Why Is QA Testing Important?

Why Is QA Testing Important?

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) is not complete without quality assurance (QA) testing. In fact, this vital process is just as important as the development phase itself. But it’s also frequently misunderstood to the point that people ask if it’s really necessary. That’s because they fail to see the powerful reasons behind the existence of QA testing.

QA testing offers a number of important benefits and plays an important role in organizations releasing the best products they can. Often, businesses outsource QA services to companies like BairesDev to perform an objective analysis of the software they’ve developed, which helps ensure the maximum quality of the products. So, why is it so important? Here’s what everyone should know about QA testing.


It Saves Money

Catching defects early on in the SDLC will be much more cost-effective than fixing them later on after the product is almost fully developed or released. If QA specialists are involved from the very beginning, they will help ensure that the product doesn’t progress too far along with bugs that will impact its quality, which are both more difficult and more expensive to resolve once the SDLC is in its final stages.

When defective software is released, a company will lose money, not only from dissatisfied customers who will turn to a competitor’s product instead but also from would-be consumers who read negative reviews and bad press and decide not to buy or use it. With a comprehensive QA process in place, companies can prevent initial problems from becoming disasters. 

It Lends Objectivity to the SDLC

Unlike the software developer, who built the product and has a vested interest in its success, the QA tester can offer an objective, third-party perspective on the product. This makes it more likely for them to catch defects that a developer might not notice, having been too close to it from the beginning.

This is especially true when businesses outsource QA testing to an outside provider like BairesDev since they can offer a true third-party opinion and analysis of the software. Moreover, QA engineers have specialized skills that allow them to spot issues that the developer may not notice, better enabling them to assess the product’s quality.

It Improves User Experience

QA testing isn’t just about catching bugs — it also involves evaluating different aspects of functionality, quality, and performance of the software. One particularly important aspect of the process assessing the product’s usability. Businesses must ensure that users will have a hassle-free, satisfactory — and even enjoyable — experience engaging with the app or other software.

When evaluating the product, testers will put themselves in the consumer’s shoes, anticipating what kind of experience they will have using the product. If they encounter any issues, they will document their findings for the developer to address and resolve before releasing the product to market. This allows companies to produce a higher-quality version of the software — the one consumers will actually use.

It Helps Ensure Product Security

Data breaches and other issues that arise from products that have vulnerabilities or unsecured features are one of the worst-case scenarios for businesses. When hackers are able to steal user information or wreak havoc on their devices, the ensuing damage to the company that released the product can be catastrophic and, in many cases, irreversible.

Consumers need to be able to feel safe and protected when using products. Given that many types of software, including banking, retail, and insurance apps, require them to provide sensitive information, the business must earn their trust. Security testing will help find vulnerabilities prior to the product’s release, ensuring that the product is as secure as possible.

It Allows Businesses to Be Proactive

Businesses can’t afford to be reactive when it comes to their products. Patching up issues later on, after the software is released, is costly. There’s also the fact that the damage has already been done — consumers have used a faulty product and may have already written it off and turned to a competitor instead.

The QA process ensures that businesses are being proactive. They will put the product through rigorous testing, assessing aspects of the product such as functionality, performance, the number of users it can accommodate at a given time, security, and many others. While it can’t guarantee the absence of defects altogether, it can increase the likelihood of the business releasing high-quality, stable software.

It Helps Protect Business Reputation

Delivering a faulty, bug-riddled product is the quickest way to destroy a business’ reputation. Many businesses don’t recover at all from such a misstep, and the ones that do must work hard at repairing it and rectifying their mistakes, often over a long period of time.

It’s extremely difficult to change people’s minds once they’ve already been made up, and consumers who had one bad experience with a product are unlikely to return to it unless it’s absolutely vital and there’s no alternative available.

That’s why every product a business releases must be of high-quality from the get-go. The only way to ensure this quality is by putting it through an expert-driven QA process that will evaluate every important aspect of the software, from the user experience to its security. Ultimately, this will help drive the overall reputation of the product and, in turn, the business itself. It will build consumer trust as well as solidify a brand in the public eye.

Our experts will perform rigorous testing to assess multiple aspects of the products’ performance and functionality. Learn more about our process and how it can help organizations of all types by contacting us today.

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