Django Developers Hiring Guide

A Python-based framework for fast web development.

Django is a prominent high-level, Python-based web framework. This platform is used to create robust, sophisticated, and secure websites. It’s open-source and developers use it for rapid and clean development. You can use this framework for both backend and frontend development.

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Django is a fast and agile web framework. It doesn’t require you to create separate functions for different tasks, and it can handle repetitive functions independently. It also has lots of inline documentation to help developers who are just starting out.

This framework is very safe and can prevent your website from threats such as XSS, SQL injection, and CSRF. It also protects the databases and prevents data leakage through password protection. 


This framework is very efficient for SEO, allowing you to apply common SEO techniques such as slugs and sitemaps on the framework level. It manages meta tags and boosts the success rate of your website. Django is also very versatile and allows you to create different websites such as CMS, social platforms, and many other types.  

Relevance of Django in today’s industry 

Because of its flexible nature, many companies prefer Django for their development. Since Django is based on Python, it also inherits Python’s AI and ML capabilities, making it a robust framework. As per this report, the usage of Django has significantly increased, and many organizations such as Udemy, Mozilla, and NASA (among many others) are using it.


There are a few issues with Django, though. Websites created through it are sometimes slow, so the web developer has to keep an eye on performance to ensure the site’s speed. Also, it isn’t useful for creating small websites, as microservices feel more fitting for building those. 

However, Django is very useful for creating and scaling business websites. It has large community support, and you can fix issues easily with the help of support documents. Many new updates are released for this framework, and new patches are issued frequently. 

Difficulties in finding a skilled Django developer

A skilled Django developer is an asset because they can help tackle the most complex business problems. An experienced Django developer can create huge scale websites and optimize them, allowing you to run your company efficiently.


The problem with skilled Django developers is that they are hard to find. As a Python framework, the basics and concepts of Django are very easy to learn. But the problem is that the developer also has to go beyond the language’s basics and into Django functions, MVC framework, and languages such as XML and CSS. 

The learning curve is exponential, and engineers need to keep learning new things. There is a huge difference between creating a standalone blog and a full-scaled business website. Thus, hiring an experienced Django can be tricky. However, Python’s immense popularity can make it easier than finding developers for other languages. 

Choosing the perfect Django developer 

The perfect Django developer should know about Django and Python almost like the palms of their hands. It also helps if the engineer knows SQL or PostgreSQL, as sites with some complexity will definitely use databases.  


They should know about database normalization and should have experience in the analysis and design of large-scale websites. A great Django developer should also be an expert in MVC architecture development. Moreover, they should know about AWS and GCP as companies are rapidly adopting these into their current tech stacks. 

Finally, if you can find a Django engineer that also happens to know Flask, keep them close. Flask is another widely used Python framework that you could benefit from in certain projects. 


Django is undoubtedly an outstanding web framework. It’s reliable, and you can get excellent results from it. It’s a promising tool for creating stunning websites and applications, even if they are complex. What’s more - it uses Python, an easy-to-learn language that has a wide community and many resources available.

Here is a list of a few questions you can ask the Django developer to test their knowledge.

1. Please explain the architectural pattern of Django.

Django uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural layout. First, the user asks for resources from the webserver. The web server passes this request to Django. Django uses the predefined path to find information. A view appears, generates the model, and returns a template to Django. Next, Django reverts that template as a resource HTML file to the user. 

2. What are the typical inheritance styles in Django?  

The 3 prominent inheritance styles in Django are: 

  • Abstract Base Classes It’s used when users want the specified parent’s class to have information but not the child. Engineers generally use it when users don't want to type information in the child models. 
  • Multi-table Inheritance It’s used for subclassing an already present model. If users want the model to incorporate a database table, then they can use this inheritance style.  
  • Proxy Models It allows you to alter the Python-level behavior in Django.  

3. What are some primary advantages of Django? 

Django is a straightforward and convenient framework that you can use for designing websites. It’s fast, scalable, and has SEO and AI features. It also has great community support and support documentation, which allows novice developers to learn it easily.  

4. What are signals in Django? 

Signals are certain elements of code that are triggered when a specific event occurs. These are a crucial component of Django as it allows it to update different applications simultaneously with a change in the system. 

A developer can create a listener function that waits for this signal, and once it receives it, it can execute instructions in the my_handle function. They can also prevent duplicate signals and prevent them from disconnecting. 

We are looking for a highly qualified Django developer to join our development team to design and develop large-scale websites. We are looking for smart team players who can code and maintain applications. The developer must also be good in documentation and should have the ability to meet project deadlines. If you’re a result-oriented developer, it’s an excellent opportunity for you.



  • Write Reusable and reliable Python code
  • Create in-house and client projects and expand them as per business requirements. 
  • Create a test framework for software modules. 
  • Develop code for data cleaning for Python-generated weblogs.  
  • Improve performance and functionality of systems, decrease latency.
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams to understand business requirements
  • Follow best industry practices and standards
  • {{Add other relevant responsibilities}}


Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Python. Also should have prior experience with Django. 
  • Experience in designing reusable code and modules using frameworks such as Spark
  • Basic understanding of AWS and GCP
  • Proven experience with languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS 
  • Experience with database and SQL language (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Experience with code versioning tools (Git)
  • Knowledge of MVC principles and code arrangement.Should also know about functions and calls. 
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit 
  • {{Add other frameworks or libraries related to your development stack}} 
  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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