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The Challenge

Consolidate Complex Platforms to Mitigate Security Threats

Valuable company assets have to be protected. Your people, staff, and collaborators want a safe work environment where what matters most to the company is being monitored. Otherwise, not only could you be misallocating internal resources with tedious and inefficient security measures, but you are also putting your entire organization and its future at risk.

The video surveillance market is projected to be worth $62.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, with infrastructure applications forecast to make up over 36% of the global market, according to a recent study by Statista. With these numbers in mind, digital solutions that monitor security cameras’ output, triggering alarms based on recognizing images and movements, make it clear there can be no margin for error when it comes to these deployments.

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Although heavily relying on advanced software and algorithms, all enterprises have their vulnerabilities. Global corporations often overlook basic safety protocols, jeopardizing network stability. Constant false alarm alerts only increase internal stress, which can be avoided by taking the correct safety measures beforehand. Consolidating risks into a single solution optimizes performance and functionality. It’s easier said than done—smart video security systems require an extra level of protection to help you stay one step ahead, which is achieved by consolidating security tools such as the following:
  • Intelligent end-to-end video security solutions for businesses to provide optimal protection
  • Diligent solutions that recognize false alarms with a security system able to detect real threats more effectively
  • Attention to critical aspects and elimination of unnecessary distractions to take necessary action

After consulting with the team at BairesDev, we realized the priority was to localize the system and focus on improving UI and upgrading tools to maintain a high-performance analytics system. This relieved the main concern in our security platform by seeing their expertise in action and knowing how to tackle specific problems.

Team LeaderAvigilon (Motorola)

Critical Crash Rates Contained Flawlessly

Avigilon Blue is a well-known system within its industry for efficiently detecting real threats. However, it was in need of Agile expertise to ensure its product ran smoothly. The iOS software, which allows customers to control their systems remotely via their mobile devices, was suffering from major problems and extremely high crash rates.

The flawless functioning of Avigilon’s software was essential, as users expect to stay ahead of potential threats and obtain immediate proactivity, not reactivity.

One of the most pressing concerns was the iOS app’s stability or lack of. App crash rates complaints reached levels of 5%, an unacceptable error rate that BairesDev knew how to fix, by identifying the root cause and overhauling the UX and UI. Having the development team simultaneously work toward a more engaging user experience meant having to refine the code under strict QA.

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Rebuilding or adding code requires additional testing and the calculation of new possible risks. The hope of obtaining quick and effective results generally means minimizing resources and time allocated; however, this inevitably decreases overall efficiency. Facing this paradox, it was important to localize and gear the system toward developing an improved user experience and, only from that point on, proceed to improve the interface.

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company, relied on BairesDev’s expertise to stabilize the platform. 

The Solution

Tailored Teams Debug a Full-Stack Crisis

Considering both the backend and frontend of the Avigilon system were suffering from multiple constraints, this was a clear example of a context where the synergy between cross-functional teams was essential. Developers on the backend required frictionless communication with the frontend to deliver quality results. This issue required a methodology that would be quick and diligent in tackling such problems, carried out by seasoned engineers who could thoroughly examine problems with a full-stack vision.

At BairesDev, we take a comprehensive and design thinking approach for projects of this type and size. Our own proprietary tool Staffing Hero™ uses complex AI-based algorithms to match the top 1% of talent to a particular client’s project by using machine learning and assessing based on past reviews, skill set, seniority, and technology experience.

Tailor-made teams composed of the highest skilled engineering talent were allocated in no time. Quickly applying a design thinking mindset to work on both the backend and the frontend of the systems, they leveraged their expertise, skills, and knowledge to handle each step of the process with adequate timing and solve UX and UI needs independently.

BairesDev was quick to take the lead with software improvements and fix challenges that paved the way to a sustained user interface to then polish our iOS mobile app, which resulted in customer loyalty during times of high system instability.

Team LeaderAvigilon (Motorola)

UX Transformation: Refactor, Polish, Stabilize

Our team identified a major risk in the codebase. It was lacking proper structure and needed an overhaul before it could serve as an interface for the security camera system. Building solid and efficient UX improvements can be approached in a variety of ways; however, teams must be able to foster overall efficiency and engagement.

The first step in discovering critical system vulnerabilities is to prioritize tasks that improve UX and assure overall integration is successful, starting with localizing the system to integrate the mother language and facilitate communication to expand the potential user base and improve the system’s UX.

After overcoming this obstacle, our team moved forward with the delicate process of reconditioning the mobile app´s user interface process and monitoring internally to predict security risks and place automated mitigation actions in place.

A diligent solution delivered in 3 discrete phases:

  • Refactoring the problematic code, making it easier to work with, and reducing technical debt.
  • Polishing the design and addressing UX problems to meet the app’s usability guidelines.
  • Adding new features that Avigilon had been wanting to include for some time now after stabilizing the app.

Technologies involved in the project

The Outcome

Improved Customer Loyalty with QA

A head-on approach to consistent and diligent QA work helps increase customer loyalty, which, by definition, should increase profitability. In almost every industry, the business value is a result of overall stability. In this case, reducing potential technical debt via a refactored code helped reveal the bigger picture.

As a result, the Security Platform offered by Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company, now functions better through the integration of an improved iOS app with additional features and capabilities. Not implementing efficient testing and retesting done by QA professionals can be one’s worst enemy, which is why this is always the first consideration during BairesDev’s work methodologies.

Now, with the groundwork properly laid out, an increased sense of confidence emerged from working with an improved system. To that end, Agile processes focused on automated testing and deployment of DevOps processes were implemented.

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Benefits of an Enhanced iOS App for iPhones & iPads:
  • Ability to control security systems more conveniently with updated and reliable code.
  • A product with overall improved functionality that sharpens processing power due to new, clean code.
  • Sustained reputation by no longer having 5% crash rates—essential for holding on to loyal customers, let alone cultivating new users.

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