Azlo Success Story

BairesDev helps Azlo by supporting their front-end development
with strategic DevOps resources.

Building a Fully-Featured Fintech DevOps Team

Azlo is the first digital banking platform offering zero-fee business accounts with unlimited payments to anyone in the US and Mexico.

Azlo is digital business banking for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits. It offers a convenient, free option for people who want the advantages of a business account without any of the hassles or costs that often come with traditional business banking. Azlo accounts are designed to work seamlessly alongside other financial tools and meet the needs of entrepreneurs living in an increasingly digital world. Azlo was founded on the mission to level the playing field for founders, freelancers, and small business owners and make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone.

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BairesDev’s experts work both in the Front End and Back End of Azlo’s banking app, across six of their development teams.

Their Needs

BairesDev helps Azlo by providing key staff augmentation services to support front-end development, building, and maintaining CI/CD with strategic DevOps resources.

Our Expert Solutions

The Azlo app allows you to bank entirely online depositing checks, making transfers and contacting support, among other functionalities. It also enables you to pay freelancers, employees, vendors, and even yourself, and create, send, and manage customized digital invoices to your clients.

BairesDev’s experts work both in the Front End and Back End of Azlo’s banking app, across six of their development teams. Some of the projects and features our highly-skilled engineers participate on include:

  • Azlo’s main website.
  • Envelope account management system.
  • Visa Direct Instant Funding.
  • Visa Direct Instant Transfer.
  • ACI Bill Payments.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Enhancements on the user onboarding flow used to create a new bank account.
  • Enhancements on the external API used by the partners to create new bank accounts.
  • Enhancements in the back office so operation agents have better UX approving bank accounts.
  • Migration of the BBVA customer’s API and data.
  • Refactoring of the whole onboarding flow for a better UX.


“BairesDev has been a great business partner, providing quality development resources to augment a high-performing and fast-moving development team, as well as ongoing location support for their placements to ensure success and growth within their roles. The professional support and attention to the relationship have been excellent and I would highly recommend them.”

Brian Hamilton
Founder & CEO at Azlo

Technologies Involved in this Project


What sets us Apart

With our Staff Augmentation services, Azlo can work with a world-class team on demand, offering English proficient Angular and Node.js engineers.

We know how to develop impressive apps to connect with your customers and enhance engagement and interaction, always prioritizing security and working with the latest technology solutions.



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