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Giveback Program 2021: Year-End Edition

BairesDev partners with clients to provide resources to a record number of nonprofit organizations, nurturing technology and education.

BairesDev Editorial Team

By BairesDev Editorial Team

BairesDev is the leading nearshore technology solutions company with 4,000+ professionals in 50+ countries representing the top 1% of tech talent.

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BairesDev’s Giveback Program 2021 Program closes out its Year-End Edition with a total of 25 nonprofit organizations (NPO) contemplated by donations made on behalf of our clients, an all-time high since the initiative’s inception. We would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in making this one of our biggest editions yet, setting the bar even higher for the years to come.

Over 130 clients participated in nominating the recipients of this edition, which focused on NPOs dedicated to increasing proficiency in STEM in young students from underserved communities. These organizations help bring opportunities to underprivileged groups and provide the much-needed support for talented individuals to develop and thrive in the technology industry. 

The Giveback Program is an invaluable part of our commitment to fostering talent everywhere and making our part to see that it reaches its full potential. Aligned with our core values of collaboration, diversity, and passion, we pledge 1% of our profits to help create a more equitable and inclusive industry.

“The consideration and generosity of BairesDev is so greatly appreciated,” said Mark Stollar, CEO of Geeks Rule. “We were blown away by the level of support, which will allow us to bring our programming into six more underserved middle schools. Our afterschool program, speaker program, and Geek-for-a-Day field trips increase interest and proficiency in STEM among underrepresented populations. Most children, especially girls and students of color, lose interest in STEM during middle school, and our programs are designed to reverse this trend, helping students find and explore new passions in STEM that will motivate them through high school, college and beyond.”

This edition includes 5 shortlisted organizations that were previously selected by BairesDev for their exceptional work in fomenting education and providing invaluable opportunities in the field of technology.

  • Geeks Rule: an organization focused on promoting the study of science, technology, engineering, and math to boost the forward progress of society.
  • Kids in Tech: an organization that provides afterschool programming training to empower children with the technical skills they need for future careers in technology.
  • SMASH: an organization that offers a STEM-focused education to dedicated students of color seeking equal access to college and career readiness resources.
  • IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution) Worldwide: an organization that introduces school girls from grades 6-12 to technology careers via panel discussions, job shadowing, mentoring, and field trips to the workplaces of professional women in STEM careers.
  • Best Buddies: an organization that creates opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) by pairing them with friends or mentors.

Upon agreeing to take part in the Giveback Program, participants were invited to either select one of the shortlisted organizations or nominate another NPO of their choosing. It was thanks to our clients’ excitement and generosity that we were able to achieve the record number of 25 contemplated organizations at the end of this edition.

Breakdown of the donations made in the Giveback Program 2021 Program Year-End Edition, distributed among the shortlisted organizations and 20 other NPOs nominated by our clients.

We are immensely grateful for the interest and support of our clients for such important projects, which make all the difference in the lives of countless people. Empowering the next generation of technology professionals today is the best way to plant the seeds of a more equal and equitable future for all. Together, we can effect actual and long-lasting changes.

Learn more about our Giveback Program and success stories here.

BairesDev Editorial Team

By BairesDev Editorial Team

Founded in 2009, BairesDev is the leading nearshore technology solutions company, with 4,000+ professionals in more than 50 countries, representing the top 1% of tech talent. The company's goal is to create lasting value throughout the entire digital transformation journey.

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