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Rolls Royce Case Study BairesDev


Working with a Dedicated Team, BairesDev partners with Rolls-Royce to develop new apps, incorporating new features and optimizing its processes.

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Google Case Study BairesDev


Google trusts BairesDev with the quality control and UX supervision of its Android TV Platform.

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Pinterest Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev works on the Pinterest Ad Manager with the biggest dataset of ideas ever assembled.

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ViacomCBS Case Study BairesDev


MTV is a leading entertainment company with a varied digital media production. BairesDev’s team of first-class Software Engineers assists in the evolution and maintenance of MTV’s current web apps.

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NextRoll Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev supports their marketing platform with full-stack development.
NextRoll is a leading performance marketing platform that makes it easy for thousands of clients worldwide to attract, convert, and grow their customer base. 

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Gennev Case Study BairesDev


Our team provided highly skilled engineering capacity in the areas of modern, front-end interface design, site reliability, scalability, and maintenance.

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SiriusXM Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev’s expert team of Top Engineers supervises SiriusXM’s complex applications and platforms ensuring security conditions for ships, airplanes, and traffic predictions.

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Groupon Case Study BairesDev


Peixe confided in BairesDev’s Automation and QA Specialists to successfully comply with and maintain high-quality standards in their core LivingSocial platforms, Groupon’s exceptional marketplace.

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Avigilon Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev supports Motorola by providing trusted security solutions through the maintenance of a system that configures and monitors security camera’s outputs.

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NetGear Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev’s team of Engineers assists NETGEAR with Quality Assurance and the development of their core platforms and websites.

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IQVIA Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev has become an integral partner in providing highly-skilled engineering capacity in the areas of modern, front-end interface design and Salesforce development.

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Univision Case Study BairesDev


Univision confides in BairesDev’s specialized team services for the software development of all of their applications and platforms, which include more than 50 sites with both private and public audiences.

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