iWave Success Story

BairesDev helped iWave with the development of a robust and future-proof application.

Developing a Next-Generation Fundraising Platform

iWave compiles the wealth, philanthropic, and biographic data needed for fundraising teams to maximize their donation ask. They offer an expanding, easy-to-use, and data-rich platform that gives organizations confidence that they’re asking the right person for the right amount at the right time.

For fundraisers, prospect researchers, and nonprofit development teams, iWave is fundraising intelligence software at your fingertips. Their platform will assist you in finding the funding your organizations need to achieve their mission.

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BairesDev’s Top 1% Talent Team worked on developing a new, more robust platform presenting real-time and readable information.

Their Needs

iWave wanted to replace one of its leading platforms because it was becoming increasingly difficult to scale up and maintain. It had been developed initially using now depreciated technologies and costly third-party service licenses.

BairesDev’s Top 1% Talent Team worked on developing a new, more robust platform capable of presenting real-time and readable information. For that, we used current languages and frameworks in combination with highly available services by top providers where needed.

Our Expert Solutions

Our senior engineers focused on:

  • Modern Design:

The new iWave solution possesses an updated user experience with a modern, accessible and responsive new design. This new interface is intuitive, clean, and simple for anyone to use, delivering the best and most comprehensive philanthropic and wealth information in an easy to understand format. The new design has also been optimized for mobile devices, making it easier to access existing profiles or score a prospect while on the go.

  • New Navigation and Layout:

With the introduction of the new navigation and layout enhancements, iWave has introduced a more intuitive solution making it easier for new and existing users to find the functionality needed. The upgrades also streamline key processes allowing users to identify and qualify more major gift prospects.

  • Next-Generation Platform:

The new platform delivers faster and more reliable results. It’s built on next-generation architecture, which makes it faster, more powerful, and more scalable. “One of the most exciting things about the new iWave is something you can’t see or touch,” said Jill McCarville, VP of Marketing. “We’ve built an incredibly robust new backend to the platform that has laid the foundation for future innovation and growth. For our clients, this will mean faster and more reliable results, more functionality, as well as additional data and integrations.”

Also, the data will be up to date thanks to leading-edge matching algorithms that deliver industry-leading reliability and transparency, which allows to turn quality data into actionable information to achieve fundraising goals quickly and easily.

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

With our Dedicated Software Team service, we organized a Design Sprint and presented iWave with a custom solution and the roadmap to develop an MVP, quickly putting together a team of senior engineers, including Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Technical Leaders, QA developers and other expert engineers.

Our teams are 100% bilingual, go through a strict selection process and always work in the same time zone as our clients to guarantee real-time collaboration and superior feedback times.

Get a dedicated Delivery Team Powered by Technology and Driven by Talent.

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