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Great user experience (UX) is a hallmark of companies generating high customer loyalty and strong profits. When your customers have great experiences across all touchpoints, you will gain competitive advantages by increasing conversion, reducing customer churn, and promoting brand loyalty and advocacy.

You’re not building a website, an app, or software. You’re creating an experience. You’re telling a story and fostering connections with people. Through the right strategy, design, and technology, we create beautifully crafted websites, apps, and brand experiences for our clients.

Our Software Specialists focus on handcrafting unique UI & UX designs. Their know-how and extensive experience through a wide range of projects allow us to create successful user experiences, every time.

All of our projects are made by a world-class team. We only work with the Top 1% IT Talent to guarantee the best results for our clients.

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BairesDev Best Practices

UX/UI Design is a fundamental component of successful software development and delivery. While there are many approaches towards achieving this goal, these are the Best Practices that we follow and recommend at BairesDev and have proven to be successful across many customer engagements. Our UX/UI Design Circle is the center of excellence that outlines and maintains these standards and ensures that knowledge and practices are shared across our organization. Throughout our engagements we:

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    Balance Three Main Aspects
    These are vital for achieving the product’s goals: products are user-driven (appealing to their needs and wants), come from organization’s needs (need to meet ROI requirements), and should be technically viable (otherwise, they cannot be built).
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    Engage With the End Users’ Needs
    And have any required “hard conversations” when these needs are different from the personal taste of the stakeholders/sponsors to justify why a design decision is better than the other ones. We design for our client’s clients.
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    Ensure Every Decision Made Fits the Product’s Needs
    And avoid blindly following trends even if they are a good reference.
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    Follow the Circular Design Approach
    We research, define goals, come up with a solution, test the solution, learn from the results, and start over.
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    Use Test and Research Methods
    Such as the ones listed in Nielsen Norman Group’s UX Research Cheat Sheet.
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    Define a Case for Each Design
    Come up with a hypothesis, validate it with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and analytics, and iterate.
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    Avoid Risks and Target Resources
    Use A/B testing to avoid risks and target resources to maximize the effect and efficiency increasing the ROI. We do not perform A/B testing if there is no meaningful amount of traffic or we do not have an informed hypothesis.
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    Add, Improve, or Fix Product
    Understand there is always space for adding, improving, or fixing product portions. We know that products are never truly finished.
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    Create Consistency
    Use common UI elements and keep the UI simple, avoiding unnecessary elements and being clear with page names, buttons, and sections so people know what to expect.
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    Always Let Users Know Where They Are
    By marking it, using breadcrumbs, titles, or other visual clues.
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    Set a Baseline
    And perform benchmarking to measure and improve the UX over time.

At BairesDev, we think products are created for people. The UI/UX ensures human factors are integrated into the planning and execution of every step, making a successful connection between users, aesthetics, and technology. 

Projects We Developed For Our Clients

Our UX/UI Process

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    User-centered design starts by setting clear objectives and goals. At the research stage, we help you discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations, as well as define a strategy to support the user´s needs and your business goals. Our analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights into your customer´s reactions and interactions with your application.
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    Information Architecture & Wireframes
    Ensuring that the visual structure and presentation of information on an app is intuitive and connects with existing user mental models and expectations is a fundamental goal of the UX design. We make sure that the right information is presented in the right way, in the right place, and at the right time. Wireframing is the best way to visualize data structures and represent UI features.
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    User Testing
    Based on the goals established at the beginning of the UX process, we help you to determine the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your project. BairesDev conducts user-testing sessions and performs detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements.
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    Look & Feel Design (UI)
    The visual appeal of your product has a vital impact on users. We employ a user-centered design to produce a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience. This effect is accomplished by eliciting an emotional response from the user connected to their actions and accomplishments. We also make sure your product is part of your brand’s identity and is presented with the integrity it deserves.
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    Front End Code Development
    The frontend is the first thing a user will see and interact with. We make sure your app looks and feels right and that it has been properly tested on the platforms of your choice. Using the latest technologies, we work to ensure that the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level.
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    Integration Support
    Our designs and code come with a 60-day warranty period so that you have enough time to detect any issues and give us your feedback. We provide technical support and assistance during backend integration to make sure you are worry-free.

Our UX/UI Services

User Interface Development

UI is the first point of contact between your product and your users. Create stunning interfaces and keep audiences engaged with your brand.

User Experience Design

We will deliver tested and design-ready products that meet concrete goals. No more clients struggling to figure out how things work.

Interaction Design

Understand your target market by mapping out user interactions in five dimensions: textual, visual, platform, behavioral, and time.

Information Architecture

Organize and structure all data in your web and mobile apps. We analyze users’ behavior, actions, and incentives to create solutions that match your business goals.

Industry-Specific HMI design

Build user-friendly applications that build stronger and more efficient human and machine interactions.

Web & Mobile

We create projects from scratch and deliver end-to-end apps that reinforce your business identity and attract the right costumers.

Get ready. We're here to drive your digital transformation and take it to the next level.

Benefits of UX/UI Outsourcing

Latest Trends And Technologies

The UX/UI design meta is constantly evolving. Our engineers are trained and up to date with all the latest technologies and frameworks.


Guaranteed Expertise

By working with the Top 1% IT Talent in Latin America, we have built a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge and experience through a wide range of projects.



UX/UI workloads fluctuate constantly, especially at the beginning of a project. Outsourced teams adapt quickly to changes and let your business bypass all risks related to in-house hiring.


Our teams already have all the necessary skills and know-how to get your project running from Day 1. Outsourcing UX/UI design reduces time-to-market and delivers faster solutions.

The Difference Between UX & UI

User Interface (UI)

User Interface Design is the process of visually guiding a user through a software product. This is done via interactive and reactive elements that incorporate a brand’s visual identity. UI engineers focus on creating clear “paths” that users can easily recognize and follow, ultimately building an engaging, guiding, and responsive experience.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience Design is all about developing and improving quality interactions between users and brands. UX engineers go through an entire research process to guarantee such quality, which includes testing, development, content, and prototyping. The end goal is to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty by creating easy-to-use, smooth digital solutions.

Ready to build your software?

At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world-class software development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

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