Hire Symfony Developers In 2022 – A BairesDev Guide

A Popular and Reliable PHP Framework for Interactive Web Apps and Secure Websites

As a top choice when it comes to building scalable websites and highly interactive web apps, Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks on the modern market. To stay relevant you’ll need hire Symfony developers.  

Quickly adopted by developers following its launch in 2005, today’s Symfony is a stable environment that has grown significantly since. Released in 2011, Symfony 2 is a totally different framework from the original Symfony and is based on many different underlying principles. It’s both well-known and internationally recognized thanks to its active community. Many integrators, users, developers, and other contributors help with the ongoing improvement of this framework.

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Symfony is one of the most feature-rich H frameworks available today, which makes it a must-have skill for modern developers. Its proven reliability over time has made it a to choice for many notable names in the industry. Platforms such as Drupal, Magento, eZ Publish, and hBB all use its components. National Geographic, TED Talks, and Vogue are just a few of the to companies still relying on Symfony today. Laravel itself actually relies on many Symfony components as well.

Symfony utilizes a programming method that makes for code readability and clean design for robust applications and websites. It helps make things easy for developers as they test, debug, and focus on applicative logic instead of wasting time writing infinite configuration files. It’s a database engine-independent H framework, which means it’s easily installed and configured while generating readable code with hDocumentor comments.

As a framework, it helps developers work better by structuring developments and faster through the reuse of generic modules. Symfony also helps facilitate long-term maintenance and scalability through its compliance with standard dev rules to simplify integration and interfacing between applications and the rest of an informational system.

Symfony is one of the most feature-rich H frameworks thanks to 2 of its most useful benefits: components and bundles. A bundle acts as a plugin or a package of files for feature implementation. Being decoupled, devs have the ability to reconfigure and reuse bundles across many different applications, which helps reduce overall costs associated with development. 

Components, on the other hand, are generic features also available for widespread reuse for routine tasks. There are over 30 Symfony components to help developers facilitate the development process. Components are reusable, independently usable, and offer the ability to add custom modules with no architectural impact.

Although H recently fell slightly in demand to its counterarts (such as Ruby and Java), it continues to reign as one of the to server-side programming languages. H and Symfony exerts are still very much in demand by companies across the globe. In fact, Symfony actually drives the bulk of most H developer job roles. 

Looking to hire a Symfony coder? Here's some guidance.

What are the benefits of Symfony?

  1. It offers modular development for easier development and maintenance of large modular applications. It’s divided into modules to make the application process as smooth as possible.
  2. Symfony is an ideal framework for enterprise application development thanks to its security and rich feature set.
  3. The framework offers many reusable components, which means developers spend less time writing code when compared to other frameworks. This streamlines the process in the most flexible, cost-effective way possible.
  4. It provides access to many popular ServiceAPIs. Developers have the ability to extend website functionalities significantly thanks to the enablement of Application Programming Interface platforms.
  5. Symfony provides an exceptionally efficient cache management system. The cache retains a pool of statements every time MySQL reads a Symfony-executed query to help make query execution faster.
  6. It’s considered by most developers to be very user-friendly and easy to use. It helps developers create highly flexible products that are also highly accessible.

What is a Symfony controller?

A Symfony controller is a PHP function designed to obtain data from the HTTP request to build and return a response. Response types include XML documents, HTML pages, 404 errors, redirects, and so on. It has the ability to do virtually anything within the Symfony framework itself. From accessing centralized services to redirecting and forwarding, Symfony controllers have applications across many basic tasks.

When does Symfony deny the user access?

Symfony displays a 403 HTTP status and throws an error page to deny the user access request when unauthorized individuals attempt to access the web app.

Which web servers does Symfony support?

  • Linux (LAMP)
  • Windows (WAMP, Microsoft IIS)
  • Multi-Platform (XAMPP, Nginx, PHP built-in development server)
  • Mac (MAMP)

How do Symfony’s modularity standards compare to that of Laravel?

Symfony utilizes a bundled form of a modular structure with reusable components to ensure better modularity during web application development. Developers then have the ability to use Symfony bundles to share code and features between varying applications. Laravel’s architecture is quite different and more restricted when it comes to changes to the web app. Typically, changes to application modules mean that developers must deal with the entire unit of code instead of a single module at a time.

We are looking to hire experienced Symfony developers to join our development team. The right Symfony developer will be an innovative thinker responsible for developing and maintaining new and existing technologies. They must introduce the latest technologies and influence development methodologies while writing clean, fully documented code.


  • Develop new code while maintaining existing web apps
  • Work with the latest Symfony and general PHP tools and tech
  • Collaborate in the entirety of the development life cycle
  • Troubleshoot and identify solutions
  • Work closely with project management team members to deliver on schedule

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Experience with PHP7
  • Solid knowledge of PHP Symfony framework
  • 5+ Years of experience with MySQL and ORM

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