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Achieve Higher Quality Products Through QA Outsourcing

At BairesDev, we deliver integrated QA outsourcing services to ensure that all your digital solutions meet your requirements as well as the highest quality standards. Our engineering teams composed of the Top 1% of QA developers will work with you to implement the best development and testing practices throughout your projects and add value from the get-go.

We can do so because our teams use the latest QA technologies and methodologies to make sure we provide the best results and the most impactful solutions, regardless of project size or complexity. Those tools are complemented with our QA testing approach that starts with a deep understanding of your business needs and goes on through a highly detailed and effective process. 

Software outsourcing

Why Outsource QA

Efficient QA testing has become a critical objective for businesses of all sizes. However, having an in-house team of QA engineers can be a huge challenge, especially given the high demand for QA professionals. In that context, hiring a QA outsourcing company makes a lot of sense, as it can provide the necessary talent for the implementation of the best QA practices.

That’s just one of the reasons why you should consider QA outsourcing. Others include the following.

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    Highly Skilled QA Developers
    QA outsourcing companies always have experienced QA testers to meet your project requirements on demand. With outsourcing companies, you can instantly access the QA talent you need to start adding value to your development right away.
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    Shorter development lifecycle
    With a reliable QA outsourcing partner, you’ll access the latest testing technologies, tools, frameworks, and practices. This will positively impact your development lifecycle, reducing testing times and addressing issues faster. All of this will amount to a quicker development and a more robust quality level.
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    Resource flexibility
    Outsourced QA teams can adapt to your project’s needs at any time. That means that you can add more QA engineers as the project becomes more complex or scale the team down when you don’t need that many QA testers anymore.
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    New approach to QA
    Outsourcing QA can bring fresh perspectives to the way you work and see defects and vulnerabilities your in-house team might be missing. The outsider approach can then be more effective without the attachment to your normal development practices.
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    Strategic focus
    Bringing an outside QA team to take care of your QA testing relieves you from its related time-intensive tasks. This lets you focus on your core competencies and in the tasks that call for your expertise. This is a more mature strategy that can yield better results in the end.
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    Cost efficiency
    Outsourcing QA is a more affordable option than hiring an in-house team, mainly because you don’t have to pay salaries, benefits, and perks nor invest in infrastructure to keep the team running.

Out QA Method

At BairesDev, our QA testers provide end-to-end services that ensure a superior quality level that meets and exceeds the needs of your business. To that end, we use a vetted software testing method that guarantees the best results. That process implies the following.

QA Consulting

Where we provide a documented analysis of your project that includes experienced-based suggestions on QA testing.


Full-Cycle QA

A stage that stems from the requirements analysis and that extends throughout development, implementation, and maintenance.



The step where we create different structured documents for different audiences.


Test Automation

Where we develop custom tests and select out-of-the-box test automation solutions to achieve a testing combination capable of tackling the QA goals through the available technologies and infrastructure.


Software Testing

The stage where we create a comprehensive testing mix for the project that covers as much ground as needed, including web, load, desktop, and mobile testing, among others.


Pre-certification and Compliance Testing

Where we ensure that the resulting product complies with regulations like PCI DSS, Section 508, UK, and the European accessibility standards.


Why Hire BairesDev

BairesDev offers you full Software Testing & QA Services to meet your requirements in a smarter way that reduces the inherent risks while maximizing the quality of the end results. We do so through our QA teams that comprise more than 60 experienced QA engineers, who work as an independent division within BairesDev, and that have completed more than 120 QA outsourcing projects.

  • Customized Services

    Our QA outsourcing services are designed to meet your specific needs. Thus, we can adapt them according to your requirements and the nature of your projects.

  • Highly Scalable

    We can extend your development team with our staff augmentation services or provide a dedicated QA team on demand to help you in the exact moment you need it.

  • Tailored Fit

    Thanks to Staffing Hero, our AI-driven proprietary staffing solution, we can always find you the best talent match for your QA requirements.

  • Nearshore Experts

    Our QA team is conveniently located across the Americas, meaning that there will be no time zone, language, or cultural barriers between them and your team.

Our Outsourced QA Testing Services

As a top outsourcing QA partner, we offer you a wide range of QA services to aid you to meet your quality goals in your operational processes.

  • Automation Testing

    Our QA engineers create custom automated test scripts that analyze your entire software development cycle. These automated tests help you develop better software in less time while keeping a high level of regression testing.

  • Manual Testing

    Manual Testing is one of our most comprehensive services, as it covers aspects from the end user’s perspective like UI, usability, installation, user acceptance, error handling, security, and others.

  • API Testing

    Through our API Testing services, we make sure that your application programming interfaces are functional, reliable, high-performing, and secure. With them, we can reduce the Manual Testing costs while integrating the GUI.

  • Web & Mobile QA

    Web and Mobile development projects are among the most important ones you can tackle today, which is why we have the top software QA testers around to take care of mobile and web quality indicators in them.

  • Security Testing

    Security is among the top priorities for all businesses, which is why we offer you these world-class Security Testing services. By using the latest risk modeling scenarios, we can identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and software gaps to ensure an increased robustness in your final product.

  • Performance Testing

    Through Performance Testing, our QA team checks whether your product’s performance, stability, and responsiveness is up to modern standards. Our QA engineers will scrutinize the user-friendliness of your applications and make sure that they provide the best experience possible.

  • QA Consulting & Analysis

    Can’t decide on a QA approach for your project or in-house team? Our QA consultants can aid you by walking you through recommended processes, methodologies, and technologies that will better suit your specific needs.

Take Your QA to the Next Level

At BairesDev we have the most comprehensive QA services in the market, that can help you take the quality of your processes and final products to the maximum. We work with the Top 1% of QA talent to offer you the quality assurance practices you require, be them QA consulting for a specific project or end-to-end QA testing for your entire development life cycle. 

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