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Here's What You Need to Know as a Python Developer

With almost 3 decades under its belt, Python has become one of the go-to languages in the software development world. There are plenty of reasons for that: the language is easy to learn and use, is highly versatile, has an impressive performance, and can even be used to power cutting-edge projects using artificial intelligence and big data.

If you combine that with its robust community, the huge amount of libraries and frameworks available for it, and its many online resources, then it’s easy to see why Python is consistently ranked among the top programming languages in the world. That also explains why so many companies from all kinds of industries are interested in hiring Python developers for their IT teams.

Interested in getting into Python development yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a look at the language’s current status, its future prospects, suggestions for aspiring Python engineers, and a list of the top development companies hiring Python developers.

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Are Python Developers in Demand?

According to recent research conducted during Q3 of 2020, Python is among the most heavily demanded skills for the IT sector (sharing the honors with other programming languages such as Java and JavaScript). Meanwhile, Python’s popularity has hit an all-time high, ranking 2nd in the TIOBE Index, surpassing Java for the first time since the Index was created. And to paint the full picture, it’s worth noting that 30% of developers in Stack Overflow’s 2020 Survey want to learn the language, making it the most wanted language for 4th year in a row.

Those figures should speak for themselves and allow us to say that Python engineers are in high demand – and that the development community is looking to meet that demand. Python’s popularity with both companies and developers is hardly surprising, to be honest. The language’s capabilities, especially for newer technologies, put it in an unbeatable position as the go-to language for engineering teams looking to power their digital infrastructures. 

Is Python the Future?

While predicting the future in the highly dynamic world of software development is a utopia, there are signs that can help you better understand where a particular technology is heading. In the case of Python, we should take a look at its potential competition and the language’s possibilities for cutting-edge projects.

As for its competition, it all depends on what you focus on. Python serves many purposes in the development field, which means it can have different alternatives depending on what kind of project you’re interested in developing. Thus, some of Python’s most notable competitors include:

  • JavaScript, Java, and Ruby for web development
  • R and SAS for data analysis
  • C and R for machine learning
  • Perl and Ruby for writing scripts 
  • Swift/Cocoa and C#/WPF for GUI development

As you can see, the competition is a mix of well-established languages that have been around for years and some relatively new languages. This means that developers in different sectors resort to renowned and new tools alike so, despite the competition, Python has a bright future in that respect. 

Regarding cutting-edge projects, Python has already proven its value, especially when dealing with solutions that require artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and scripting. All of those things are essential for the development of the digital world to come, so it’s unlikely that Python’s popularity will drop overnight. In fact, a huge part of the popularity the language is enjoying today comes from the interest of companies to develop these kinds of projects.

Is Python Developer a Good Career?

Deciding if Python engineering is the right career choice for you depends largely on the same things that you’d take into consideration when analyzing any career: demand, salary, needed skills, and work scope. Understanding all of those aspects can provide you a better view of what it means to be a Python developer and if it’s right for you.

We’ve already covered the (high) demand for Python in the current market, so that’s a good sign for anyone interested in learning the language. We’ll take a more detailed look at salary later on but, given that that software development is a highly sought-after job, you can rest assured that you’ll be handsomely paid for it (consider that the average software developer salary in the USA in 2020 is $77k). 

As for the needed skills, that’s where things get interesting. It’s good to know that you’ll likely find a job as a Python engineer and that you’ll be paid very well for it but, in return, you’ll have to learn a list of necessary skills (both technical and soft) to become a good Python developer. Some of the skills you’ll need to learn are:

  • Core Python knowledge
  • Data knowledge (including algorithms and structure)
  • Knowledge of Python frameworks and libraries
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Communication
  • Team collaboration
  • Task management
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving

You could add a second programming language to that list, as learning an alternative can improve your understanding of programming as a whole and give you new ways of approaching projects, even if you’re using Python instead of the other language. This means that there are plenty of things involved in becoming a Python developer, and you should feel comfortable with all of them.

Finally, there’s the work scope (aka what kind of projects you’ll be working on as a Python engineer). Since virtually every company under the sun with development needs is looking for Python developers, you’ll surely be able to find a job in your industry of choice. As for the tasks themselves, here are some of the most common ones you’ll be doing with Python:

  • Build and develop websites
  • Adjust data algorithms for improved performance
  • Solve data analytics challenges
  • Create security and data protection solutions
  • Develop apps for a myriad of purposes
  • Work on cutting-edge projects, especially those using AI

Being a Python engineer has plenty of challenges and opportunities and it’s the perfect career for anyone with enough curiosity, motivation, creativity, and logical thinking to tackle different issues. If that sounds like you, then learning Python is a smart move.

How Do I Get Hired as a Python Developer?

Choosing to become a Python developer is one thing, but being hired as one is a very different story. That’s because companies hiring Python engineers don’t look for the same kind of professionals but rather people that better suit their industry and their project’s requirements. Besides, the market is getting competitive, as more and more professionals are learning Python and becoming Python developers themselves.

Don’t be discouraged by that, though. There are things you can do to get noticed and hired. First and foremost, you have to decide whether you get a formal computer science degree or not. To put it simply, getting a degree is mostly recommended for people who have the time and interest in diving deep into computer science theory.  For some companies, having one is a must but they can forego that requirement if you have a robust experience and portfolio. That means that a degree can be desirable but not mandatory to getting hired.

If you cast aside the formal education path, you could always join a development bootcamp. Through it, you can access a hands-on experience that lasts months and provides you with a solid foundation for coding with Python. Bootcamps are also great for networking since you’ll meet peers that might open a door for you in the future as well as mentors that might help you land a job after the bootcamp is done. While those things are possible, one thing is certain: a bootcamp will help you build a portfolio that can serve you in an interview for a junior position.

As you’ve surely noticed by now, the key to getting a job is more than just learning Python – it’s about building things. Thus, you should also consider taking online classes to hone the skills you get in the bootcamp. There’s something undeniable here: a computer science degree is more thorough than a bootcamp or online program, so you’ll never get the comprehensive knowledge in those shorter paths.

However, the idea is that you make an effort and take time every day to build and improve your portfolio. After all, the only thing that matters to companies hiring Python developers is that you know your way around the language, not your education. 

How Much Do Python Developers Earn?

According to Glassdoor, a Python developer in the USA earns, on average, $76,526, almost the average for a software developer. However, that estimation doesn’t really paint the entire picture. A quick look in that same platform can show you that there are highly lucrative jobs for Python engineers, with salaries well above the $100k per year.

Naturally, that’s just an estimation based on anonymous and voluntary contributions from the platform’s users. There are plenty of opportunities for developers of all experience levels but, as a frame of reference, expect to earn that (or a little lower if you are a junior developer without much experience)

Top 10 Python Development Companies

Now that you know pretty much everything you need to know about becoming a Python developer (and what you can expect when you become one), it’s time to list the top 10 Python development companies currently hiring Python engineers. There’s a couple of things we need to say before getting into it, though.

First, that given Python’s popularity and versatility, there are many companies that are looking for Python developers, from giants like Google and Microsoft to local development agencies. Of course, the kind of companies that you’ll apply to will depend on a lot of factors, including your location and experience. We didn’t include the big enterprises nor the little development companies here, as they have pretty specific requirements for their hiring.

Instead, we focused on development companies that have a strong reputation servicing big companies across many industries. To decide which ones to include, we focused on their size, their expertise, their portfolio, and their accolades. Additionally, we considered the companies that offer remote working, mainly because the development world, in general, tends to use it as the standard working model.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

  • BairesDev

    BairesDev is a leading technology solutions company based in San Francisco that works with a team of more than 1,300 Top 1% IT engineers across the Americas. It’s one of the fastest-growing development companies in the industry and it’s constantly looking to hire Python developers for their digital acceleration projects. It has worked with renowned clients like Google, Motorola, Rolls-Royce, and EY, among others.

  • Toptal

    Toptal is somewhat different from the companies on this list, as it helps connect Python developers with companies needing them. Thus, businesses that want Python engineers go to Toptal’s site, load their requirements, and wait for the company to present them with the best candidates to fill the position. It’s a good alternative if you’re looking to work in a per-gig basis rather than for a company.

  • Merixstudio

    A renowned company from Poland, Merixstudio is always on the lookout for Python developers that can help it with their wide range of projects, including custom software development, web design, and mobile app development. While not as comprehensive as the previous alternatives, Merixstudio is a good option for anyone wanting a job that values high-quality work and that can offer partnerships with big names like Volkswagen and Toshiba.

  • ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft is a highly-respected company from Texas that has built a strong reputation for being a go-to reference in IT consulting. Their 700+ team has plenty of Python developers that can help companies of all sizes with everything ranging from developing a small product to implementing AI on a company level. That has led ScienceSoft to work with clients like Baxter, IBM, eBay, and PerkinElmer.

  • IntellectSoft

    If you are looking to work for a more niche company, then IntellecSoft is a good choice. This digital transformation consultancy and software development company focuses on cutting-edge solutions for enterprise clients wanting to adopt IoT, Blockchain, XR, and AI. Naturally, this means that you’ll need more experience as a Python developer to work with them but it can certainly pay off - you can end up working with Jaguar, Guinness, or Harley Davidson.

  • Iflexion

    After a couple of decades since its inception, Iflexion has established itself as a development powerhouse in the Colorado area. Focused on digital transformation solutions, the company works mostly in web and mobile development as well as in BI and AI solutions for brands like Phillips, Adidas, and PayPal. They might be picky when selecting their Python developers, but they choose the best possible talent to maintain their high-quality standards.

  • Netguru

    Another great company from Poland, Netguru is a custom software development company that leverages the skills of Python engineers to help Fortune 500 companies and startups with their digital innovation processes. The company mostly focuses on mobile, web, and machine learning development, and have contributed value to projects for Volkswagen, SolarisBank, and Babbel.

  • ThinkSys

    India is another region that has a strong presence in the development world and they are always hiring Python developers. That’s what grants the inclusion of ThinkSys here - a boutique software development company that specializes in backend implementations to improve the capacity of business systems. High quality is a priority for them, which has led ThinkSys to work with companies like Shutterstock and Corbis.

  • Viron IT

    Want to develop digital solutions for the MedTech and Fintech industries? Then VironIT is perfect for you. This company provides IT outsourcing services for all kinds of businesses and projects. However, it shines in mobile, AR, and blockchain development. VironIT has made its way to the top of the development industry in California, a tall order that was only possible through the work with clients like and meetville.

  • Intetics

    With a strong focus on custom software and mobile development, product assessment, and system consulting, Intetics has grown for over 20 years to offer its unique predictive engineering model. Through it, they redesign projects to “rescue” them and get them to provide value again. If what you want is an innovative take on Python development, you should really check them out.

Become a Python Developer and Start Working Now

All of the above should teach you some things about Python development. First, that investing time and effort in learning Python is truly worth it, as you can make a career out of it, given the high demand for Python services across the globe. Then, that it’s not enough to learn the language itself – you should also develop a series of accompanying skills that will better prepare you for real-life development scenarios. 

Then, there are plenty of companies hiring Python developers, ranging from the huge enterprises that need those professionals to power their growth and support their services to Python outsourcing companies and niche agencies that provide digital acceleration services for other businesses. Naturally, all of those need Python engineers with varying degrees of experience, so it’s always worth checking them out to see which one better suits your needs.

All in all, Python has become one of the dominant languages in the development field because of that versatility that allows its engineers to work on all kinds of projects, from web apps to AI-driven platforms. If all that appeals to you, then you’ve already taken the first step – reading this brief guide has already shown the path you need to take to become a Python master. Good luck!

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