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Quality assurance is an essential part of the software development process. And as part of your overall QA process, your product must undergo rigorous software testing to assess factors like stability, speed, and application performance, as well as identify performance issues and other errors that could affect your product.

At BairesDev, our engineering experts are dedicated to ensuring that your application and software succeeds. In addition to building you a reliable product that meets your specified requirements, we offer consulting and testing services and solutions to help you perfect your application, website, or any other product. 

From volume testing and scalability testing to endurance testing and stress testing, we’ll perform a thorough analysis of your product to help you deliver quality results.

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software testing is a vital part of the quality assurance process, but it’s only one component of the overall cycle. Our QA engineering team functions as an independent division within our company, working closely with the software development and engineering team to meet your requirements and deliver reliable, successful results. 

While software developers will run tests on the products they build during the development cycle, our QA experts will look at a wide range of factors that influence the product’s performance and perform a complete analysis to ensure the reliability and usability of your product.

QA solutions include a series of activities to improve efficiency throughout the development process and meet our clients’ requirements. Our solutions are about far more than catching bugs — our experts perform an analysis that tests security, functionality, reliability, and much more, along with addressing performance issues.

Load testing and performance testing are two important parts of QA and testing services. That’s why we prioritize these tests, along with measures like security, cloud, volume, and scalability testing.

Load and Performance Testing Defined

What exactly are load and performance testing services? These important aspects of QA testing are a bit confusing, so let’s look at the definitions.

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    What’s Load Testing?
    Load testing is a type of performance testing that assesses the performance of a product in an environment when multiple users attempt to use it simultaneously. Using tools like Jmeter, the QA experts will identify the maximum loads — number of users — the product can handle before breaking.

    Load testing is sometimes confused with scalability testing. However, in load testing, the product is subjected to the maximum loads in one test, while scalability testing involves increasing loads over time to see if the system can scale accordingly. Ultimately, load testing is more about identifying performance issues resulting from high loads, while scalability testing assesses whether the product can accommodate an increasing number of users.

    Meanwhile, stress testing analyzes how the product performs when subjected to extremely high loads. Stress testing, in other words, allows testers to identify the breaking point of the product.
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    What’s Performance Testing?
    Like it sounds, performance testing is about testing performance. More specifically, it involves assessing factors like speed and stability. It also ensures that the solutions we deliver meet the requirements you specified during the planning phase.

    Performance testing services analyze the system in environments involving different loads. It’s an umbrella term that encompasses both load and stress testing.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Load and Performance Testing Services

Case-by-Case and Personalized Services

From consulting and planning to implementation, we customize our performance testing services to account for your specific requirements and goals. We’ll work with you to ensure that we’re providing solutions that meet the needs of your business and product.


QA Test Quality

Our performance engineering team is fully equipped to deliver superior results, with load and performance tests that will help you hone your product and ensure quality.


Seamless Integration with Your In-House Team

BairesDev’s performance engineering team is fully prepared to integrate with your in-house team to work alongside them to bring your project to fruition. 


Boost Overall Productivity and Performance

When you use our performance testing services, you’ll alleviate much of your own team’s burden. Our highly-specialized performance engineering team will help you improve productivity and efficiency. 


Lower Costs

Outsourcing not only means you’ll receive superior results, but you’ll be achieving them at lower costs than you would if you kept the project in-house. Our performance testing services are high-quality without the steep price. 


Reduce Risks

Our company’s knowledgeable load and performance testing services professionals mean fewer risks, thanks to their many years of experience testing performance and other aspects of your product. Not only will our team ensure overall quality, but they’ll also help you meet regional and global compliance regulations and more. 

Make sure your product is high-quality before it reaches the market. Contact us today to learn more about our load and performance testing services.


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