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The Challenge

From Data Clutter to Clarity

The digital revolution enables every business to measure its effectiveness in near real-time. For example, operations professionals utilize the increased data to feed the regression analyses their teams use to deliver tremendous gains in productivity. For marketers, the proliferation of data streams creates a similar focus on effectiveness and attribution.

Unlike manufacturing, where a product is built under controlled conditions, marketing, the path to purchase, requires a blend of science and art to guide consumers along what is often a less linear path. With the influx of data comes a $120 Billion global MarTech industry determined to find better insights into the paths consumers take, the key influences of their decisions, and work with the mantra – Better science creates more effective art.

Kinesso 2

DIY Mass Customization

Kinesso is the marketing intelligence engine for IPG and its global network of marketing communications firms. By compiling multiple data streams, Kinesso profiles audiences to generate usable insights for its clients, develop plans, activate audiences, and track behaviors.

Kinesso needed ways to integrate siloed technologies, increasingly disconnected data streams, and to develop a flexible platform that enabled client teams to access customized KPI dashboards and raw data to cross analyze with their own internal data. Creating a platform that could generate mass-customizable, real-time reporting required more than just a team of developers.

Kinesso called BairesDev for insights and expertise in delivering a best-in-class UX for integrated data.

The Solution

A perfect match starts with understanding the challenge

BairesDev project managers met with the Kinesso team and through a series of meetings crafted a scope of deliverables for integrating multiple external data streams and creating a scalable reporting interface.

After identifying key skill gaps, BairesDev used its proprietary matching algorithm, StaffingHero™, to quickly select a team of senior web interface development, data harmonization, front-end, back-end, ETL developers, and data engineers with MarTech experience and got to work.

Technologies involved in the project

The team from BairesDev led us through a process that planned and prioritized the work, we expected that. What was unexpected was the way they improved our team structures and processes. They identified gaps in our team and filled those gaps with experienced engineers. It seems cliché to say it, but the team operates seamlessly.

Carl LudewigEVP Engineering - IPG Kinesso

The Outcome

Better. Faster. Smarter.

Armed with an understanding of the data types and the anticipated usage, BairesDev engineers created an efficient, intuitive portal that gave a variety of client-side users to:

  • Practical, functional site navigation
  • On-demand access to aggregated, asynchronous data without the need for a report analyst
  • Customize data profiling and output for cross-analysis with a client’s internal data

BairesDev engineers continue to work proactively with the Kinesso team to identify and develop additional solutions that provide additional ways for Kinesso clients to engage with their consumers.

Kinesso 3

At Kinesso, we are committed to providing our clients with a connected understanding of their audience. The products we’ve developed with the help of BairesDev enable our clients to drive better outcomes with engagement strategies that are authentic and addressable while maintaining trust because of our commitment to data ethics, and that adds tremendous value to our clients

Carl LudewigEVP Engineering - IPG Kinesso

The best outcomes... are relationships.

Clients choose Kinesso for their analysis and insights. For their ability to connect the dots in an increasingly fragmented consumer landscape in ways that solidify loyalty for sustainable, long-term profitability. By creating a scalable suite of products that render data faster, and present it clearly, BairesDev engineers enable Kinesso account teams to focus their energies on:
  • Leveraging the science to generate better insights,
  • Create even more strategic and trackable plans, and
  • Craft innovative and artistic executions that engage consumers in ways that don’t simply sell products, but build lasting relationships

In addition to improved consumer engagement, Kinesso provides clients:

  • Improved reporting, customizable by the client
  • Lower cost structures by eliminating software license expenses
  • New ways to leverage their first-party data for better analysis

BairesDev engineers continue developing new products and services that leverage proprietary technologies and machine learning to improve the performance of
the Kinesso connected suite of consumer engagement applications. Programs that build lasting relationships for Kinesso, and its clients by delivering data trust and security

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