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Our Cloud Application Development Services are designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate. By adopting cloud-based applications, any company can quickly transform their current communications, workflow, and data storage protocols into maximum efficiency processes that increase the value of their work. 

At BairesDev, we offer custom cloud solutions powered by the Top 1% IT Talent in the industry. Leverage the expertise of our cloud developers and tackle all the software needs of your organization from a single service specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Our end-to-end software development services guarantee that your application will arrive with everything you need, including database optimization, general virtualization, and modern architecture design. 

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Unlock the full potential of Cloud Technologies.

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    Custom Application Development
    Our custom application development services provide your company with tailored-fit software solutions that will let you benefit from all the cloud has to offer. Our developers will design a custom-built platform from the ground up or scale your current system so it can achieve its true potential. We cover private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies to guarantee a flexible, secure, and 100% reliable service. With custom development, your company will be able to rapidly expand its IT infrastructure and become a super-efficient, cloud-driven powerhouse.
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    Cloud Consulting
    Not sure what are the first steps to take with Cloud Application Development? Are you familiarized with the technology but want to take it even further? BairesDev’s cloud development specialists are here to help. Let us assess your project requirements, operations, and current infrastructure. While you focus on your core business, our team will design an ambitious, cost-effective, and powerful cloud implementation strategy for you. Get access to a seamless deployment model, full software integration, data optimization plans, and more.
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    Cloud Infrastructure Management
    Effectively managing all components of your IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complicated as your business grows. We can provide engineering and management solutions so your business can scale without any technological limitations. Our approach seamlessly integrates on-premises infrastructure and third-party microservices. By capitalizing on custom automation frameworks and implementing the best practices in DevOps for cloud computing, your business will be able to achieve top performance.
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    Cloud Migration
    Abandoning legacy systems can be the key to business transformation. With cloud migration, you will be able to implement cutting-edge technologies and take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. Our cloud experts will guide you in your journey to establish the best cloud platform for your business. We will help you increase your data storage capacity, maximize computational power, and ensure cross-platform optimization in the most efficient way possible.
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    Cloud Deployment
    For businesses looking for a quick and easy way to implement cloud computing solutions, we offer cloud deployment services that integrate existing software with any cloud-hosted microservice in record time. Our team’s expertise in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments means we are able to provide highly reliable applications that comply with the latest cybersecurity standards.
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    Software Integration
    For us, software integration is not just about developing custom solutions that fulfill your business requirements and connect all the technologies currently used by a team or a company—we make scalable products that allow your cloud-driven environment to grow as you grow. Integrating your software with cloud applications increases your whole IT infrastructure’s reliability, robustness, and cost-efficiency for performing operations.
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    Cloud Support and Maintenance
    We offer 24/7 cloud monitoring and maintenance services powered by business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. We will assign a Dedicated Support Team for your project or platform who will manage and monitor issue remediation and provide assistance against cyber threats, keeping business data security a top priority at all times. Our three tiers of top-quality custom services complement or supplement internal management operations: monitoring, remediation, and management.

Create Long-Lasting Value Today

Our cloud development services are designed to satisfy your current and future business necessities. We provide far-reaching cloud implementation roadmaps so your company can grow while benefiting from a flexible and robust software infrastructure. Along with our 24/7 support services and dedicated development teams, long-lasting value has never been easier to create. 

Contact us and let us know about your project and your current cloud requirements so our team can start bringing value right away.

What are the Benefits of Working with Cloud Applications?


Come rain or shine, cloud applications are always within reach. This way, all users have access to the tools and information they need to add value to their work from anywhere and at any time. As long as there is an internet connection available, the limitations of physical data cease to exist.


Implementing cloud technology is not just about innovation anymore. With the way the market is evolving, keeping up with the latest technologies has become the key to maintaining market competitiveness. Using the cloud to make processes more streamlined and efficient is certainly a big step.


Modern cloud platforms are designed to be scalable and mobile, as they take devices into account. A custom-built cloud application can be designed with APIs to make it accessible from smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or any other device that runs on an operating system.


Cloud applications augment the collaboration capabilities of people. By cutting our dependence from local data and physical communication methods, users become able to share, communicate, and work in ways that drive innovation, regardless of their industry or area of expertise.


When developing custom cloud applications, everything is malleable. Create a custom-built solution designed to fulfill specific business requirements, giving your organization the flexibility it needs to scale and integrate seamlessly with technology.

Cost efficiency

Just a few years ago, businesses would invest enormous amounts of money in slow, local storage servers that served no purpose during low traffic times. Today, cloud applications offer a storage solution that works for most businesses while remaining far from the risk and cost implications of traditional practices.

Access the Top 1% IT Talent

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of IT Talent to provide the best quality products and services for our clients. We have the largest applicants reach in the region in comparison to other enterprise software development companies.

Over 240,000 applications reach our Talent Acquisition Department each year, and, after a series of detailed interviews and evaluations, less than 1% of these candidates get hired. These are the most talented software engineers who become BairesDev employees, allowing our clients to quickly develop high-quality projects in a cost-effective manner.

Our enterprise software development services are designed for large-scale projects. We take care of everything software-related: from project layout to quality assurance testing to maintenance. No matter your industry or area of expertise, our goal is to create impactful technology solutions so your business can generate value and achieve its goals. Contact us today and talk to us about your business, your objectives, and any ideas you have that you want to turn into real software.

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