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React is a fast, flexible, and open-source Javascript library used to create high-performance user interfaces. It is known for its focus on delivering the UI rendering performance and for its ability to rapidly fetch changing data. 

Through a Document Object Model (DOM) approach, React developers break complex UI into simpler components and place them within hierarchical structures. After that, interactive and reusable components can be used with the goal of maximizing the application’s speed and develop projects faster. 

As one of the most popular JS Libraries, React is used by many big companies such as Netflix, Yahoo, and Airbnb. Today, the entire library is maintained by Facebook developers and a large community of individual contributors.

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A well-defined lifecycle, a component-based approach, and the plain use of JavaScript make React both very powerful and easy to implement.

Top Speed

We maintain a constantly active hiring process in order to guarantee access to the Top 1% IT Talent.


By exclusively using downward data flow, React makes sure that no changes will affect the hierarchical structure of the application. This guarantees code stability and optimal performance.


React is a team-player technology. It works great with other programming languages, such as PHP, Java, Python, and many others.

Productivity Focus

The simple and clean logic of React facilitates reusing components, which makes it easier to tackle issues and work towards objectives. This is very helpful when it is time to update or do maintenance on the application.

SEO Friendly

Along with the high speed and performance, the backend rendering in React applications makes them strongly optimized for search engines.


Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications

Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, GitHub—all of them are React SPAs. Powered by JavaScript, React is able to provide high-performance and top-quality results.

Dynamic Web Applications

Dynamic Web Applications

Dynamic apps used to require long, complex lines of code—but not anymore. React’s machine-readable code and mixed individual variable file components make it dynamic applications easier and more efficient to develop.

Complex User Interfaces

Complex User Interfaces

One of React’s major strengths comes from its focus on individual components. To provide the best possible rendering performance, React developers break down the complex UI into simpler components with minimal coding.


  • JSX

    When templating, React substitutes regular JavaScript with JSX, a simpler version of the language. JSX allows for straightforward HTML quoting, tagging, and syntax processing within React.

  • React Native

    The native libraries provide React architecture and building blocks for iOS, Android, and UPD applications. Using only JavaScript, React developers can include rich mobile UI library and declarative components in their projects.

  • Single-Way Data Flow

    In React, properties flow down, and actions flow up. This means that components are unable to directly modify any properties, but can securely modify the code via call back functions.


Time Difference

Outsourcing hubs like India have a large time difference with North America, making it difficult to work on real-time projects. In Latin America, there is just a small 1-3 hours difference (ET), so briefings and project management are much faster and efficient.

High English Proficiency

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, some Latin American countries have overtaken India and China in language proficiency and all of them are climbing in English level, with Argentina at the region’s top. Your company can take advantage of bilingual developers and project managers to establish clear feedback cycles.

Global Proximity

Our main offices are located across Latin American countries offering the possibility to have face-to-face visits with your software development team.

IT Talent Hubspot

Stack Overflow provides statistics showing that there are more skilled programmers from Peru (24k), Colombia (21k), Chile (18k), Argentina (16k), and Brazil (14k) compared to other global IT hotspots like India (13k) and China (13k)


To help you choose the best nearshore outsourcing team for your needs, we recommend following these steps:
  • What specific skills need to be outsourced?
  • How large a talent pool is required for hiring?
  • How complex is the project?
  • Will distance be a factor in the project’s success?
  • What type of workflow would suit the project?
  • What are the shortlisted countries’ reputations for software development?


Simplicity and flexibility—these are the main characteristics that have made React an extremely popular choice for software development. So much that it is often referred to as the future of web development. By using React, developers are able to design both small, simple projects and large and complex solutions.

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