Kinesso Success Story

 Custom Automation and Real-Time Solutions for Better Data-Driven Decisions in Martech.

Innovating, Disrupting, and Evolving the Martech Marketplace

Kinesso, the Marketing Intelligence Engine of IPG, creates data-driven solutions through enhanced or newly-created products and services which maximize the impact of traditional and addressable media. Kinesso’s core principle is to make marketing smarter, faster and more efficient by continuously innovating, disrupting, and evolving alongside an ever-changing marketplace.

Designed for flexibility and speed, Kinesso offerings are structured to improve media and marketing performance with an emphasis on accuracy, agility, and effectiveness.

 BairesDev built a tailored-fit team of expert martech software engineers and developed custom solutions to revamp Kinesso’s data processing systems. 

Their Needs

As a data-driven company, Kinesso is always looking to continue improving and strengthening its open architecture approach based on new data. At this time, their main goal was to develop custom software solutions to automate and increase the real-time performance of select business intelligence operations. Achieving this required an all-star engineering team with both data science and martech expertise. This led the company to partner with BairesDev. 

Our Expert Solutions

BairesDev quickly assembled a custom team of senior software engineers and data scientists with expertise in the martech field. Kickoff meetings and briefings identified four key areas the project needed to address. 

First, to increase performance and data availability, ensure data normalization, and introduce monitoring capabilities, our engineers carried out the migration of Kinesso’s initial data processing system to a new and optimized ETL platform. Second, BairesDev engineers implemented a new Global Reports system designed to guarantee the daily, and in some cases hourly, updating and processing of data, while increasing the depth of data process reports. Third, to provide a new Governance Dashboard for clients and global campaigns we introduced a customized NGC Application. This application centralized information into a single app platform making it easier to use, improved the reporting performance, and reduced the cost of operations by eliminating the need to constantly purchase software licenses. 

Finally, our team developed a new tableau visualization system for Kinesso’s clients. This panel-based system facilitates the monitoring of data processing and enables clients to notice any relevant information in the processing chain.

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

As one of the most innovative companies in the martech industry, Kinesso is always implementing the most powerful technologies and methodologies in data science and applying those technologies to their services. For Kinesso, the most important factor in partnering with a software development company was to access the best engineering talent available in the market. BairesDev built the ideal team of expert martech developers and data scientists to help Kinesso achieve its goals rapidly, smartly, and cost-effectively. 

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