Outsourcing Angular Development Services

Angular is a popular high-performance framework suitable for the development of web and mobile applications, complex websites, and single-page applications (SPA). It is a very attractive tool thanks to its speed and scalability.

There’s a high demand for Angular developers, and the competition is tough, meaning that it’s challenging to find and retain the right talent. This is why many businesses choose to outsource Angular development projects.

By working with outsourcing providers such as BairesDev, companies save time and money while still having access to a wide variety of Angular development experts. They gain the ability to easily delegate their Angular projects to outsourced talent and focus on internal growth and core development.

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Why Outsource Angular Development in 2023?

Outsourcing Angular development in 2023 will undoubtedly remain a continual and growing trend 2023 for a wide variety of reasons. Working with an outsourcing provider for your Angular development needs improves effectiveness for businesses of all sizes and reduces time to market.

When companies outsource Angular development, they receive in return reduced recruitment costs, increased flexibility, scalability, and lower risk, all of which are other significant reasons why companies will continue to work with outsourcing partners. This working model also gives companies a competitive edge against their competitors.

  • Improved Effectiveness for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t get to explore and develop certain enterprises because they can’t afford them. For instance, IT startups can’t begin and maintain major Angular development projects because they require a big investment in research, marketing, distribution, and many other departments.

By outsourcing their Angular projects, smaller companies can launch competitive products without spending a lot of funds. At the same time, these companies get to focus on core business activities, which allows them to grow faster and keep up with the competition.

  • Reduced Time to Market

There are new web applications in the market daily. This means it is important that companies release new Angular products and services promptly. Working with outsourcing providers poses a great solution to this problem.

First, this working method allows companies to save precious time they would otherwise spend recruiting and training in-house Angular developers. Because outsourced professionals are experts in their field, they use time-tested approaches to deploy products quickly.

Due to their expertise, they’re able to develop, test, launch, and scale Angular software products as needed. They solely focus on development tasks during their active work hours, which also dramatically helps reduce the company’s time to market.

  • Lower Recruitment Costs

Building an entire in-house team requires advertising for different roles, interviewing people, successfully onboarding them, and investing in training. This entire process is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Hiring outsourced Angular developers helps companies reduce their recruitment costs. 

Also consider that Angular development rates in the U.S. are very high. Talented experts from countries like India, Argentina, and Ukraine have comparatively lower development rates that are extremely attractive.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

When working with an Angular outsourcing agency, companies gain the ability to easily scale their business projects up or down, whenever they need to. Depending on the complexity of the project and how long the delivery time frame is, companies can adjust the size of their outsourced team as they wish.

Because of their extensive experience in the field, outsourced Angular developers bring a lot of flexibility to a project. They experiment with new methodologies and tools and quickly pivot back to standard procedures if things don’t go according to plan.

By outsourcing their Angular projects, companies have full control of team size, deadlines, and budgets. It’s also easier to terminate the collaborations as soon as the project is complete and delivered.

  • Reduced Risk

Companies that work with in-house developers never truly know what to expect from them until they join the company. Choosing to work with outsourcing providers reduces the risk of wasting time, money, and resources due to the lack of relevant expertise. Outsourcing agencies provide the services of top-tier experts who can ensure the success of any project.

Before the beginning of the project, the company and the outsourcing provider sign detailed contracts that state every single aspect previously agreed upon. They even sign NDAs to protect sensitive information regarding the project or potential clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Angular Developers

Outsourcing Angular developers offer companies numerous benefits. They have access to talented yet affordable Angular experts that allows them to deploy high-quality products at reduced costs. 

Companies also get to experiment with advanced technology and methodologies to create new services of increased quality. They’re then able to focus on core business tasks by delegating their Angular projects to outsourcing developers.

  • Access to Field Experts

Doing business with BairesDev gives companies the guarantee of working with the top 1% of Angular talent. This is especially helpful for companies located in places where there’s a shortage of skilled Angular specialists.

Outsourced Angular developers are extremely knowledgeable, have a robust set of skills, and have extensive previous experience. They have no trouble expediting the development of any Angular projects and can troubleshoot any issues that might surface, without compromising the final quality of the products.

  • Overall Cost Savings

Outsourcing Angular development projects also helps a company save money in many different areas. As previously mentioned, this working model allows a company to reduce recruitment costs. However, working with an outsourcing provider can be cost-effective in many other ways.

Outsourced Angular experts already have access to every tool that they need to work. They sometimes even have access to state-of-the-art devices and methodologies and don’t require any workstations, office spaces, or other amenities.

This means that companies don’t have to spend any money on infrastructure or expanding their space to allocate an in-house team. They also don’t have to pay the outsourced developers unless they’re actively working on the project.

Outsourcing also saves a lot of money by not having to pay for any insurance, health benefits, bonuses, or training.

  • Increased Quality of Work

Outsourced Angular developers are completely dedicated to their development tasks and focus solely on them until the completion of the project. Outsourcing providers ensure the skills, productivity, experience, and rich portfolios of each developer on their team.

Companies can trust that working with an outsourcing provider for Angular development will likely result in an increased quality of work. Because these professionals have such an extensive background in working with other Angular projects, they’re also able to help reduce the company’s time to market.

  • Focus on Core Business Tasks

Developing an Angular software development strategy and taking the time to recruit an entire in-house company will divert attention from the company’s primary goals and burden many different employees (especially in the HR and payroll departments).

By delegating all Angular development tasks to outsourced developers, the company has a lot more freedom and time to focus on core business duties, positively affecting the company and its growth.

Cost of Angular Software Development Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Teams

It’s possible to adopt different outsourcing strategies depending on the needs and requirements of different projects. Companies can choose to outsource Angular development projects, take on staff augmentation, or work with outsourced dedicated teams.

  • Outsourcing Development

Outsourcing Angular development consists of delegating a series of tasks or a specific project to an outsourced developer. The company works closely with the outsourcing provider to establish reasonable tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Once the company pays a fixed fee, the development begins.

The company doesn’t have to worry about resources, infrastructure, or management services. The outsourcing provider and the developers already have everything they need to fully complete the project.

Because the company isn’t responsible for any costs apart from the hiring fee, this is the cheapest form of outsourcing Angular development. It’s extremely beneficial for smaller projects or when companies simply need to delegate a specific part of a development project.

  • Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model in which a company needs to bring in professionals with specific knowledge and experience to help complete a project. These outsourced employees are an extension of the already existing in-house team.

Companies rely on staff augmentation temporarily and depend on the services of the outsourced talent for short to medium periods. They don’t have to worry about recruiting and onboarding; however, they’re responsible for overseeing the developers and ensuring they adapt to the company’s workflow.

The company also needs to make sure the outsourced team of developers has the necessary tools for the project. They often adhere to a time and materials contract in which they pay for the staff on an hourly basis and for the materials necessary to complete the project.

Staff augmentation is cost-efficient and allows companies to directly manage the outsourced developers, ensuring their work is as satisfying as expected. It’s also a great way to quickly onboard talented specialists.

This working model is very flexible, as companies can use it to swiftly increase or decrease the number of outsourced staff.

  • Dedicated Teams

Most companies resort to working with outsourced dedicated teams when they need to fully delegate an Angular project, from beginning to end. Dedicated teams contain every expert required to complete a project including developers, managers, QA engineers, and even designers.

While the outsourcing provider has the responsibility of finding the right professionals for each task, the company covers the entire project scope, including time frames, methodology used, tool selection, budgeting, and all other aspects. The company is also responsible for all development costs.

Compared with hiring an in-house team of Angular developers, working with an outsourced dedicated team is much more affordable. However, this is the most expensive form of outsourcing, and it’s recommended for larger projects.

Steps of Angular Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing Angular development offers a wide variety of benefits; however, finding the right outsourcing development partner can be quite challenging. Focusing on finding the most affordable team of outsourced developers might not be the best strategy to guarantee the best end product. 

Companies can follow a few simple steps to guarantee a successful partnership with an Angular outsourcing provider. They should begin by establishing the project requirements, doing some research to find a suitable outsourcing agency, and conducting an interview.

Once the company finally finds the right Angular outsourcing partner, all that’s left to do is to create and sign the contract.

  • Defining the Project Requirements

    Before beginning the search for an outsourcing provider, the company needs to have a clear objective in mind when it comes to the product they want to create. To figure out the project requirements, the company needs to answer a few questions.

    They must determine which features to integrate into their application, the target audience, demographics, and the types of interfaces the app should have. They also need to decide on a budget, tools, and methodologies and specify important milestones.

    Having a clear objective in mind and defining the project requirements early will make it a lot easier for the company to identify the right outsourcing provider.

  • Finding a Reliable Outsourcing Partner

    Once the company knows what the project needs, it’s time to begin researching to find a reliable outsourcing partner. The company needs to look for outsourcing market trends and search among the most popular Angular outsourcing countries to find the most cost-efficient provider.

    While going for an affordable outsourcing agency is important, it’s also imperative that they’re reliable and offer access to a wide variety of experienced Angular developers. This requires some effort on the company’s part but pays off in the long run.

    The company should select a few outsourcing providers and then review their portfolios, previous customer feedback, and testimonials. If they want to, they can even examine each developer individually through relevant social media profiles, like LinkedIn, to evaluate their experience and expertise.

  • Conducting an Interview

    Interviewing with a potential outsourcing provider allows the company to evaluate a deciding factor: communication between both parties. Communication is key in any partnership, especially when it comes to outsourcing with companies potentially based in different time zones.

    This is also where the company should detail the project requirements and goals and explain what they expect from a potential outsourcing partner. It’s the agency’s job then to educate the company on how they can help them solve their problems and create a high-quality product.

  • Signing the Contract

    The final step of Angular development outsourcing is creating and signing the contract. It should contain every discussed detail like expected results, pricing model, termination clauses, consequences in the event of failure, and NDA conditions.

    This step is very important to avoid unexpected costs and misunderstandings between both parties. A well-written and clear contract improves the chances of a successful partnership and guarantees the satisfaction of the relationship for both parties.

Angular Outsourcing Rates and Hidden Costs

Angular outsourcing rates vary depending on the home country of the outsourcing partner, the requirements of the project, and the type of outsourcing model the company chooses.

Making a wrong decision in any of these steps or failing to pay attention to a contract might lead the company to face unexpected costs. Working with outsourcing providers is a great way to get high-quality products at lower costs, but the company needs to be observant to avoid any unwanted surprises.

  • Rates

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Angular developer in the United States is $86,883 per year.  It’s understandable why many U.S.-based companies turn to outsourcing for their Angular development projects.

Of course, rates will depend on the level of seniority of each developer, the pricing model the company chooses, the project requirements, and the type of outsourcing model the company needs to implement.

  • Outsourcing Hidden Costs

When working with an outsourcing provider, it’s possible to face a few unexpected situations like outsourcing hidden costs. Some of these costs are often hidden in the smaller lines of the contracts and include hidden fees for electricity, tools, and other features.

There’s also a potential for higher expenses when working, for example, with staff augmentation for longer than expected. Bad advising and a lack of communication from the outsourcing partner might also lead to unnecessary costs.

For instance, if the outsourcing partner recommends creating a dedicated team of experts to work on a small easy project, the company will end up losing a lot of money.

Why BairesDev Should Be Your Angular Development Partner

Choosing the right Angular development partner is what separates deploying a good product from launching high-quality products that’ll allow any company to stand out from its fierce competitors.

Good outsourcing providers offer companies a chance to choose their talent from a pool of top-tiered experts in their field at affordable prices and with reduced risks.

Outsourcing Angular development results in increased efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and scalability. It helps companies reduce their time to market while still guaranteeing products of the highest possible quality.

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