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The Challenge

Traffic management saves time, money, and the environment

Mobility is health. It’s a simple, human, concept that extends beyond our bodies to society as a whole. From the obvious environmental impact to more subtle impacts like lost productivity, traffic inhibits mobility and hinders the health of regional economies, the environment, and the drivers themselves.

In the top 75 U.S. markets, it is estimated that nearly 6 billion gallons of gasoline are wasted each year by cars idling in traffic, and the lost productivity amounts to nearly .75% of the country’s GDP. For many municipalities, the perception of traffic negatively impacts their tax base and other revenue streams needed to maintain essential services.

Cities and transit systems across the globe turn to Kapsch TrafficCom, a global leader in the development and implementation of mobility management software, for solutions that manage their unique transportation needs and revenue goals.

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Glitch-free customization

Kapsch TrafficCom offers cities a variety of software-based solutions for their traffic challenges ranging from demand-planning and traffic management tools to toll collection and volume-based pricing software, all with the goal of improving urban mobility and safety.

Just as every city is different, each system installation requires a significant amount of customization to ensure optimal efficiency and safety for its users. Customization of any software can lead to bugs and with mobility solutions those bugs can result in significant financial loss.

Mobility management involves the aggregation of vast amounts of data, often from a varied set of sources, so they needed a best-in-class software services partner to debug code and modify their code accurately and quickly. And, with two new installations for clients on opposite ends of the United States, staffing with geographic flexibility was essential.

Kapsch trusted BairesDev’s expertise.

The Solution

Coast-to-coast coverage of every technology

Discovery meetings between Kapsch and the BairesDev project managers, established key needs regarding cross-fluencies in multiple technologies to integrate the Kapsch systems with client legacy systems, that required for teams to be periodically on-site, in two locations on opposite U.S. coasts.

Installations for Kapsch clients required engineers skilled in the development and maintenance of FinTech and e-commerce platforms, integrating data from multiple sources, automated process development, and various technologies in traffic management solutions.

BairesDev used Staffing Hero™, its proprietary tool for matching client needs with the talent best suited for the role, and in just days it assembled two teams of engineers with expertise in Oracle and Microsoft technologies and the ability to travel to either client location.

Technologies involved in the project

Kapsch is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations of the highest quality standards with all its products and services. For us to succeed we need partners who exceed our expectations with proactive quality management and a dedication to finding the technologies and operational improvements required to deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction. From our first meeting, BairesDev proved itself as the exact partner we need.

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The Outcome

With QA, no detail is too small.

BairesDev engineers quickly assimilated as key partners in the different Kapsch teams, conducting analysis and leading discussions between SDs and Architects.

The team built specific systems for each project supporting the Kapsch Multi-Lane Free Flow automatic tolling services and traffic management software. This included code reviews and a comprehensive approach to software assurance to manage the complexity that results when vast amounts of data from multiple streams converge and are leveraged in CRM, inventory management, and other internal micro-sites distributed by microservice, data, and front-end layers.

The thorough and meticulous QA process identified and fixed any errors, weaknesses, or points of failure in the code, scripts, and templates improving the processing speeds and smoothly delivering the installation on time with a fluidity that exceeded expectations.

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At their core, our solutions improve the lives of the people we serve by getting them from Point A to Point B efficiently, and safely. Designing and customizing the software that makes that happen is a lot like putting together a Swiss watch, and requires a deep understanding of not just how the pieces work individually, but how they need to work together flawlessly to deliver the desired result. Because BairesDev engineers have that vision and understanding, we are able to help our clients’ communities flourish.


Mobility = Health

The connection between mobility and community health is undeniable. When people spend less time sitting in traffic and more time at work or at home the community becomes more productive, more prosperous, and a more attractive place to call home. In one of the client metropolitan areas, improved mobility contributed to:

  • 29.5% increase in the median house price
  • 16% growth in the median HHI
  • 4% growth in population
  • A decrease in the crime rate

And with that growth comes a healthier tax base to further support infrastructure projects, education, and other civic initiatives.

Together, Kapsch and BairesDev continue to work and deliver new solutions that enable municipalities to efficiently collect funds, move people, and improve the lifestyles of those who live there.


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