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BairesDev partnered with Gennev to develop reliable healthcare solutions for women.

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Developing Robust Telemedicine

Gennev is a Seattle based telemedicine company striving to help women in their journey through menopause by helping them understand and manage their health in a personalized way through their online community and services.

Gennev BairesDev Telemedicine Software development

BairesDev's approach

Telemedicine development has grown rapidly in recent years as the need for more convenient access to expert care increases. It aims to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals and it is a tool for convenient medical care.

BairesDev has become an integral partner for Gennev in providing highly skilled engineering capacity in the areas of modern, front-end interface design, site reliability, scalability, and maintenance.

The focus of this project was on developing a responsive design that could merge existing functionality with ease of use while sustaining increased demand over time to improve their overall customer experience.

Developing robust telemedicine

We concentrated on incremental development to enhance flexibility by effectively accommodating user needs, helping designers and developers build new products and thus constantly improving over time. The result obtained was a more robust, scalable, user-friendly, and secure telehealth website for a growing community of women interested in their wellbeing.

Technologies Involved in this Project

Clients' Experiences

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