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Rolls Royce Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev partnered with Rolls-Royce to develop new apps, incorporating new features and optimizing its processes.

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Google Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev supports Google by providing experts in Software and Automation Engineering to ensure the quality of iOS Apps for some of the most relevant Google products.

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Successful Software Development Case Studies 1


BairesDev’s full-stack engineers worked with the Pinterest ads team via a distributed team model to upscale their monetization platform.

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SiriusXM Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev built a custom team of expert engineers to work on the Identity Management (IDM), DevOps, and Integration Service Broker (ISB) or SiriusXM’s apps.

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ViacomCBS Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev’s team of first-class Software Engineers assists in the evolution and maintenance of ViacomCBS’s current web apps.

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NetGear Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev developed simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, and error-free software solutions for Netgear, enhancing the user experience of their digital platforms.

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IQVIA Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev provides IQVIA with highly-skilled engineering capacity in front-end interface design and Salesforce development.

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Associated Press Case Study BairesDev

Associated Press

BairesDev carries out the maintenance and improvement of Associated Press’s internal and external web applications, guaranteeing top quality results.

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AutoDesk Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev assists Autodesk with automated testing that works on a 3D computer graphics application that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Avigilon Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev supports Avigilon by providing trusted security solutions through the maintenance of a system that configures and monitors security camera’s outputs.

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RGA Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev provides Dedicated Team Services for R/GA on a wide variety of cutting-edge, high-quality projects.

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Univision Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev’s specialized team provides full-stack software development services for multiple applications and platforms from Univision, including 50+ sites with both private and public audiences.

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