Industry: Nuclear Power

The Challenge

To Enable Nuclear Engineers to Monitor Systems from Anywhere

Rolls Royce is a pioneer in engineering cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe, and competitive solutions for the global power industry. The nuclear division provides power companies with a competitive edge through data-analytics, engineering, and support services.

In 2016, Rolls Royce presented its Safety Data Sheet (SDS) website at the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) conference. 

The website improved plant safety and provided real-time data from sensors throughout a power plant, but only to those on-site in the control room.

To remain on the cutting-edge, Rolls Royce needed to deliver these same data, alerts, and alarms to those outside the control room, safely and in real-time. After assessing their challenge, the solution was clear to BairesDev. They needed a mobile app.

Rolls-Royce Success Story 2

The Solution

Assemble a Team of the Industry’s Top Talent

Rolls Royce turned to BairesDev to develop an efficient, user-friendly mobile app. To find the required skill-set for the project, BairesDev used Staffing Hero™, its own AI algorithm for matching client needs with the technical talent best suited for the role, and a customized development team with a project manager, technical lead, front end, QA, and UX engineers got to work.

A two-week discovery process with the Rolls Royce product owner identified a comprehensive list of functionalities, data streams, and displays required to meet their clients’ expectations for a mobile SDS.

Rolls-Royce Success Story 3

Making Secure, Real-time Safety Information Available on Any Device

To create immediate value for Rolls Royce, the BairesDev team used Xamarin to leverage the same codebase for both the Progressive Web Application (PWA) and mSDS, significantly cutting the speed to market.

Both applications featured the real-time monitoring of sensors throughout the power plant, and for clients with multiple plants, it offered the ability to monitor each site from the same app.

Key features include

  • Real-time System monitoring, scalable to multi-site usage
  • Alerts/alarms customizable for defined localized conditions and variances
  • Customizable data groupings
  • Graphic analysis of current, historic, and trend data
  • Cybersecurity controls and safeguards

Technologies Used

Rolls-Royce Success Story 4

When it comes to software engineers we have a deep bench, but developing a mobile app draws on a completely different set of skills than our day-to-day solutions require. BairesDev assembled a dream team for us and in just a few months our digital offering was completely transformed.

Rolls Royce, Project Owner

The Outcome

Safer Energy with 24/7/365 Access to Sensor Data.

Rolls-Royce Success Story 5

With the completion of its mSDS 1.0, and complimentary PWA, BairesDev expanded the Rolls Royce service solutions offering and helped it maintain its position as the provider of cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe, and competitive solutions for the global power industry.

Rolls Royce customers now have the ability to:

  • Make better decisions with real-time information and analysis
  • Monitor multiple sites, and specific sensors from anywhere in the world
  • Access their data remotely, trusting that it is secure

To say that safety is paramount in the nuclear power industry would be an understatement, and customers have long trusted the engineering behind Rolls Royce sensors, monitoring, and control systems.

With the addition of this mSDS, we give our customers the ability to make better decisions about the safety and maintenance of any of their facilities without the need for time-consuming site visits.

Rolls Royce, Product Manager

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