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Today’s tech-driven world means it’s difficult to do anything without applications and websites. From sharing images with loved ones to ordering food and conducting bank transactions, many people use a variety of apps and sites on a daily basis. While the frontend of these apps is obviously important, as it’s what the user interacts with, the backend is the driving force making these things work.

Backend development services refer to web development operations performed on the backend of applications, mobile apps, and websites. Backend development encompasses server-side web application logic and integration, as well as activities such as designing APIs, generating libraries, and interacting with system components. Frontend development focuses on customer-facing services and programs.

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Backend developers write code that allows databases and applications to communicate with one another. Backend developers look after and manage the backend of a website, which includes databases, servers, and apps. Essentially, they have power over what users use but don’t see.

A backend development or outsourcing company provides backend web development services such as constructing scalable, fault-tolerant backends for enterprise systems, complex web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, web portals, and others.

They also assist with the development of backend solutions with elastic computing capacity, allowing for the scaling of systems naturally with the industry’s finest cloud platforms. They also assist in the migration of legacy backend systems to public, private, or hybrid clouds.

BairesDev’s Backend Development Services

Whether it’s creating a new project from scratch, updating old apps or websites, or just maintaining things on a regular basis, BairesDev offers clients access to teams of experts in the industry of software development, especially in the niche of backend resources. Clients choose from hiring either a full outsourcing team to manage their backends or just Staff Augmentation Services to fill gaps in their existing teams.

BairesDev prides itself on using the most updated backend technologies and offers clients customization as needed. Devs utilize a multitude of programming languages for backend projects, including some of the classics such as:

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript (JS) is a key tool and programming language that both frontend and backend developers utilize. JavaScript enhances the interactivity of a website and also helps further protect it while allowing for the creation of spectacular effects. Devs utilize JavaScript on a majority of websites, as it’s supported by all modern browsers.

  • Python

    Python is a popular all-purpose programming language established in 1991 by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum. With its primary strength being short and legible code, it assists backend programmers in writing reasonable and explicit programs. According to Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, it’s the most desired backend technology for developers to learn—and this is the 4th year of Python achieving such a title. It’s also ranked 3rd among the most popular programming technologies.

  • Ruby

    Ruby is another open-source backend technology created in the 1990s by Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto. This scripting language resembles Python, Java, and Perl. Devs commonly use Ruby for the creation of web applications, as it’s regarded as the preferred language for prototyping. Because of its object-oriented functionality, scalability, and flexible programming characteristics, tech companies such as Esty, Airbnb, and Shopify use Ruby as backend scripting technology.

Benefits of Hiring Our Backend Teams

Working with BairesDev’s outsourcing teams is quite helpful for lowering company expenses and enhancing efficiency.

Outsourcing is becoming a popular business practice for a variety of reasons, including:

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    Improved Efficiency
    When outsourcing projects or working with BairesDev, companies get years of knowledge and first-hand experience in delivering complex and complicated outsourcing projects. Teams of seasoned professionals perform their jobs more effectively than those just jumping into dev work, thus leading to an improvement in production and efficiency in the process, which helps a company’s bottom line.
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    Lower Costs
    Outsourcing allows businesses to avoid the high costs associated with employing individuals on a permanent basis. Depending on the task, an external body can do it at a lower, more flexible rate while not needing to pay for equipment, training, recruiting, and so on.
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    Access to Talent
    Outsourcing allows a single organization to have access to resources with expertise in niches nearly impossible to hire for elsewhere. With the current global talent shortage, this makes outsourcing teams even more valuable.
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    Resource Management
    Outsourcing allows for better management of difficult tasks. As outsourced teams work on tasks, they use their years of experience in their technical skill set and skills for working within their team to accomplish the client’s goals at a faster, more efficient rate.
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    Team Flexibility
    Working with an outsourcing provider such as BairesDev makes it much easier to add more hands to a project compared to adding an in-house team member. Outsourcing providers allows for the scaling up and down of the number of team members on a flexible basis depending on the needs of the client.

Backend Development Process by BairesDev

A backend developer is a programmer who produces components and functionalities on the server-side accessed indirectly by a user via a frontend application or system. These developers are in charge of creating, maintaining, testing, and troubleshooting the complete backend. 

The general process of working with a specialized backend team, or any software development for that matter, begins with discovery and research of how the background of the technology should work. They then work with the frontend team through the planning and design phases, followed by actual database development and functionalities. Once the website or app reaches the testing phase, developers and testers then fully test every functionality to ensure the product works as intended, followed by continual maintenance.

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Backend technologies are critical in the creation of every software, website, and app project. Choosing the correct backend technology is critical to the success of every project. Outsourcing is one of the best ways to accomplish project goals while staying within budgetary and time constrictions. 

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