changing technological landscape, the need for software that meets your particular business goals is paramount to your success. Not only must you stay ahead of the competition while meeting the needs of your consumers, but you should also have the capacity to quickly adapt and be ready to change course at a moment’s notice. 

That’s why many organizations work with custom software development teams to help them respond to these demands. This technology is designed to specifically address the needs of the particular company, as opposed to more generic software that is prepackaged and standardized.

Why should you choose custom software developers? These 8 reasons provide more than enough motivation.


1. One-Size-Fits-One Approach

The primary factor in working with a customized software development company is that you’ll end up with a product tailored to your business needs. You can inform the team about your requirements and features you want the software to have, and they’ll incorporate as many of the specifications as possible. 

In other words, you’re not stuck with a product that has bells and whistles you don’t need without some of the essential functions you do need. Your team will be flexible and respond to your particular wants and needs as a business.


2. Range of Services

Custom development can apply to many different industries and sectors: education, finance, real estate, retail, healthcare, publishing, and many, many others.

Within these sectors, there are many different types of software you might need, each designed with unique features specific to your organization. Some examples are:

  • Applications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Systems
  • Utility

These are just a few of the kinds of software a custom development firm can help you build.


3. Efficiency 

Custom software will increase efficiency throughout your organization. Since the technology is built specifically to meet your needs as an organization, you can create solutions that will augment your company’s productivity. You won’t need to spend time configuring the software, either. 

Outsourcing your software to a specialized team will mean efficiency in your turnaround, too. Development services will give you a speedy turnaround and enable you to keep your operations running.


4. Solutions for Complex Problems

Chances are your organization has some gaps — ones that need addressing ASAP. Though not all of them can be solved with technology, most of the pressing ones can.

Using a custom software development company, you can work with the team to identify the issues you want to fix, and the company, in turn, can figure out solutions to help you rectify them. Outsourcing partners are especially adept at working on difficult problems that can’t be solved using prepackaged software that’s not built for your individual needs or requirements. 


5. Cost-Effectiveness

Don’t worry about licensing fees, which are often part of the deal with prepackaged software. If you need to add users or upgrade in any way, you’ll incur more costs on top of what you already paid for the original software. With custom software, you won’t have to worry about paying licensing fees or additional costs because you’ll own it as a business — not the creator of the software.

Generally speaking, outsourcing development will be the most cost-effective option for your custom software. Providers all around the world can help you create solutions tailored to your business for a fraction of the price of the cost of buying software from tech giants.


6. Scalability

Your business might well grow, and as it does, you’ll need to scale your software as well. The software you buy off the shelf often doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate additional users without additional fees, as discussed. You also can’t make alterations to improve your software to fit your specific needs as you grow, either.

Working with a custom software development team, you can discuss incorporating scalability into your model so it will accommodate your needs as your organization changes and increases in size, not to mention new operations you might want to undertake as a company. This way, you won’t have to spend more money as your organization scales up. 


7. Security

When you’re working with commonly-used software, you have to be very careful. Hackers have already identified vulnerabilities in products that have spent a long time on the market, even those with frequent upgrades. These cybercriminals are good at spotting new weaknesses and know how to exploit them.

You don’t have to worry about this with custom software. This technology is built for your business and only your business. It’s not public, so hackers won’t be able to use its vulnerabilities against you. Plus, when you’re working with talented development teams, the chances of there being many bugs and weaknesses to begin with are minimal. You can ensure that your software is safe and secure.


8. Integration

When you’re using multiple applications from different brands, compatibility can be an issue. But your custom development software team can incorporate the tools and technologies you need into a single or several platforms while ensuring that everything works with the other software you use, including the platforms you’ve already installed at your company. 

While not every tool you use needs to be tailored to the unique needs of your organization, there are many situations when this is the best approach for your business. A custom software development can help you address the specific requirements essential for you to conduct your operations successfully, improving efficiency, enabling scalability, augmenting security, and much more, all at a fair price.

Diego Espada

By Diego Espada

Diego Espada, VP of Delivery, helps guide BairesDev team integrity of development practices through the growth experienced by the company each year. Working across all areas of dev, Espada ensures that every team utilizes BairesDev's stringent methodologies and level of quality.

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