Articles by Damian Scalerandi

Outsourcing IT

The Best Guide for Outsourcing IT Projects In 2021


Is Python the Right Tool to Help Your Company Visualize Data?

Scrum Master Skillz

6 Essential Skills for Scrum Masters

Real Estate Technology

3 Cutting-Edge Technologies Reshaping Real Estate

Positive Customer Experience

Why Positive Customer Experience Is a Necessity for Business Success


Use the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Improve Your Business

Data driven leaders

Being Data-Driven vs Following Your Gut: When to Do Each

Telemedicine Software Development

The Benefits of Outsourcing Telemedicine Software Development

outsource QA

Why Outsourcing QA Is More Important Than Ever

Good Coding Practices

4 Good Coding Practices (And Why You Should Use Them)

Software Delivery Reimagined in a Post-COVID-19 World

Software Delivery Reimagined in a Post-COVID-19 World

Master Data Management Strategy

Why Nearshoring Master Data Management Strategy Might Make Sense for Your Organization

agile iot

Agile and the IoT App Development Process

Remote team productivity

How To Keep A Remote Team’s Productivity Up


Most In-Demand Skills for IT Staff Augmentation


How Multidisciplinary Teams Improve Nearshore Software Development


The Expanding Medtech Outsourcing Market

Group of people discussing Software Outsourcing and Delivery Teams

Software Outsourcing or Delivery Teams: What’s Best for Your Company?

Fintech Mobile Application Artistic Representation

What is Fintech and How did it Become a Global Trend?

Software Outsourcing for Pharmaceutical Industry

Software Outsourcing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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