Benefits of Custom Artificial Intelligence Software Development

It's Time to Embrace Artificial Intelligence in Business

As more businesses adopt artificial intelligence, those that choose not to are at an increasing disadvantage. Why? Because their competitors are gaining valuable insights that are helping them to increase efficiency, improve product development, better serve customers, and drive revenue. In other words, with a deep dive into big data, they’re learning how to beat them at every turn.  

Is that happening to you? Don’t panic. This technology is available to everyone, so you can do the same, using data you already collect. Artificial intelligence can mine social media, human resource information, and customer service requests — just to name a few — in ways humans can’t. It identifies patterns that show you where your processes may need improvement and where you might be wasting resources that could be better spent somewhere else.

Here we explore more about what artificial intelligence can do for your business and explain how hiring an outsourced firm to provide custom artificial intelligence software development services could put your company in the lead. 

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, sometimes referred to as AI, is the process computers use when they learn human-like ways of interpreting information. It includes other technologies, such as facial recognition, machine learning, robots, natural language processing, and voice assistants. Using artificial intelligence, computers and machines can perceive, learn, solve problems, and make decisions in ways similar to humans. 

Artificial intelligence has already become highly integrated into many company operations, from voice-activated assistants to writing applications to complex problem-solving programs. 

Artificial Intelligence Software Can Transform Your Business

Artificial intelligence is useful to businesses because it can identify and analyze patterns and make predictions about the future. So, if you want to know what equipment to invest in this quarter to make the biggest impact on next year’s revenues based on current and likely future trends, artificial intelligence can probably help. Here are some other ways in which artificial intelligence can transform your business:

  • Eliminate silos. When your various departments work together, you can be more efficient. With artificial intelligence, you can give all employees access to the same information, which means everyone is operating from the same set of assumptions and conclusions.
  • Decrease staffing costs. With the insights gleaned from using artificial intelligence, you may find that you can eliminate some departments or some employees within them. And, as artificial intelligence evolves, it’s becoming much easier for a broad selection of employees to use. Newer systems include the ability to speak naturally to start a query and customizable reporting to gather exactly the data you need. 
  • Improve employee performance. Using artificial intelligence, you can measure human resources activity, such as overtime hours, vacations, and general productivity. This method enables you to avoid spending time trying to understand problematic areas. 
  • Increase efficiency. By examining processes and the parts where efficiency breaks down within them, artificial intelligence can make your business more effective and make better use of employees’ time. 
  • Improve decision making. Artificial intelligence allows you to track what’s happening in different departments throughout the company. Analyzing this data allows you to improve practices in marketing, sales, manufacturing, and more. 
  • Increase customer loyalty. When you improve every aspect of your company, you become more agile and better able to serve customers well, leading to customer loyalty. That loyalty, in turn, gives you additional information to improve your offerings even more, such as suggestions for new products.
  • Make products smarter. Not only can you use artificial intelligence to drive business decisions. You can also use it in your own products to help customers in innumerable ways, from easier clothes shopping to smarter cooking to better entertainment to making healthier life choices.


Benefits of Custom Artificial Intelligence Software

Analysis of all the areas noted above may seem complicated but the software that allows you to do it is designed to enable a straightforward process, using dashboards, natural language queries, and customizable reports to help you get exactly the output you need. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software includes all these features and may be the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

However, if you want to complete specific tasks that aren’t included in those applications, you may want to consider hiring an outsourced firm to provide custom artificial intelligence software development. When you do, you can work with experienced engineers to determine which features to include. Equally important is excluding features you don’t need that would slow the application down. Custom software is always built to your specifications and processes. 

Some companies might shy away from the idea of hiring experts to develop software based on the expense. While custom software development can be costly, you also end up saving money because you don’t have to make additional purchases each time the software is updated, as you would with a COTS product. Additionally, the efficiencies you gain in your business help offset development costs. 

Custom software is highly reliable, meaning you don’t have to waste valuable time and resources addressing problems. It’s also more secure than COTS applications because hackers typically create their malicious programs based on more widely used products.

How We Build Custom Artificial Intelligence Software

At BairesDev, our first step is always to understand what you want to achieve with artificial intelligence software development and any concerns you may have. From there, we use the following process

  1. Idea & conceptualization. We use a spiral process to create a proof of concept (POC).
  2. UX design. We combine usability consulting, user experience (UX) design, and user interface (UI) design services that are applicable across industries and software types. 
  3. Feasibility study. We benchmark your product idea by performing a feasibility study, POC, prototype, and user testing to minimize risks early on. 
  4. Consulting. We use professional consulting and enterprise methodology, and tools for governance of apps and production processes. This service is part of a wider service offering that covers the entire product lifecycle.
  5. Software architecture. We create solid architecture that results in reliable, predictable, successful end products. Our approach enables us to design solutions quickly and efficiently no matter the project scale.
  6. Software testing. Our standard processes are the cornerstone of our full range of software testing services and we have unrivaled experience among other outsourced software testing companies. 

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