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If your business is looking for agile, custom software development companies that offer unmatched solutions, look no further than BairesDev. With our application development services, your company will receive full-cycle software development, customized specifically for your business. BairesDev quality software solutions can help to make your workflow more agile and efficient, and they are delivered in a cost-efficient way.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development Solutions

Adding new software to your business always comes with complications. But when you opt to go with custom solutions, those complications can be mitigated by a solutions team with the experience to create software specifically for your needs, architecture, and services.

But outside of ease of integration and implementation, what are the advantages?

Cost-Effective Solutions

When you hire a BairesDev engineering team to develop a solution perfectly geared for your business, the custom software will cover all of your specific needs, even in the long run, without the need of paying for a license or extra users as your company grows.

Scalable Technologies

Off-the-shelf desktop and mobile software solutions might cover your needs today but they are usually difficult or very expensive to scale. Having scalability in mind while developing your custom solutions allows you to grow without being held back by your software.

Better Security With Custom Solutions

By deploying off-the-shelf software, you make it easier for hackers to attack your network and systems. When you use BairesDev software development services,  your business will have a reduced chance of intrusion.

Compatibility and Integration of Software

The more software you use in your business, the more likely you’ll find compatibility issues, which can increase the cost and difficulty of maintenance. Whether you’re looking for standard or mobile applications, this is an issue. By using BairesDev custom software development services, it’s possible to narrow down the number of applications installed, while making sure everything is 100% integrated with other company tools.

Software Development Models

BairesDev offers three different types of custom development models, one of which will be ideal for your implementation needs. Each of these solutions can be applied to desktop, server, or mobile applications.

Our development models are:

  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Staff Augmentation
    Expert software development engineers, with plenty of experience to meet and exceed all of your requirements, work together with your internal team on your projects, services, mobile applications, and standard software development. These agile developers join your existing staff, often working from your offices until project completion.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Dedicated Team
    Presents software development talent which directly oversees the whole project, from design to integration. This option provides a management structure with hands-on supervision of the workflow and tasks.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Web with hands-on supervision of the workflow and tasks. Project-based model
    Your partner company oversees the entire development process: from establishing the specs to allocating workflow, setting timescales and quality testing.

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