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The Challenge

Distinguished Hospitality Services Across All Channels

Great Wolf Resorts is a hospitality company with a central mission—to provide families with unique experiences across North America. With 19 lodges across the continent, Great Wolf Resorts features unique locations combined with extraordinary attractions and multiple entertainment options under one roof.

The company needed to enhance its digital platform and turn it into a best-in-class solution to match the experience its visitors can enjoy in all of Great Wolf Resorts locations. Such a project called for experienced engineers able to quickly understand the company’s goal and deliver on all goals and expectations. That’s why Great Wolf Resorts turned to BairesDev.

The Solution

Engineering Teams that Deliver Quick Value

We quickly gathered an expert team of engineers with key expertise in .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, ReactJS, and React Native that perfectly matched the requirements of Great Wolf Resorts. That team of front-end and back-end engineers was tasked with the full migration and redesign of Great Wolf Resorts’ digital platforms.

The original applications were built on monolithic PHP, so the team engineered a large-scale language migration converting to a technology stack built on ReactJS and .NET Core.

The BairesDev team also provides ongoing monitoring and support services for both their web and mobile applications via 2 autonomous and comprehensive delivery teams including UX/UI designers, Project Owners, Scrum Masters, React Developers, .NET Developers, AEM specialists, and Quality Assurance Analysts.

Technologies involved in the project

Modernizing legacy systems is always a challenge, especially if the expectations for the end results are high, as it happened with Great Wolf Resorts. The company aimed to offer an experience as stylish as the one they offer across their multiple locations. Fortunately, BairesDev has the expertise and the talent to deliver through our Delivery Teams service.

Team Leader BairesDev

The Outcome

Streamlined and Sophisticated Digital Experiences

With the help of the BairesDev team, Great Wolf Resorts evolved the user experience across their digital platforms and matched it with that of its lodges. Our software developers quickly and smoothly migrated the Great Wolf Resorts digital channels to modern platforms, created engaging and beautiful designs for both their web and mobile applications, and transformed the consumer experience.

Through our Delivery Team service, we quickly built an engineering dream team of NET Core, Microsoft Azure, ReactJS, and React Native developers to tackle Great Wolf Resorts’ project. The team focused on the complex migration process and through agile methodologies was able to rapidly build the company’s digital platforms on a new reliable and modern foundation.

Team Leader BairesDev

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