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A Very Popular Multi-Paradigm Programming Language

Even though it was created in 1998, Python didn’t come into the limelight for over a decade after. Today, the tech industry is highly influenced by this language and you can see it everywhere. That’s because Python is easy to learn, has a simple syntax, and is highly scalable. Developers use it in almost all kinds of development projects, from Web Apps and Games to AI programming and APIs. 

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Python has thousands of built-in libraries, modules, and supporting structures and is platform-independent. It has a vibrant syntax highlighting feature that enhances the code’s readability. It also has 2 different modes through which you can code: interactive and script mode

Today all organizations require their projects to be portable and extensible. Python can easily provide that, which is why it’s highly valued by the tech industry. Many developers like Python, which is one of the reasons for its standing in the industry’s job market. In fact, it’s the second most popular coding language in the world. 

There are 8.2 million developers around the world who use Python, and the demand is still increasing. A skilled Python developer has good knowledge of modules and packages, and they know how to tackle business/code problems. Advanced Python developers are in high-level demand by the leading MNCs and corporate organizations. 

Since AI and ML projects require constant data processing and reporting, which easily can be handled by Python, it’s one of the go-to languages for many AI projects. That’s also why Python developers are highly sought after: they can expand their abilities and work on complex projects such as prediction models and recommendation engines. 

Difficulties in finding a skilled Python developer

The basics and concepts of Python are very easy to learn. But many developers are unable to actually improve their skills to the level required by tech companies. Problems like lack of implementation of theoretical knowledge and scarce project experience are common in junior developers.    

Since many new libraries are developed every day, the developer you hire might not have a working knowledge of the libraries you’re using. If so, they won’t be able to handle the project. The high demand for Python engineers throughout the business landscape can make it extremely difficult to find experienced developers that are up-to-date with the latest Python technologies. That’s probably the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome when hiring Python developers. 

Qualities of a good Python developer

A good developer constantly updates themselves with new skills. They work on different challenging projects and regularly participate in coding competitions to brush up their skills. They know different frameworks and libraries and have extensive knowledge of how to use them. Also, they should be clear on the basic programming concepts such as OOPS, file handling, exception handling, and database management.  

They should have proven project management and scaling experience. They should also be able to understand MVC architecture. Knowledge about Data Science, AI, or ML is a plus. 

Furthermore, they should have good communication and time management skills as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills, all of which are paramount to creating the innovative solutions Python is used for. 


Python is a simple, high-level, object-oriented programming language in high demand due to its unmatchable traits and features. It’s highly productive and has a vast online community. While choosing a Python developer, you need to look for skills and qualities that fit your needs. They should be brilliant in coding and well versed with libraries and modules required by your company. 

Here are a few questions you can use to test a Python developer’s knowledge. 

What are the different built-in data structures in Python?

Built-in data structures in Python are: 

  • Lists: Used to store different types of data in a sequence.
  • Dictionary: Used to store key-value pairs. You can use the unique key to access the value. 
  • Tuples: Sames as lists, but these are immutable, i.e., values once entered can’t be changed. 
  • Sets: Collection of unique unordered elements.

What is the newest release of Python?

The newest stable release of this language is Python 3.9. It has many new features such as adding union operators for dictionary, functions to remove string prefix and suffix, and support for different time zones, among others. 

It also has a brand new parser much more powerful than the previous one that you can use to parse trees. The new release ships with both versions of the parser, allowing you to verify the functionality of both and change the parser environment variable setting if you like it. 

What are the different statements that can stop the flow of the loop?

Break, Continue and Pass are Python statements that developers use to stop the flow of a loop. 

  • Break: It breaks the execution of the current loop and begins execution at the next statement. You can use it in both While and For loops. 
  • Continue: This statement returns the control of the loop to the beginning of the loop. If there are more iterations in the loop left, Continue ignores them and moves the control of the loop to the top of the loop. You can use it in both While and For loops. 
  • Pass: It comments out an equation, i.e. when someone requires a line to be compiled but not executed, they use a pass statement. It returns a null operation, and you can also use it as a placeholder where the final code will go. 

What is the difference between isupper(), isalpha(), and str.capitalize() string functions?

Isalpha() string function is used to check if all the characters in a string are alphabets. If yes, it returns true else false. Isupper() is used to check if all the characters in a string are in uppercase. And str.capitalize() is used to convert the first character of a string to uppercase. 

What is a lambda function?

Lambda is an anonymous function that can take on many arguments but can only have a single expression. Data scientists often use this function in data cleaning projects where multiple arguments are required, and a single output is expected, normally in a dataframe variable.   

If they are able to answer these questions, you can have a coding test done in the second round to check coding speed and time management.

We are looking for a Python Developer to join our Development team and participate in our team projects. We are looking for team players who can develop and maintain software products. It’s an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to take on responsibility and grow their skills. The developer should be able to work with current technologies and solve complex problems. 


  • Create scalable and reusable code 
  • Test and debug software modules
  • Create data integration services for adding users
  • Prioritize requests and improve the overall functionality of systems
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams to understand requirements and create solutions. 
  • Follow best industry practices and standards

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of different Python frameworks (Django, Flask) 
  • Experience in designing low latency, high-performance systems
  • Basic understanding of design principles for scalable applications
  • Proven experience with front-end languages (Javascript, HTML5)  
  • Experience with relational database integration and ORM libraries
  • Experience with large data structures 
  • Knowledge of user authorization and authentication
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit. 

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